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Our Blood is our Humanity

Our Blood is our Humanity
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I asked a kind Bengali gentleman to shoot me with the Goddess in the background..
I have shot close to 290 pictures , most have got dust marks thanks to my defective Nikon D70, I had it repaired and serviced , so I have to clone the spots in the sky..
The spots on my heart I need not clone..
Because of my love for Saffron, and my crystal clear views on Hope and Hindutva, my few radical detractors call me a Shia Pandit..
A name that has stuck to my inner least I am happy they give credit to my being a Shia too and Hazrat Imam Hussain did love Hindustan dearly , the army of warriors of Empror Chandragupta who came to Karbala to defend the grandson of the Holy Prophet , found they had reached after Yazid had ravaged the land and the Holy Family.Out of respect they never went back o India, so a bit of India lies buried in Karbala..
A man who loves Hussain needs no religion he loves Humanity and that is what Hussain…

Balancing Faith

Balancing Faith
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Magic of Mystical India

Magic of Mystical India
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It is our Gods and Goddessea and our 365 days feast days that keep us intact as Indians , Holi, Diwali , Ramzan, Moharam, Gokul Ashtami, Ganesh Chaturthi, Xmas, Easter and the list is long..the unique colors of human weft and waft, that weave an entire carpet , a welcoming carpet of diverse races, diverse religions held up in the peaks of our mountain ranges and the waters of our holy rivers.What the social leaders and politicians cant do, the community does it for us.
We enjoy each others feats, we feel Ramzan as we hear the Arti of Lord Ganesha the bursting of the cracker that tells its time to beak our days fast,, both side by side cheek by jowl at Bandra Bazar Road..
And I am crying now ,tears of my love for all religions as I see their uniquness through the lens of my camera..Yes I am a Hindu Yes I am a Muslim, I am the two sides of a single coin called India.
That the dieties call out to me to shoot them is enough …


Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1
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Dear Chuck Toll
Forgive me
I am the Black Sheep
of poemhunter
perhaps you may not recall
poemhunter staff are always busy
they wont hear your call
the Ads keep them happy
the money rolls in
they dont neeed to play ball
you me are just poets
desensitized brick in the wall
some dwarved by humility
some racists walking tall
some are toddlers just learning
to crawl
some old farts
pretentious poets they love
to malign and maul
some love to get into a brawl
some who sweep in
as hate comments of a squall
you say you are 3 months old
you wont be getting any more older
just take life as it comes bugger all
visit the poem hunter forum
more exciting than climbing
mount everest in nepal
here all masked men
women eunuchs hijdas
poetically speaking
a masquerade ball
you will also find
a Mogadishu Mullah
Abdullah Diriye
speaking about Islam
with his head covered in a p…

Durga Visarjan/Possessed Lady

Durga Visarjan/Possessed Lady
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1
This afternoon I decided to go to Juhu Beach to shoot the Immesion of Goddess Durga and the Garbhis that represent this Godddess of Fecundity..
Here too I was lucky that I did not get hammered , as I spoke Marathi to save my skin.A lady while doing Puja to the Goddess , went into a trance, possessed by the spirit of Kali Mata, I took some three shots when I was threatened as they thought I was a foreigner, I spoke in Marathi and excused myeslf, before the situation went out of hand.The possessed lady was talking in a hoarse voice and was under the control of the Devi within her, after the guy accosted me he said something and just dropped on his head straight on the floor , it was scary I dare not look back.. and moved towards the other end of the main Juhu beach..
I will post the pictures later..

All these pictures I am posting at Flickr , so check out my photo stream..