Sunday, January 6, 2013

Chehlum Lucknow 2013

Chehlum Lucknow 2013

Namaz o Roza o Haj o Zakat o Khums o Jihad hussain (A.S) Hai Toa Yeh Sab Hain Nahi Toa Kuch Bhi Nahi

I Lie On The Floor To Shoot Kama Matam..

Masjid ki Safon say kabhi Maqtal ki taraf daikh Touheed Tujhy hussain(as) k Sajday Say milay gi (Allama Iqbal)

Baney Bhai The Greatest Kama Veteran of Lucknow

Baney bhai in the white kurta is the man who encouraged me to do my kama matam during Athvi in Lucknow , and despite several bandages he could not stop my head bleeding.. so severe was my kama matam in Lucknow .

I met Baney bhai again briefly during Ashura 2007 and than we met again this year , he his young band of kama matamdars , who continue cutting their heads from Nakhas all the way till Talkatora.

He is a face you cannot miss in Moharam of Lucknow a true Maulaiee.

Muslims Love Killing Muslims In Pakistan

Hussain Does Not Die ... When Shias Are Killed In Pakistan

The State of Pakistan Promotes The Persecutions of Shias ...

My Kama Matam Lucknow Chehlum 2013

jiye jo agle baras ham hain aur yeh gham hai jo chal base toh apna salam e akhir hai