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The Congress Effect In Bandra

Though they the Congress Party  lost the elections in Bandra , they are not interested in re connecting with the public trying to regain their lost bastion not at all.

Unlike Mr Arvind Kejriwal they are so arrogant in their loss that they dont try to find out why they lost in Bandra once the heritage of late Mr Sunil Dutt .

Simply because people saw through their politics of appeasement for their own ends ,,and it will continue in the same vein if they dont get off their high horses .

Nobody talks good of them instead everyone curses them the Bandra Bazar Market including the slum pockets .. and why am I saying all this because my family was a traditional Congress voter we got disgusted with them .. they were visible in the early years only during election time once they won they just disappeared and we got fed up of their colorful Dengue Free Bandra brochures that were more to make the Christians happy , make the Sindhis happy , the slums can hardly read so the brochures were n…