Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Naye Netaji Ke Liye Lal Carpet Bichaya Hai

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unke bilkul peeche
unki nayi tiijori
naye bank balance
ka saya hai
ek ne hame
ke jal main phasaya hai
ek ne tower banakar
kargil ki bewaoan ka
mazak udaya hai
commonwealth ke nam pe
ek ne desh ko unchaiyon
ki choti par bhitaya hai
agey agey dekhiye hota hai kiya
kursi se ek ko uthar
dusre ko bhitaya hai
rang manch sajaaya hai
abhi baithe rahiye
break ke bad
big boss ne
apko malamal karne ka
wada dilaya hai
pari kya cheez hai
jab gaddi par netaji
ka dil aya hai

Dane Dane Pe Likha Hai Milanewale Ka Nam

na koie shikwa
na koie gila
jo apko milna tha
woh ap ko mila
jo hamari kismet ka tha
woh hame pak panjetan se
hasil hua
hamari eid hai
eid e ghadeer

aur eid e mubhaila

He Tried To Fuck The Tree of Life He Gave Up

Most of My Pictures Are Shot From a Moving Cab..

Moving picture factory of the streets

Happy Birthday Fred

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Very Happy Birthday Fred
Be Nice Be Happy
Keep a Cool Head
Lead Kindly Light
Softy Tread
...Work hard
Make Dough
also lot of Bread
beware of potholes
on the main
road ahead
as i wait for
you at cafe
fish n chips
no keema bread
beer for you
black tea for me
i ordered
what you said
though glenn
paid the bill
a fat tip to the waiter
as Hanuka gift
he fled

We Get Fucked Every Morning Through The Newspapers

What you cant see with your eyes I shoot with my camera

Hamere Pas Gharibi Hai.. Tumhare Pas Kya Hai

Walking Tall Mera Bharat Mahan..

le li waqt ne meri gand

We Fuck Produce Kids And Forget

He Has To Go For a Job Interview

The Day I Stop Shooting Pictures I Will Die

Jesus Lives Among Children..

Growing Up In Bandra Gaothan..

He Has Nothing But Everything..He Is King

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he flies
from one
place to another
he has wings
he is a free bird
even death cant sting
he is the story
of mans destiny
came empty handed
but has everything
when his time comes
to go he will leave
his footprints
on the soul of humanity
as tears washed away
above all things
a single frame
within a frame
captured for posterity
by a master who
clothes the flesh
master of rings
a poetic pause
or sweet nothings

to mr shyam shroff my patron and friend

We Are An Overcrowded Nation On the Move

Getting Knocked Down While Shooting Pictures Still Wont Make News

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the keyword to be noticed and be read
is fuck the nation and scam
logjam a huge penetration pole up
the nations rectum ram
become a raja of another mans destiny goddamn
give a little get a kilogram if you are caught hire
the best of the best get bail scram justice
a blindfolded angel thank you maam
the whole country knew what was happening
but the soul of the fucked people brainwashed
programmed ..

The Rickshawallas A Curse of a Blessing In Disguise

The Unsung Heroes of Mumbai..Fuck Who Will Shoot Them If Not Me

Phir Tera Zamana Yad Aya Phir Teri Kahani Yad Ayi

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he has no time to
hate the hindus
or muslims of another sect
or christians or jews a
fleeting thought
on the pilgrims progress
you can detect
his scriptures of peace
are not based on
misinterpreted text
he wont bomb your
religious ideology
your mosque your temple
like the new sepent breed
among the gen next
the so called custodians
of islam
dividing the soul of peace
humanity what next
giving a bad name
to Allah to the community
under every pretext

Sometimes Pictures Are Woven Words Of Poetry

The Moden Maharashtrians of Bandra Bazar Road,,,

The Koli Woman Forever Stuck in a Time Wrap

Our Childrens Future Lies On A Mound of a Garbage Dump..Poetically, Metaphorically Realistically

Papa Kehte Hain Bada Kam Karega

Getting drunk is the highest form of street spirituality splurging the soul of man..

The Poetry of Life in Slow Motion

Hair Styling For Rs 20 Only.. No Tips

There is Domestic Violence Among Cats Too

Marziya Shakir 3 Year Old

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a story of love
in her palm
she holds
with every image
a new path unfolds
marziya shakir
3 year old
brave and bold
good as gold
on the threshold
of our household
unlearnt photography '
with a blindfold
shooting the darkness
panting with light
a mind pin holed
a vision holistically
healing karmically