Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Life is A Buttom Waiting For The Right Button Hole

depends on what
is your lifes goal
you marry a
dickhead he turns
out be an asshole
just fetid fulsome
flesh minus the soul
a tumescent tragedy
out of control unfurled
half mast like a flagpole

God Gave Us Color And The Devil Added Racism To Our Lives

The Mahalaxmi Dhobi Ghat The Only Wonder of the World

Photographers are Born Not Made

The Bohras of Bandra Bazar Road

One of the most peaceful communities, the Bohras who are the followers of His Holiness Syedna..The Bandra Bohra Mosque is at Bandra Bazar Road.The few Bohras who stay at Bandra Bazar Road are Akbar Bhai his son Huzefa of Something Special, and Murtuza and Mustafa of Cheap Jack.
Mr Fakhri of Fakhri Printers .
The Bohras are a commerce community , traders and businessmen.
They are also into catering like Jeff Caterers , Lucky caterers, plumbing , hardware, and glass frames and sliding doors.Even the hosiery business is in their hands.
Pinky Pat is another shop and Hill Corner that belongs to Borhas od Bandra.
One thing about the Bohras whether a wedding or funeral, they always begin the event with a Matam to Imam Hussain.
A pickle shop at Bandra Bazar Road and Tawakkal sweets a branch of Bohri Mohalla are famous too.
There is a small printing press at the corner of Chapel and Waroda Road that belongs to the Bohras.

Crossword Puzzle of Faith

The Bandra Shia Khoja Mosque
Cross word puzzle he solves
faith can move mountains
storms of human emotions
into tears of ghame hussain dissolve
ya hussain two words of eternal hope
within our lives revolve

I dont know if marriages were made in heaven.. my wife saved me from going to hell

It Fucks Me Why Cant MTNL Broadband Solve the Puzzle of My Internet Going Dead at 8 Every Morning..!

In Muslim Society Women Are Treated Worse Than Cattle

And if it is not true than you would not find so many Muslim women sitting outside mosques holy shrines , and you dont blame them for making beggary into a profession.

And seeing this child on my work as I entered the slums a short cut I take ..I was touched by her words Uncle please take my picture I did.. and as a blog these words gush out ..

My words are harsh but so is lifes calling for the little girl who becomes a woman and one fine day in a hijab on the road with a child hanging on the waist perilously..

I shoot Muslim beggars to show you what the high priests community leaders so called psuedo healers dont see and wont see.. how many photographers you see shooting Muslim beggars and I dont sell my pictures .. so I have no ulterior agenda but to show a malaise that effects all of us it touches my 4 year old grand daughter who shoots beggars too.. she has been shooting beggars since the age of 2.

So sometimes a picture shot as a poetic thought becomes an after thought of life..

Behind The Most Expensive Camera Lies The Humility of a Man Who Shoots

I have been a hardcore fan of photographer late AL SAyed of Palanpur, I have his book autographed by my guru Dronacharya KGMaheshwari..

AL Sayed gave up his camera photography and retired as a holyman or fakir.. serving society through a healing touch like his pictures ..

So last year when my dear friend Marc de Clercq erstwhile photographer who like me documents the hijras transgender decided to become a Sufi malang .. I facilitated his wish and thereby ended up becoming a Malang myself.. Dam Madar Malangs of Ajmer.

Our peer or spiritual teacher is a simple man, dressed in black robes and with dreads about 35 feet long he belongs to Gwalior ..Peersab Syed Masoumi Madari.

When I joined him , took my pledge I was independent had my own store but I was not happy insurmountable lifes problems , and I returned to Mumbai but not before walking barefeet with Marc over hot burning rocks , barefeet I made a pilgrimage over rough terrain to visit the Holy Shrine of the Eunuch Saint and his biological sons grave at Taragadh.. it was the turning point of my life my career.. so to speak.

End of November I shut shop and mortgaged my freedom working for another man , a good human being..and I shall complete 3 months end of March.

I had to change my attire , all traces of my love for long hair, walking barefeet , my rings my earrings my chains my beads and all what I wore round my neck, including my silver sticks my turbans .. all kept aside to be worn only on holidays and Sundays.

And I have taken permission to visit Ajmer Sharif in May for a few days to revive my pledge , become one with my Dam Madar brothers with the blessings of my Peer.

And in the meanwhile I shoot the streets , I have given away both my Nikons .. I shoot with this borrowed Canon EOS 7D it does not belong to me ., it was gifted by my good boss to Marziya Shakir my 4 year old grand daughter , because both my boss and Marziya share the same birthday..24 November.

My 7 month old grand daughter whose pictures I have removed from the net, a Malang like me , totally crazy about cameras , who also shoots pictures assisted by me .. yes we are crazy camera family is under diagnosis for a malady that has robbed us of all our happiness .. I try not to shoot her pictures or post her pictures her moments have become private .. and we hope pray she recovers .. she is my faith the strength of my poetry.. so beneath the smile on a face always lurks a pain that is only visible to those who feel it by mere insight.

And my eyes are moist as I share this with all of you..

By the sweat of your face You will eat bread, Till you return to the ground, Because from it you were taken; For you are dust, And to dust you shall return."

My Cosmic Eye Overrides The Canon EOS 7D

Its Been Six Months Since I Left Facebook

226,881 items / 1,885,231 views

no i have no urge
to reconnect
though i sincerely
miss my old
on facebook
as silhouettes
of my outlook
my soul from the
flesh of her poetry
i unhooked
Google + is the path
my new guidebook
no i have
no more
to blog goddesses
warrior goddesses
slithery transvestites
will i ever get hooked
fucked in the bargain
my bleeding balls cooked
no i am happy where i am
in a circle within a circle
a sinless fish in a brook
for love as a needle
in a haystack
i wont look
beggar poet
barefoot blogger
but not a crook
i left her all
my poems
my belongings
my tattered loincloth
hiding my shame
was all i took
her pokes
her nightly chats
her throaty
on my mobile phone
i forsook

Jesus Bleeds ..Set Me Free From The Cross He Pleads

he forgives
who kept
him crucified
over the years
for their monetary
needs misplaced
spirituality part
of their misdeeds
in his name
his flock they lead
lust for power
spiritual greed
head count
is what they need
because on their own
they cannot breed

Man Woman and The Hijra

all three
man woman and the hijra
part of the universe
two flourish
the third gender
a blessing
within a curse
the hijra born man
becomes a woman
red dark lipstick
empty sorrows in a purse
as she gets older
receeding hairline
its get worse
fleeing time
fleeing lovers
time and tide
wont reimburse
hijra life
no brakes
no gear
just a steering wheel
motions in reverse

buried mysteriously
in an unmarked grave
silently terse
no cremation
no ashes
in the ganges to immerse

Photographer No 1

Picture shot by Dr Glenn Losack MD

shooting human deformity
is not photography they say
travel photographers
wedding photographers
who shoot from their mouth
hate comments
to degrade the dignity
of living day to day
we shoot for free
sharing it anyway
human emotions
as poetry on replay
appu my friend
at mahim
st michaels church
no hands
no legs
smiling away
dr glenn losack md
the master guiding my way
photo blogs our time
that does not pay
they who put block on our pictures
to drive us out from web homes where
we stay
living in glass houses themselves
to our dismay
on our homes boulders
they throw and run away
tears on the soul of photography
on display

the cosmic eye of my camera shoots the silhouette of the hijab

the common man gets fucked in his dreams too... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah