Thursday, November 7, 2013

Photographic Death

The Camera Killed Me By Accident

These Kids Keep Me Alive

Or I Would Have Died Long Time Back,, Perhaps I Was Dead A Long Time Back.. They Resurrected Me .. Through the Diaphragm Shutter Aperture ,,, From The Crypt of the Camera ..

Death is Real Life Is A Dream

you can check out anytime you want but you can never leave...

on a stage
of pretentious
as actors
we perform
back stabbing
is our norm
we live as
we try
to change
in this
but we cant
reform ..
our colorful
we wear
our prisoners

Soon After Bakra Eid Gets Over Moharam Starts The Bleeding Starts ..

for some it is a new year
with wishes goodness
happiness on their part
for us it is mourning
crying bleeding for
the Imam grandson of
the Holy Prophet ,, our
soul our heart,,,
Hussain is Humanity
A sacrifice .. a thought
a message imparts ,,,

The Qazilbash Sabil In Lucknow Ashura

Ae Rabbe jahan punjtan e paak ka sadqa
Iss qoum ka daman gham e shabir say bhar day.
Bachoon ko aata ker Ali Asghar ka tabassum
Burhoon ko Habib Ibn e Mazahir ki nazar day.
Kamsin ko milay walwalaye auno Muhammad
Har eik jawan ko Ali Akbar ka jigar day.
Maoon ko sikha saniy e Zahra ka saliqa
Behnoon ko Sakina ki dua’oon ka asar day.
Maula tujhay Zainab ki asiri ki qasam hai
Bay jurm asiroon ko rahai ki khabar day.
Jo chadar e Zainab ki azadar hain mola
Mehfooz rahein aisi khawateen kay parday.
Jo deen kay kam aayein woh aulad aata ker
Jo majlisay Shabir ki khatir ho woh ghar day.
Muflis pay zaro lal jawahir ki ho barish
Maqrooz ka har karz ada ghaib say ker day.
Gham koi na day humko siwa e gham e Shabir
Shabir ka gham bant raha hai to idhar dey.
Aie Rab e jahan panjtan e pak ka sadqa
Is kom ka daman gham e shabir say bhar day.

Abbas Qasim Qazilbash My Humble Father In Law

His contribution to spreading the Message of Imam Hussain ,,, is immense ,, sadly only the Maulanas dont know it.. he kept their words alive ,,, they forgot him convenienty

Aye Shiyon Ke Mehman Khuda Hafiz Au Nazir

Athvi Lucknow Chup Tazia Procession

These are moments of pain,, a lingering pain of a Shia born in exile ,, from the bylane of his birth Pata Nala Kankar Kua..the ancestral house of my late maternal grand father Daroga Nabban Sab descendant of poet Mir Anis,,,

The Lucknow I know is on a editing table of faded memories , the walk up the hillock to my mothers house ,,,now sadly nothing remains all gone ,,,

Waqt ne kiya kya haseen sitam
Tum rahe na tum ham rahe na ham

And these are memories revisited now stored deep in the dark caverns of my soul..

Moharam is self introspection of our lives times connected directly with Karbala ..Moharam gows on you it is a New Year for some ,, the mocking few for us it is time to mourn for the Holy Prophets favorite Grandson Imam Hussain..

"Hussain o minni wa ana minal Hussain" - Hussain is from me and I am from Hussain

Jinhe naaz hai lucknow par vo kaha hai Kaha hai kaha hai kaha hai

Chup Tazia Lucknow Athvi,,

This is a very heart rendig moment for the Shias of Lucknow ,, when they bid farewell to Imam Hussain.. two month eight days he was with them like a spiritual shadow ,, protecting them helping them encouraging them to be human before anything else learn to feel ,,,for others ..and this procession starts in front of my father in law Abass Qasim Qazilbashs huse Bajaza Lucknow 3.. There is a eerie silence just sobs and gasping pain , breathlessness and among the burkha clad woman perhaps there is a lady holding a little childs hand ..hearing her own pain , her eternal loss ... as words resound her heart and soul.. flowing as dry water from the parched throat of the Nohakar ,, as he sobs too Ghabraiegi Zainanb,,

Ghabraye Gi Zainab (S.A)
Ghabraey Gi Zainab
Bhaiya tumhain ghar ja k
Kahan paey gi Zainab
Ghabraey Gi Zainab

Kaisa ye bhara ghar hua
barbad Ilahi
Kya aai tabahi
Ab iss ko na abaad
Kabhi paey gi Zainab
Ghabraey Gi Zainab

Ghar Ja k kisay dekhe gi
Qasim hain na abaad
Akbar se bhi hai aas
Apne Ali Asghar ko
Kahan paey hi Zainab
Ghabraey Gi Zainab

Poochain ge jo sab log
K bazu pe hua kya
Ye neel hai kesa?
Kis kis ko nishan rassi k
Dikhlaey gi Zainab
Ghabraey Gi Zainab

Phhat jaey ga
Bas dekh k he
Ghar ko kaleja
Yaad aao ge bhaiya
Dil dhoonde ga tum ko
To kahan paey gi Zainab
Ghabraey Gi Zainab

Be parda hui
Qaid bhi kha harm uthhai
Aur maut na aai
Kya jaaniye kya kya abhi
Dukh paey gi Zainab
Ghabraey Gi Zainab (S.A)

And my eyes are wet moist ,, only a Shia understands Shia pain and loss deeply attached to the umbilical cord of our mothers heritage ..I search for my mother not yet 12 ,,, old Lucknow of peace hope harmony , a Lucknow of Mir Anis ,,, .a Lucknow lost in the mist darkness gloom..

Jinhe naaz hai lucknow par vo kaha hai
Kaha hai kaha hai kaha hai

Shiasm in India

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Shiasm in India , a set on Flickr.

To A Dickhead In Disguise

the forehead
holds shivas
third eye
an aperture
that wont lie
creating pictures
that please divinity
in the blue sky
we live forever
we dont die
through images
that google search
wont ever deny
even as furious time
goes by
with a new device
face to face with the maker
sans disguise

Amma Inhe Padaieye

inhe accha
inke mustakbil
par char chand
lagieye ..acchi
sobat main
buri sobat
se bachaiye
desh ki
in main
success of
a nation
passion se
inki kashti
par lagieye
age dal dal
aur khaie hai
inhe yeh
sab batieye

Why Is Our Indian Police So Insensitive

is it because
of stress
bad case
of outsourcing
without taking
their mental
on merit or skill
only the common
man is scared
of the police
criminal minded
kids adults
ready for the kill
no fear of the khaki
as women sprayed
with acid , burnt
raped ..still
even minors
first time criminals
take law and order
for granted more
blood spills is it
coalition compulsions
or just gunning for
bar dancers ..
please chill
even a prostitute
has a right to
livelihood ,,who
will foot her bill
change is waiting
round the corner
people are fed
up of sweet
useless pills ,,,
rising prices
first onions
now potatoes
a system gone
over the hill
our politicians
are the only
happiest people
voted elected
back in power
the poor on a
hot grill ,,,
something is
wrong our
nations ethos
seriously ill
aam admi
ki awaz suno
perhaps soundless
now will reach a
crescendo loud
but shrill ,,,
as hope
from gods
window sill