Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Iconic Street Barbers Of Bandra

Perhaps in Bandra I dont think there is any street barber that does not know me ..I dont know their names but I shoot them prolifically ,,poetically ..and than add their pictorial to my set at Flickr called Barbers Barberism and Religious Tonsure..barring circumcision I have shot most of the rituals involving barbers .
I have shot them in Mumbai at the Maha Kumbh Allahabad and the at Banganga Walkeshwar during Pitru Paksha ,,barbers and bald heads ..I shot mundan at Haji Malang and other holy shrines ..a strand is offered to the Holy Saint ,, and jaggery equivalent to the weight of the child known as Tolabar .
Many a barber I shoot at Bandra finally end up shaving heads at Banganga ,, and most of the barbers at Bandra are Muslims ,,
The most iconic are the Barbers Of Bandra Reclamation a few from UP and a few from Bihar happily cutting hair shaving the migrant rickshawalas of Lal Mitti.
They are cheap and best most of them cut hair on credit ,,as they get paid at the end of the month from the salaried workers of this area.
The Muslim Mundan is called Akika ..

My East Indian Friend Rudi Pereira Some Stray Thoughts

Today he thanked me for posting his pictures on the Net , as his son in New Zealand liked them very much,...
Rudi is a social activist he was connected to Agni too.. I stayed in the same lane after the riots ,,21 De Monte Street above late Wendell Gomes house ,, a repair permission structure ,, we left De Monte street but De Monte Street has not left us ,,we have some great memories of this iconic journey of our Life in the suburbs,, We are basically from Strand Cinema Mohini Mansions .
Now we stay off Bandra Reclamation caught in a cusp with Bandra Bazar Garbage Road ,,And from here I walked towards Jamat E Jamooriya JJ Colony and shot the illegal structures demolished by the BMC ,,
What makes me laugh hilariously is this hogwash called BMC Demolitions because whatever illegal structures they demolish the next morning they are up again ,.. so what is the agenda ,,just to appease a few local representatives to add to their Twitter cookie points beats me,..