Monday, June 9, 2014


charon taraf kohram hai
rape rape uttar pradesh
in bad shape ..more chaos
vociferous silence than
more rape ..tell your
minister it is not how
they dress or drape
it is pure animalistic
pleasure regressive
nature of your men
unbridled apes
rich , unemployed
libidinous lechers
just rape rape rape
for the harrowed
women of your
state no escape
unless they are
murdered hung
from trees eyes
agape ..

for once wakeupakhilesh
history will remember you
as the rapist of adab tehzeeb
of uttar pradesh..

Naga Sadhu Film Documentary on the Sangam

If you are a short story film maker or a documentarist there is so much to shoot , the sky is the limit..and if you know a group of naga sadhus you could shoot their lifestyle ..creativity is the mother of invention.

Some Naga Babas love to be shot photographed , it is only when they are marching towards the river for Shahi Snan that they are over excited hyper and they have to reach the banks on time , this is where they get annoyed with the jounos and photographers , they beat them with whatever they have in hand.

They dont care for the cops or law over here on their march to the Ganges they are the law .. the law of the nagas ,..

Here scenes of the holy dip were being enacted for the camera , and it was a great experience they had hired the boat and the Nagas from Agni Akhada.