Saturday, September 22, 2007

3 Little Girls

3 Little Girls
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3 sisters
in prams
3 little girls
one with a fringe
one straight flat hair
one with curls
two awake one asleep
love unfurls..
sweetening swirls..

Racists Poets Society

Mumbai is embedded in my living soul
carter road a watering hole that gives pictures
to this pictorial mole
to show you shivas eye at work is my goal

someone told me
a walker at the promenade
you shoot differently
yes I do
but not indifferently
as I have no other place to shoot
no other sites that I can loot
it is my shop
my home
my morning walks
at carter road
that the same place
with changing
seasonal light
I reshoot
make it poetically
no dispute
a comment on
poem hunter
nothing but racist
who cares a hoot
like foster blaine
allen james saywell
ivan donne carsewell
james foulk
spencer morgan jr
a rectal rhapsody
from their ass that shoots
Stetson hats to big for them
cowboy boots
Unpoetic savagery they recruit
racist poets society in cahoot

Water Water

Water Water
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These are two young pretty girls that come to collect water from the sprinklers of the carter road promenade.. the watchman allows them this liberty as water is scarce in parts of Slumbai too.. Slum + Mumbai .
And Carter Road is the opulent side of Bandra the Queen of the Suburbs..

a sea overflowing water
simple lives
not a litre
nor a quarter
in november
in mumbai tempers
getting hotter
a girl child
no one but two
hope of some mother
unborn as a daughter
to be sent to the slaughter
a masculine god that forgot her
Time her Fate will choke
and smother ..
lets carry on living
fuck why bother?

Bush On Iraq

Bush On Iraq
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"We'll succeed unless we quit'

A thought by a twit ..
A candle in the wind unlit
Curse the darkness
By a snipers bullet get hit
Swallowing your own spit
A dimwit
To wit
Angelina Jolie
Mrs Bad Pit
In Mumbai
Yet to be given a clean chit

sweet seminal mornings at carter road

wise donkeys of carter road
on the divider their earthly abode
they watch kids deathly mode
on the other side of my picture the cops
their presence no fear of god to goad
bowels emptying out on a natural
sea side commode
walkers and joggers often slowed
their cars from no parking zones
are towed
across the mangroves a temple of Ganpati
divinity bestowed
no toilets here just
moth eaten
deliriously dying
palms unbowed
college kids making
fierce love on benches placed
in memory of a dandona
or a dead and departed mother
an elegy and a poetic ode
lovemaking in parts
a socially acceptable health code
babes in Burkha with their guys
from rizvi college
sexually explode ..
on their principals ears
don’t implode
an arrow headed titan cock
clothes drying
unwashed stains
another splurt
to unload
early sweet seminal mornings
at carter road

a cybernetic special friend

early morning
under the lamp post
vernacular news …
carter road
fishy smell
color and hues
she gets angry
blows her fuse
uptight emotions
no excuse ..
her silence
i wont refuse
a cybernetic special
i don’t want to lose

washing clothes in public

The migrant watchmen staying at carter road buildings come to the sea front and do their stuff in the mangroves ..wash their clothes bathe and this is a daily regimen that I shot ..and it is a peaceful picture ..

Bathing time at Carter Road
In guttered waters they wash their clothes
Rinse soak tumble, dry their clothes
Shadows on their bodies
Their poverty shows
Living life coming to blows
Their privations on my film expose
What remains in words compose
All that is golden.. seldom glows
Peace tranquility.. a bit of prose

pitfalls of a poetic romance

about you
on the rocks
jagged ends
piercing my
back ..
caressing my
me a needle
caught in the fancy
of your minds

misery of
poetic silence
in my
voice box
my destiny
to more despair
that i cant outfox
keys of hope dangling
round my neck
for safety locks
once she a goddess
gave me water
that turned to wine
soon into an elixir of
but with your love
my fate unlocks
soaked drenched
for dry dock
falling in love
is showing
true flashy feathers
a conceited peacock.
Internet time
on your heart unclocks

Triplets At Carter Road

A parental pride that says
We two and our three
Nora, Sara Afra
A unit
Of a single
Loving and caring family
I shot them earlier too
Only to realize there was no film
In my camera a pictorial tragedy
I did not have their phone number
Address or contact you see
And one day I met them
At Carter Road Promenade
To shoot them. Once more
This time film in my camera
Me and my poetic pictorial spree
I present you
Ameer Sheikh and his family


photo courtesy

Howlin told me take flour
Knead it mould it in the shape
Of your enemy inscribe his name
Cut the head of a black cock
sprinkle blood spit 6 times
cursing the soul of your enemy
than urinate on it for better
results mix it with dog feces
than dig a hole place the effigy
in it place a cross on top upside down
recite the verses for the dead..
your enemy will disappear
I tried this a week back, , ,
The results are astonishing
Thank you Howlin Dervesh Ayn

Ganesh Visarjan Juhu Beach 2007

My wife was quite upset when I told her this afternoon that I was going to shoot the 7 th day Immersion of the Ganesha at Juhu beach.
The reason is I have a wound on my leg and due to my diabetes she does not like me
taking chances and my sheer defiance.
So I went to my shop , and carried my raincoat and umbrella as it is raining since morning.I left for Juhu, shooting pictures, this was my first shot, here I want to convey to you how Lord Ganesha binds them all big and small in his own way, see each face,
the importance of Ganpati Bappa Morya..Only the Elephant God can create this magic and here the family that hosted the Lord for seven days are now come here to bid him farewell, he will ride on the crest of waves and return next year...there will be a last Arti, prayers on the beach..and happinessand sadness too...
I do not shoot Ganpati but human emotions ..human frailties human godliness..
Yes I begin this set here at Flickr as a tribute to the most favorite God of the Hindu pantheon...Lord Ganesha..

Devotion of the Lord

The Arti

The Arti
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Farewell Ganesha

Farewell Ganesha
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Ganesh Visarjan Juhu Beach

Ganesh on the Cart

Child under the Umbrella

Tourist Police Patrol


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Ganesha Rulz

Ganesha Rulz
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The Last Straw

The Last Straw
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Decisive Spiritual Moment

Thoughts of a Blog Goddess

Say Cheese -Kodak Moment

Washed Ashore

Washed Ashore
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Shia Pandit

Shia Pandit
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Ganesh Visarjan 2007

Ganesh Visarjan 2007

Ganesh Visarjan 2007

Life Guard

Life Guard
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Tourists and Ganesha

Ganesh Visarjan 2007


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Ganesh Visarjan 2007

Ganesh Visarjan 2007

Ganesh Visarjan 2007

Ganesh Visarjan 2007

Advocate Ashish Shelar and Photographerno1

I just shot these pictures now, went downstairs to see the Bandra Relamation Ganpati going for Visarjan..
Advocate Ashish Shelar and I are neigbors...

Ganpati Bappa Morya

Mangalmurti namhonamha
Siddhi vinayak namhonamha
Ashtavinayak namonamaha
Ganpati Bappa Morya

The chant rends the
Cosmic consciousness of the mind
Lord Ganesha son of Shiva and Parvati
"he is both the beginning of the religion and the meeting ground for all hindus."
a thought entwined
destroyer of selfishness vanity and pride unwinds
the elephant headed god
god of wisdom education and wealth and kind
lord of success destroyer of evil and obstacles
to his devotees bind
buddhi riddhi siddhi consorts of his omnipresence remind
ohmkara aum is his form the lover of all mankind
your abode the mulhadra chakra within
our human souls confined


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photo courtesy deepak panjabi

Poetry is not what it used to be
Poetry of love melancholy
Poetry of hope humanity
Poetry today is a whore
Spreading her legs
Sex sans sensuality
Poets are not what they used to be
Pimps prostituting poetry
Soliciting comments
Soliciting votes 1 to 10
You rate mine I rate yours
Falling into an abyss of triviality
Comments on your poems
Are not what they used to be
No appreciation no constructive clarity
Comments hate filled to bugger your ass
Without any reservations or formality
I have disabled comments your
Footnotes no part of my immortality
As a poet I am what I am
You have no right to tell me
How to write my poetry
I cannot and will not write
Like Trade Martin
Frank Ryan James jr
Jefferson Carter
David Hazzle
Micheal Shepherd
Elysabeth Faslund
Ted Sheridan
Gregory Collins
I write for my self
not for posterity
Fred Gold
Aldo Krass
Other poets
Poetic equality
Racism in Poetry
Is not part of Morality
love and hate for a poet
his world of duality


photo courtesy deepak panjabi


Presuming you are a poet at poem hunter

Presuming you are a poet at poem hunter
You read a poem you don’t like the poem
so you bludgeon the poet kick him hard
on the shin smash his face make him
bite the dust..
Presuming you are a poet at poem hunter
You read a poem of a lady poet you don’t like
The poem, so you rape her sodomize her
Rub her face to the ground..
Presuming you are a poet at poem hunter
You need to see a shrink get yourself
Institutionalized you are a danger to a
Dead Poets Society too..
Your upbringing questionable
Cancerous hate running through and through
Your body that as a comment you spew
You ignoramus son of a bitch
Even time and tide won’t forgive you