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Mr Vikas Mohan and Me

On my recent visit to Ujjain Kumbh I payed at a few Temples for Vikas Mohan jis speedy recovery ,, I also placed a chaddar for him at the Dargah of Holy Saint Kwajah Garib Nawaz.
But what God gives God takes ,,,
Years back when he visited Siddi Vinayak with his producer friends on his way back from the Temple he would visit my workspace at Bandra ..his cherubic smiling face ,,but first he would offer me the Lords prasad ,
He wore white linen shirts crispy starched and soft white trousers ,,he loved sleeveless jackets with a colorful pocket hanky ,,
He loved good clothes but never would he go overboard with his sartorial simplicity ,,,if I ever had a problem I would take him into confidence as he was very close to all Bollywood producers directors and the fraternity ,,,
Despite his poor health he would sit hours in his office at Supercinema Clifton.. while I waited to meet him
At home he would give me a copy of Supercinma and though his sons were friendly with all the top designers wo…

Our Dear Mr Vikas Mohan Starts His New Journey To Shivas Abode

I have known Vikasji as we all called him for over 25 years ..I stitched his personal clothes and made his last kurta waistcoat a week back for his son Anshuls engagement ,, though he was unwell lost a lot of weight he looked smart and elegant in the new dress ..I had added a cravat for his comfort ,, and I had suggested he wear cloth silkish mojdis ,, and he went by my words .
Vikasji was family he loved me a lot and always supported me in my bad times ,, he promoted me too ,,,with his Bollywood friends ,,
My wife and I would visit him when he was recuperating and he and his wife were great hosts ,,and today I lost a very important part of my family ,,
I was not well since morning but at noon I saw Mr Shyam Shroffs Obituary of Vikasji I called up Shyamji another very close and dear friend and immediately rushed for the funeral..
It was a sad somber moment and everyone he loved was there to see him off to Shivas abode.
At The Ville Parle crematorium there was a larger crowd of his as…