Thursday, March 14, 2019

Hey Google When are you going to put Blogspot to Sleep

Google Buzz
Google Plus
Promises they
Could not keep
Blogspot destinys
child in a corner
sits and weeps
regressive without
form or direction
a journey downhill
very steep..
Blogging is dead
Died of overdose
so to speak..
uprooted in a
giant sweep
from the fire
into the frying pan
seeking solace
in a dust heap

Dickinson Dilemma
on the soul of
Uriah Heep

To be or not to be
a black blogger sheep
cosmetic skin deep
as the darkness creeps

what you sow
someone else
will com to reap

look before you leap/

dedicated to a man I admired most
Mr Vic Gundotra ..

Friday, March 8, 2019

Posted at You Tube Community Tab

Thanks for all your love support .. I have finally decided not to post anymore stuff on this forum... I am sorry ..but it was time to move away .. You can connect with me on Flickr Twitter and You Tube ,, I also forgive those that abused me trolled me on You Tube ,, I could be abusive too ..but two wrongs dont make a right ,, Allah Hafiz Au Revoir Das Vidania Auf Wiedersehn This image is a goodbye as my detractors hated the Malangs the most and the Madarriya order and the Kaba like Shrine of Holy Saint Zinda Shah Madar at Makanpur . I was made the Khalifa of this Order by Hon Syed Masoom Ali Baba Madari Asqan but I moved out from this Order ..I was abused for being a Shia by a Malang Roshan Ali Madari of Khademan Madarriya Order . I was not that much hurt for being abused as a Shia but he accused me of making money selling pictures I wondered how his Peer Phool Ali could have made him a Malang without checking his vile background and antecedents ,, I wash my hands of those who imagine chattering to be knowledge, silence to be ignorance, and affection to be art. Khalil Gibran
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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

My YouTube Channel Firoze Shakir Photographer no 1

Please Like and Subscribe my @YouTube Channel Showcases Hindu Muslim amity ethos culture tradition ..

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Street Photography Bollywood NO POLITICS

This is not an Islamic Channel  lol

Posted at You Tube Community Tab ...

Please Note

1 I do not interact with people on Whats Up Even if you give me your number I will NEVER call you I dont interact with people I dont know I will not share my number with you or my Email.
You can abuse me for what I shoot but your comments will never see the light of day ,, as I block you and than report abuse . I am a a hobbyist Photographer but I am not a Bawa I cannot solve your problems please ask from God directly I am not into Dua Tawiz though I shoot hazri possession exorcism occult both among Sufis and Tantrics and Aghoris .

 Whatever kind of Muslim I am...I dont need a character certificate from Wahabis Salafis Tablikis Jamatis and Barelvi and Ala Hazrat .

I am a Shia born Indian Muslim and will never convert to your fundamental ideas and spirituality ,,, I cannot and will be never be like you as I cannot change my upbringing and my multi culture interfaith and parentage .

I delete all comments in Urdu ..if you want to interact please use Hindi or English. Lastly my target audience of my images videos are my foreigner friends who are researching Sufism and Hinduism,...

I only shoot Shiasm during Moharam Ashura Chehlum Athvi in different cities of India, I dont shoot Moharam in Mumbai for personal reasons .

 As you dont read my profile before commenting do read this post ,,, My face is real my videos and images are real I am unlike you without a profile and no a single video on your You Tube timeline .

 Most important I strictly follow YouTube terms conditions I dont shoot porn but frontal nudity is visble in my Naga Sadhu documentary as the Naga Sadhus followers of Lord Shiva dont wear clothes ,, I have age restricted those videos ,, but it is all part of photo journalism I shoot I have a valid international Press Card ,,

I am a You Tuber and documentarist .

 Professionally I am a fashion stylist in Bollywood last 40 years .. I have designed for Govinda Salman Amitabh Bachchan sab Sanjay Dutt and many others . I have been designing for Mr Danny Denzongpa last 36 years and Mr Prem Chopra and Mr Shakti Kapoor ,

o please do not take me for a chapri uneducated Muslim.. So be civil be polite and most of all be human.. Before you change others do learn to change yourself into a better person..

Firoze Shakir Bandra Mumbai 5 March 2019

 I am on Twitter I am not on Facebook or Instagram

All my original content posts since 2005 are at Flickr though I joined Flickr in 2007
  My posts are also on Blogspot ,,, Poetry Shiasm and Kumbh Melas

 I love you when you bow in your mosque, kneel in your temple, pray in your church. For you and I are sons of one religion, and it is the spirit. Khalil Gibran

Firoze Shakir
Firoze Shakir 4 hours ago
An Ode to Craig Boehman Your camera needs no raincoat Once you enter the waters of JuhuBeach It will remain afloat Giving you company In a fisherman s boat Or evangelizing the Methi farmers in the rains That you dote The camera paints with light Adding a spectral coat
Firoze Shakir
Firoze Shakir 4 hours ago (edited)
Praying for another person to die. Outside Bhaba hospital Bandra He lies.. He will get a bed If another patient dies. The flesh in pain the soul Of this seriously sick person In deathly throes cries. Life is nothing but self sacrifice I shoot human blood sweat tears Through the indomitable spirit Of my cosmic camera eye Don't ask me why.. Death is the only Reality a loaded dice.. Every moment snatched from Eternity comes with a price Man is just a shadow in disguise Over the Cuckoos nest he rebels Flies... Leaving behind memories On frozen Ice. Dedicated to my subscribers followers Friends and we'll wishers The beggar poet... Following in the footsteps of Ali Hussain and Jesus Christ.. Sometimes being stupid Is far better than being wise
Firoze Shakir
Firoze Shakir 4 hours ago
Mukka Baba From Nagpur Tajuddin Baba Dargah At Haji Malang .. I have been shooting him for a very long time while I took his leave at the Dhuna a climb of 3.5 hours down Malangad Mountains he was kind enough to give me grapes apples .. I mostly met him at Ismail Shah Baba dargah Parel during Urus ,..
Firoze Shakir
Firoze Shakir 9 hours ago
The Old Monk of Bandra with the Old monk of Dharavi.
Firoze Shakir
Firoze Shakir 13 hours ago
Views on my @Flickr stream 4 March 2019  171338 Thanks
Firoze Shakir
Firoze Shakir 18 hours ago
Today I shot the MahaShivratri Maha Kali Puja close to Kumbharwada Dharavi. The people were curios seeing me dressed in my Sufi attire. #Hinduism
Firoze Shakir
Firoze Shakir 18 hours ago
I got a new Leather #camera jacket made for me at my friend Shaukat Bhais workshop at #Dharavi. Styled by me in Tan Nappa. Pockets for lenses and accessories.
Firoze Shakir
Firoze Shakir 19 hours ago
First time shot the Kumbharwada Dharavi Potter video
Firoze Shakir
Firoze Shakir 22 hours ago
The Mosquito Killers
10K views3 years ago
Firoze Shakir
Firoze Shakir 1 day ago (edited)
Abdul Razzak Baba.. The Sufi monk who feeds a mixture of flour and sugar sprinkling it beneath the palm trees at Bandra Talao. Later he feeds biscuits to the fish in the pond. He is Chishti Qadri and is a follower of Holy Saint Makdhoom Shah Baba Mahim. He lives on rent close to Bandra reclamation. I love talking to him when I meet at the Talao or JJ Colony Bandra. Many a times I have seen him buy Water bottles for the poor and needy. So it is not just ants and fishes but he has compassion for human beings too. It's people like him that touch me and inspire me to be humble like them Religion has no meaning it it divides Humanity. Religion is service to God through Humanity. So what ever your religious background if you insult hate people all your Namaz can never save you.. The essence of Namaz is Humility to God and his creation.. This is my personal view and I respect every person.. It is only Faith that moves Mountains. I am nothing.. And through Nothingness God created me.. He had a purpose for me on Earth. And so my existence and my photography has a purpose.. To serve my Maker through Humanity.
Firoze Shakir 1 day ago
12 Years Flickr Pro I joined @Flickr in June 2007 has been the greatest journey of my life I used #Flickr as my textbook to learn #photography ,,the person who inspired me the most was @thomashawk my lifes dream is to do a thesis on his work. @DonMacAskill has changed the face of Flickr forever
Firoze Shakir 1 day ago
This is #Bandra Bazar an insult to Modijis vision of #SwacchBharat. Be it #Congress or #BJP Nothing changed Hon @Dev_Fadnavis Ji @CMOMaharashtra MS @poonam_mahajan MP #BMC I have posted over 200 videos on #YouTube but to no avail.
Firoze Shakir 1 day ago (edited)
My Flickr Stats 3 March,,, Showcases Incredible India and Original Content Thank you all for your love and support ,,,without which it could not have been possible.
Firoze Shakir 1 day ago (edited)
Har Har Mahadev #MahaShivratri #Dadar Blessings to All #LordShiva Due to unavoidable reasons I could not go to Varnasi to shoot the Naga sadhus MahaShivratri ShahiSnan . I am invited by my Aghori Guru Manikandan to shoot the Holi rituals at the crematorium. I will try to go.. I am chained like a dog to my Destiny.
Firoze Shakir 2 days ago
Tennis Monk of Bandra tennis under coach surendra pawar has changed me quite a bit a powerful back hand I can hit because of my leg injuries after a few games i watch others play while I sit .. my right hand is shaped like a cobras hood but the tennis ball says dont quit I am not into religious diatribe or partisan politics .. my destiny is a crest on a wave .. I am a storyteller maverick .. I stay the * fuc...away from pricks
Firoze Shakir 2 days ago
Returning from Mr #KRK Kamal Khan house. MHADA I have been styling his wardrobe more than 20 years. A great patron of my work.
Firoze Shakir 2 days ago (edited)
It was my Mother who made us what we are .. Living peacefully with Hindus Christians Jews Buddhists Parsis .. mutual coexistence tolerance .. respect for humanity on our hearts radar This was shot on our rozakushai .. my sister and me our first roza My mother Mohtarma Shamim Shakir was 14 year old when she married my father a Lucknowi who lived in Bombay early 50s he was a tailor by profession working for an English Couturier ..he had witnessed the explosion of the ship too. My mother belonged to an illustrious Syed family her father was late Daroga Nabban Sab descendant of poet Mir Anis sab. After the death of her father her late fathers first wife children moved away to Pakistan. My grandmother a staunch Lucknowi Nazmi Begum refused to take the train to Pakistan a widow with 4 children she preferred to live in penury making envelops for Chutan Printing Press Pata Nala Lucknow Imliwali gully ,, She bore the brunt during Sunni Shia riots but faced it all ,,, She was my teacher too.. My parents in the early years in Bombay lived in the fetid slums at Kurla till my dad got a room on rent from the family of doyen film actor late Nawab Kashmiri at Wodehouse road Colaba ,, It was the Nawab Sabs family descendants of Nawab Waji Ali Shah ..Shias that helped us educated me in a Private European School and changed our lives . From Wodehouse Road the new landlord shifted us to Neelam Breach Candy till my dad got his own house at Strand Cinema Colaba. My father passed away .. my mother took care of us ,,she died an untimely death due to diabetes .. We 4 brothers 3 sisters are products of their vision of peace ,,, My kid brother is in UK... So this is our story ,,, we never needed to hide behind an empty thumbnail.. We lead our lives .. Whether I am a Hindu Muslim should not bother you at all. I shoot Truth.. photography is not my source of income . I am a fashion stylist for Bollywood ..since 36 years .. Thank you all each one of you for your kind comments and respect for my mother I never consider her dead she lives within my soul and the souls of my siblings she guides us to take the right path and right decision.. I certainly would never attack a person because his faith is different from mine he has as much right to exist as I have ,, I refuse to believe in a God that created humanity and his followers kill suicide bomb others ,,The God I believe in the God of Peace and Brotherhood .. The God I believe in did not create Kafirs he created humans we call them kafirs , I alienate myself from bigots radicals and misguided Muslims and Mullahs . “Instead of resisting to changes, surrender. Let life be with you, not against you. If you think 'My life will be upside down' don't worry.... Shams Tabrizi
Firoze Shakir 2 days ago (edited)
Ghulam E Hussain.. My Kama Matam Ashura Mohaam Chennai TN
Firoze Shakir 2 days ago (edited) The Beggar Poet and his Shia Roots To Imam Hussain my humble tribute  blood sweat tears I shoot My Kama Matam Ashura Mohaam Chennai TN
Firoze Shakir 2 days ago
Once upon a time ,,,

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