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From Mrs Ablah From Syria To You

From Mrs Ablah From Syria To You, a photo by firoze shakir photographerno1 on Flickr.

Dearest Friend,

Accept my apology if this mail in any way offends you. However, please
give attention to it if it interests your person.

I am Mrs. Ablah Usman a Canadian with Lebanese origin. I am a widow, as I
lost my husband in the Libya conflict years ago. I and my late husband
works for United Nations Aid group and that was where he was killed while
helping the war affected people in the country of Libya.

Presently I am in Syria precisely in Damascus. It happened that few months
back, we intercepted a group of rebel soldiers carrying some luggage’s
which we thought were arms, and on getting closer to them with the help of
the military support, they flew away and left those luggage’s.

We took the luggage’s to our office in Damascus, and when we opened them
we discovered arms in some of them while, one out of the luggage’s contain
huge some of money worth $10,200,000.00 (Ten Million Two Hundr…

@AAP Jaisa Koi Meri Bambai Mein Aaye To Baat Ban Jaaye, Haan Haan Baat Ban Jaaye