Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Grass Is Not Always Green On The Other Side

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it is an
optical illusion
created by
a slavish mind
of another world
on the other side
both sides
the green layer
are morbid
from inside
both sides
have the same
a pretentiousness
by false pride
values culture
on a down slide
we are nothing
political pawns
on the soul
of humanity
without god
or guide
we are nothing
but a vote bank
to keep
democracy alive
on our bent backs
crores of rupees
of the politician rides
as he builds
of his personal
wealth the rest in
Swiss banks hides
every five years
in his favor
he turns the tide
in their graves
freedom fighters
their heritage
swept aside
a burning
called azadi
for which
they died

vande matram
taken for
another big ride

The Killing Fields of Hate

Huffingtonpost : Taliban execute pregnant woman. Taliban insurgents flogged and publicly executed a pregnant Afghan widow for alleged adultery Saturday, according to reports.

The woman, Sanum Gul (also reported as Bibi Sanubar by DAWN), was killed in Badghis province in western Afghanistan Saturday morning, the provincial governor's spokesman said. After being held in captivity for three days and flogged 200 times, Gul -- whose age was given as both 35 and 47 in various reports -- was shot in the head three times, said Hashim Habibi, the district governor of Qades, also located in the province.

Though Habibi said Taliban commander Mohammaad Yousuf carried out the execution, a Taliban spokesman has since denied any involvement.

"We have not done anything like that in Badghis or any other province," the spokesman said, calling the report "propaganda" by foreigners and the Western-backed Afghan government.

Officials say Gul had been widowed for four years. She was accused of adultery for her relationship with an unnamed man, despite claims that the man had planned to marry her.

Various groups have since condemned the killing.

This is where
the muezzins
call does not reach
hate for humanity
is what they preach
what they learn
their children teach
peace and brotherhood
trampled mother
unborn child
beyond allahs reach
his kingdom
in heaven earth
they have breached
a void on a eunuch
silence and speech
the Taliban
a nightmare
by the Americans
during the cold war
a blood sucking

Jesus Carries The Cross

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Luke 23:27-31 And there were following Him a great multitude of the people, and of women who were mourning and lamenting Him. 28 But Jesus turning to them said, "Daughters of Jerusalem, stop weeping for Me, but weep for yourselves and for your children. 29 "For behold, the days are coming when they will say, 'Blessed are the barren, and the wombs that never bore, and the breasts that never nursed.' 30 "Then they will begin to say to the mountains, 'Fall on us,' and to the hills, 'Cover us.' 31 "For if they do these things in the green tree, what will happen in the dry?" (NAS)

in a world
where life
is measured
in profit and loss
effect and cause
jesus barefeet
in humility
carries his cross
from the winding
street s of pain
tears and remorse
to a final journey
of the mind
far across
beyond the crowds
the soldiers guffaws
king of the jews
lashes of pain
on his back
criss cross
a tear drops
from a mothers eye
a tender pause
still a lamb he is
he was
for a greater cause

The Muezzin's Call

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the corpse
lies in the corridor
as the rains fall
namaze janaza
the muezzins call
time has come
for me to go away
once and for all
beyond the blue wall
serenity silence
in the prayer hall
the final recall
the final farewell
on the soul
of my poetry
last words

Marziya Shakir Street Photographer No1

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just you wait and watch
uncle glenn
as i write my
with a mouse
instead of a pen
the camera
i inherited
from my grand pa
a karmic hope
of my zen
by all of you
uncle fred
uncle big benn
i shall send
you all my new pictures
shot on the streets
now and then
gate crashing
into your facebook den
marziya shakir
bollywoods most wanted
the nikon d 80
round my neck
like a talisman
the best of top 10
one up on all pressmen

Marziya Shakir Shoots On Nikon D 80

Marziya Shoots With The Nikon D 80

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This is Marziya two and half year old camera friendly child comfortable with the Nikon D 80 a heavy camera for the child of her age but she practiced holding it firmly on the bed and with assistance from me on the streets ..the picture taking hitting the trigger is all her effort.

And what I taught Marziya is not just photography but love for the camera , and made her feel worthy of a DSLR camera in her hands , she need not be struck by awe and shock when she actually graduates to a technology when the Nikon D 80 will be antiquated stuff.

I taught Marziya to see the world through the camera , and this is the power of the camera an instrument of peace .

This is an old picture I am adding text and updating it today.

Shot By Marziya Shakir on Nikon D 80

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Does it matter whether you see me or my silhouette of pictorial pain.

This too is a picture shot by Marziya in the early days of her tryst with my Nikon D80.

Marziya is a camera friendly child and knows my camera as she knows the toys she plays with , maybe at the moment she thinks it is a toy but she shoots pictures with a passion of a pro.

Marziya had the camera forced upon her since she was a little child thanks to my passion too..the camera for a street photographer and a blogger of sorts is a messenger of Peace and an instrument of holistic healing.

I am Marziyas grand father cum Guru ..and Marziya is a marvelous learner , she knows at her age the memory card in the camera , the card reader and the process of putting the card in the card reader and attaching the card reader to the computers front port.

Mind you I use the words she knows she may not actually put it in but she does all the requisite action necessary for the process.

A child if it has aptitude gift of learning and devoted to art and creativity it becomes easy for the Guru to unteach the process of learning or unlearnig to a two and a half year child.

Marziya will never take the camera from me without putting the camera strap round her neck.. this is a must come what may.
She grasps the camera despite its weight with a very firm grip..she pushes her eye into the viewfinder but she shoots without looking into it obviously ,. she has read the picture she has to shoot without seeing it in the viewfinder.

She presses the trigger than she turns the camera on one side to check her picture.

Sometimes I reprimand her that she has cut of a persons neck I assist her , aim she takes the next shot.

Now I dont do this everyday sometimes only.

If she gets new clothes that her mother has bough and once she wear them she will call me to take her picture.

Marziya is a very stubborn child sometimes she will cry non stop bawl her lungs out for reasons we dont know this occurs frequently I told her Mom to have it checked up this mood swing...what a swing.

The other passion besides photography is her love for drawing and coloring, she can freely draw a fish a mango and a rat..she is a great mimic and it is Mr Bean she imitates to the hilt walking like him in a wobbly manner.

Marziya like Barbie dolls but she prefers an ugly monster of a boy doll with one leg, he gets all the injections and medicine when Marziya plays doctor by her self.

There are no kids at our house we all take turns becoming kids for her.

Our house lights had gone off for 3 hours , the power has just come in now this is Mumbai Bandra for you.

This was a post posted in May I bought it forward added text and made it brand new.Yes Flickr is where all my blogs are born live and cross blogged to a few of my sites on cyberspace.

Facebook Twitter and Marziyas blogs on Wordpress.

You have to forgive me if I go Gag Ga over my grand daughter Marziya is my first grand child and I am very exuberant of playing the role of the grand father to the hilt.