Saturday, April 19, 2014

Who Does The Muslim Vote ,,

Forgotten after each election..
accused of appeasement ..
silence pain held captive
in his parched throat
politics of survival vengeance
without holistic apology
ends on a bitter note
betrayed by his own so
called Muslim leaders
turncoats ..who do what
they do for power bank notes
break dance of democracy
a system cutthroat
He is an Indan first what has
religiosity got to do with
how you govern..  create riots
destroy destruct the soul
of Mother India what hurts
the irony of a Vote ,,,

I Sell Dreams ..

through pictures that flow
as turbulent river of pain
on my Flickr photo stream
moments held captive lost
illusions seems ..

humility gratitude embedded
genetically in my bloodstream
all part of art and self esteem

Chor Bazar The Market Of Thieves

winding through its narrow lanes
chimna butcher , mutton street
artifacts antiques  lost mystique
from all over the world a bit of the past they
come to seek.. memories etched
in silence ,, silently speak..

treasures that had seen good times nostalgically time snores
ruminatively sleeps ..on the pavement  on a garbage heap...what you sow is not what you reap..what was once yours now another man keeps..languished lassitude takes a sweep ...deathly deep...