Friday, February 19, 2016

Facebook Friends Request

All my posts on Facebook are marked only for Friends but the same post that I post at Flickr or Twitter or Blogspot is marked for public,, I somehow dont identify with the Facebook general faceless public at all.
Firstly I am sure I am known for the genre I shoot ,,I shoot India ,,and I shoot a India of rituals customs and its diverse religiosity ,,I shoot Hindu India be it the religious feasts the Kumbhs ,, I shoot Shiasm being a Shia myself ..Moharam ,,I shoot Sufism ,,the Dargahs the various Sufi orders of India including Chishtiya Nizami Rifai Malangs Qalandris ,, I am part of a Sufi Malang order too,,
My main documentation is over 68000 blogs on Hinduism as Hope and Hindutva as Message of Universal Peace ,,is on the Naga Sadhus Naga Babas and Aghoris ,, My Naga Guru is Shri Vijay Giri Maharaj Triveni of Juna Akhara .
My photo blogs are stories of India ..all posted publicly at my other sites ..
Now people will add me if I identify with their rituals or customs ,,
So I add the GSB community without checking for mutual friends or their profile ..I have a great cosmic connect with this community ,,
But others I look for the mutual friends that connects me with them..otherwise I delete all requests ,, I dont want to be part of your political rant your bullying rabid bigotry .. I will add you if you are a serious photographer ,, I dont add people from across the border simply because though we maybe Shiasm my Shiasm is attached to the culture of my country ,,,I dont relate to them geographically or otherwise ,, I have friends but that is it ,, I refuse to add anymore ,, and this has nothing to do with politics either ,,I am apolitical I belong to no party ,, at all,
If you send me a message before sending me a friend request would make the transition into my mind heart more human.. just adding me for fuck sake ,, dosent help me or you for the matter ,,
I dont add hijras ..and I have no issue with your choice of sexuality but I am not interested in your pictures of genitalia and your choice of porn in most cases .
I thought I had to get this off my system .. the picture is of me and my Dada Guru ,, the Guru of my Guru shot at the Maha Kumbh 2013 .
As I was bought up as a kid among Christians I have a soft corner for them and I shoot the Christian Ethos of Mumbai... feasts churches crosses ,,,I am grateful those who added me to their friends list ,, You guys and ladies are the best set of friends I have here on Facebook.. Stay Blessed .. May God Grant all your wishes .
This will be posted publicly at Flickr .. nowadays I blog at Facebook than copy paste to Flickr ,,,

The Tree of Life ...My 4.60 km Walk

My legs are in bad shape I have walked a lot since last few days .
This morning started on a disastrous note there was a huge commotion at the Bandra Bazar Garbage Dump between the chicken truck drivers and the Municipal Conservancy staff as the chicken trucks had blocked the entry of the Municipal dumper that comes to collect the garbage ..The chicken truck drivers were rude and threatening the conservancy staff including me as I video graphed the entire incident and I hope our MLA Advocate Ashish Shelar sees and stop the chicken truck drivers high handedness.
However in the end I mediated peace between both the parties and went to play tennis
After my tennis I walked till Mehboob had a cup of lemon tea at Good Luck Irani Restaurant and reached Bandra Bandstand ..shot a few videos and walked back home through the Bazar I met my Swedish friend Malini shooting the Bazar hawkers .
I had walked 4.60 km in 2 hours 33 minutes .
Marziya has lost lot of weight but is slowly recovering from Typhoid
Happy Morning Happy Friday.

Yacht Early Morning Utara On The Dot

For bevdas guzzlers hardcore boozers the only Camelot ..
A quarter for the parched dry throat
The first shot heavenly feeling safe in a corner deep in thoughts
Moosa thoda chakna de bhai
Happily he bought moong dal
Chakli the simple pleasures we
Got ..I think of the prisoners brothers inmates who enchained to the genie in the bottle eternally rot....I was lucky I flew over the Cuckoo's nest
Somewhat ...I think they wait hoping against hope that one day I will come back to the dark dungeons
Eyes bloodshot ...The fan whirring humid and hot ..within the soul of Bandra the alcoholic spot ..
No I will not surrender to their devious cosmic plot more
Old Monk no more dirty talks of
Tits and Twats...