Thursday, June 18, 2009

Our Man Fred

photo belongs to missing person fred miller of friendswood texas

missing person reported at

fred miller
fred mike rudy
a cybernetic nerd
a sleepless bird
making magic
with ever word
this poona born
american wizard
anthony posey
nauman umair
cousin lefty
part of his herd
some of his detractors
at now public graveyard
hurriedly interred
dreams that were
truly punctured
facebook flickr
the new
most wanted
a poetic
pedestrian pain

"All Behinds Stink Alike "

title courtesy Fred Miller

and the world loves taking my metaphoric behind
because a better behind than my own metaphoric behind
on flickr or facebook or twitter
they cannot find
a metaphoric historic behind
badly maligned
they do not need to rewind
all behinds stink alike
a thought as a child
fred miller outlined
the angst anxiety piety of mankind
a behind spiritually streamlined
not too kind
yes this world is colorblind
my woes my sorrows
time nor tide grind
peace on earth undefined
war chaos chicanery underlined
man to his miserable fate resigned
his body and flesh in a tomb enshrined
breaking away from apartheid
that a white supremacist racist
god divined
man to the fires of hell consigned