Monday, August 4, 2014

Love is the Water of Life. Rumi

Together in pain and happiness
living on a cart two lovers yes
jummah masjid gate no2  is
their permanent address
the filthiest part of delhi
gone to seed our faith
our heritage nonetheless
but these two lovers
conjoined in height
left behind by snow white
simple souls god bless
surely to stay here they
pay the cops the local goon
sharing their earnings
under duress they are
seen by foreigners
tourists bloggers but
never by the chalk
faced members of
the press ..not a
good story ..rape
sodomy political
shenanigans is
what they shoot
to unduly impress
two lovers  caught
in a vicious grip of
fate ..fighting all
odds ..more or
less ..

ask them who is in power
who is the new PM.. they
have no interest .. with
every new government
since independence
jummah masjid is a cesspool
of filth apathy neglect yet
who really cares for muslim
areas muslim ghettos muslim
slums an eyesore ..tete a tete
acche din for poor muslims
shall never come my
guest  welcome to delhis
ugliest nest case
as a beggar poet from
mumbai i rest...

The Delhi Aam Admi Is In A State of Comatose

after 49 days
of power dharnas
came deathly throes
the greatest protest
to fight the elections
all over india was
what he chose
chapter closed
the battle of
varnasi a fatal
trampled rose
the flesh was
willing the soul
stubbornly froze
now trying to
awaken itself
as the ranks
close a poetic
pause as prose
a broom lies
by the wayside
once active
in clearing
dirt now
in sweet

politics is not only about honesty
it is about good governance
shrewd application of mind
a peacock among crows

Mother I Am Confused ?

As Muslims
why are we
by organized
terrorist jews
muslims love
killing muslims
as hate spews
sectarian strife
spiritual abuse
is this the message
of the holy prophet
brotherhood peace
or is it bloodshed
we must choose
justice hanging
by the noose
the muslim man
the shia the christian
to a dead body
reduced ..the world
powers bunch of
eunuchs reading
the daily news
bemused .
who will stop
the jehadists
boko haram
of petro powered
American backed
Muslim hating jews

I talk of the political aspect of American and Jews..