Thursday, February 7, 2013

Reliable Camera Stores Founder Mr Shah

South Mumbai Architecture Fountain

South Mumbai Architecture Fountain

South Mumbai Architecture Fountain

South Mumbai Architecture Fountain

South Mumbai Architecture Fountain

The Original Light of Asia Restaurant Fountain

South Mumbai Architecture Fountain

South Mumbai Architecture Fountain

Architecture Students Shooting the Heritage of South Mumbai

Architecture Students Shooting the Heritage of South Mumbai

South Mumbai Architecture Fountain

its not how you shoot its what you shoot that matters

a spectral thought on the soul of human consciousness you scatter
mind over matter .. the flesh lean the spirit gets fatter .. with a
sledgehammer the doors of the unknown you batter

Maneckji Vatcha Agiary DN Road Mumbai

i leave a lot of space for thought in my pictures

we try not to wait till parsi new year ...

now we often take a second shot for safety ..

We Bloggers Are Amateur Photographers - We Capture The Humility Of People We Shoot

our pictures
talk even
when mute
we try not
to copy
with attitude
with huge nikon
and canon machine
guns who shoot
with dna ht toi
press cards
round their necks
on the same route
they shoot trees
branches overladen
fruits we shoot
left overs we shoot
roots ...we shoot
beggars hijras
homeless houseless
resilience a fight back
salute whether our
pictures make it
to the fucked front
page we care two hoots
we take permission
we dont loot ..
our pictures
photo blogs
to add share

Maneckji Vatcha Agiary DN Road Mumbai

Mumbai Photo Journalist Favorite Location For Parsi New Year

South Mumbai Architecture Fountain

South Mumbai Architecture Fountain

Second Hand Bookstalls of Fountain

The Wealth Of Mankind Lies In Books

Second Hand Bookstalls of Fountain

A very intelligent girl was asked the meaning of marriage. She replied" sacrificing the admiration of hundred guys to face the criticism of one idiot."

english grammar formulas on sale

Bhikaji Behram Well .. Parsi Heritage

chitti ayee hai ayee hai chiiti ayee hai... mad lady of cross maidan

Jago Sonewalon... Suno Aurat Ki Kahani

the common man crippled for life committed suicide

Maneckji Vatcha Agiary DN Road Mumbai

Bai Pirojbai Dadabhoy Maneckji Vachha Agiary

Situated on Dr. Dadabhai Naoroji Road (D.N.Road was the next Agiary to be consecrated. Situated along the same footpath as the Ardeshir Dadabhoy Dadiseth Agiary, this one was consecrated on May 19, 1881 and was built by Bai Pirojbai, who was the widow of the late Seth Dadabhoy Maneckji Vachha. This Agiary has an Adaryan (a holy fire that can only be touched by the priests) as well as a Dadgar, (a fire that any Zoroastrian is allowed to touch) as the rest of the Agiaries profiled here, have. An enormously huge Agiary, its main entrance has been closed but Parsis who wish to visit this Agiary, have to enter through a tiny door that is situated to the left of the entrance. As soon as one enters through the side door, one is greeted by an image of the Holy Fire flanked by two priests, conducting prayers. The beautiful image is depicted on glass.The exterior of this Agiary is extravagant with two winged bulls at the gate and a motif of a Fravashi (winged angel) atop it.The present Panthaki is Ervad Percy Dinshaw Dadina, who has been managing this Agiary for the last 25 years

bai pirojbai dadabhoy maneckji vachha agiary (adarian)

Address:- 311, Dr. Dadabhai Navroji Road, Fort, Mumbai – 400 001.

Distance:- 0.5 Km. from CST Railway Station.

The Real Marathon Man Of Mumbai .. Unsung And Unseen

i will never
the rich
marathon race
or a newspapers
kala ghoda fair
vying for public
space elitist
only for the rich
bald beautiful

pretentious race
page 3 i have
erased ...
i shoot
the beggars
hijras urchins
without face
they dont
their houses
you demolish
their destiny
even time
will one day


Mumbai by firoze shakir photographerno1
Mumbai, a photo by firoze shakir photographerno1 on Flickr.

The Khada Parsi Behind The Iron Curtain

i shoot mumbai as it tilts from its hilt

Mumbai .. Would Have Been The Ideal Safe Place As The Capital of India

two spidermen - one is piddling on the wall the other is cleaning the wall

the spiderman is piddling on the wall

the eye that tells the most lies

the dead man is much happier than the one alive

in company
of worms
his entrails
away from
his fucked
his fucked
his fucked
worldly woes
away from
strife .. a ball
a cover drive
no more
on the edge
of a fucked
bleeding knife

video of street life,,, play

i shoot walls ... life is all balls

Hey Firoze..the mail might seem long..but the words came like that.

This lot is rapid shots from a moving cab while heading urgent work to Churchgate ...and yet I get something as a picture to ponder after I have shot it...

And I got a message from a Flick member , his fluidity of words his sincerity and yet I cannot accede to his request of allowing him permission too see my transgender set.. I have withheld his name .
Hello Firoze,
Greetings for the dAY.
Well hw do I say this,without making it seem too obvious or seemingly untruthful....Umm..hmm...I dont know.Well its this..I am a big fan of your work.The way you capture the streets,its hope,the desperation and the deprivation is great and more so your Poems! which amazes me even more.Not many can do tht.I also greatly admire the depth and the absolute Vastness of your work on the Eunuchs and transgenders.Their life is a mystery to most and so is their Beauty, which you have captured .
Once upon a time I could see their life and beauty through your lens but now U have put restrictions on those privileges;and for the correct reasons to which I do agree.
I have just begun photography and am not too good at it atleast now, but if that is not a constraint to being your friend and allowing me to look at all of your work especially the Hijra ethos, the please do accept me request for adding you as a contact and a friend.

Thanks & Regards,

The Window ...

hope lives like a beggar on the streets ... homeless heart beat

branches are useless without roots

mumbai echo friendly city

recycle non violence

the dog that connects with my cosmic soul

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