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Being Born a Poor Muslim Woman My Bad Luck I wont Be His Fourth Wife or Dead Duck

Being Born a Poor Muslim Woman My Bad Luck I wont Be His Fourth Wife or Dead Duck, a photo by firoze shakir photographerno1 on Flickr. 193,283 items / 1,545,033 views

During the few years I have been shooting hijras I found many a Muslim man had left his family to get married to the eunuch, a eunuch that is neither man nor woman but has the exotic charismatic power to ensnare gullible man..his original sin being his naivete and foolishness.

And than if you read a fucked thread like If I was a woman , men pretending to give their views as women on Sunni forums on polygamy , than I think marrying the hijra would be a thought in the right direction..hah what a waste.. and to have a name like maulana taliban made me puke all over my shirt front... mocking women and womanhood...

This woman inspired me with the words, this may not be the allegory of her pain..poetically designed in a situational inescapable moment of grief read it as such..

within the
grinding wheel
of karmic pain

If I Was a Woman

If I Was a Woman, a photo by firoze shakir photographerno1 on Flickr. 193,284 items / 1,545,372 views

I am trying as a poet to put myself in a poor Muslim womans shoes she is the fourth wife of a Mufti Saab and I caught her daydreaming.. and talking to the bazar place...

at first
she came as the first wife
of mufti saab dignity and grace
he liked her but was not
happy with the pock marks
on her face taaddud or taajub
i dont know the phrase
after four brats mufti saab
horny as hell took
the second wife in her place
along with the first
the second one stays
one does the domestic chores
the other one prays
mufti saab unsatisfied libido
needed a third one to chase
he could not change his ways
the third one was beautiful
with a childs brain always
in a daze so instead of a wife
its another child to raise
so finally allah be praised
he married the fourth time
a noble one from
the pathan race
a happy family he says
though the first wife
daydreaming mufti saab
wont change his pace…

I Make Things - Marc Zuckerberg Google Plus

I Make Things - Marc Zuckerberg Google Plus, a photo by firoze shakir photographerno1 on Flickr. photo courtesy google images

193,331 items / 1,551,394 views

says his humble
profile on Google plus
vic where is thy sting
i make things
24000 people
following him
to depressed
sad lives
round the word
i give happiness
i give wings
at Facebook
zealousness zest
zenitude and zing
says the cybernet
king of kings
chutzpah and bling
circles hangouts
sparks facebook flings
think google think
a notion out of sync
a poet waiting
for Google plus
invite on the brink
he tried all the tricks
but vic he could
not hoodwink
a poet who blogs
does not smoke
or drinks at facebook
spams his soul with links
his best friend
Glenn Losack
ace photographer
celebrity shrink
a mouse is mightier
than pen quill or ink

I shoot the poetry of life on the street

I shoot the poetry of life on the street, a photo by firoze shakir photographerno1 on Flickr. 193,339 items / 1,552,359 views

i was involved
me my camera
pain pathos
i did not take
a back seat
a moment
time would release
but could not delete
life on the other end
bitter and sweet
a karmic circle
in motion a moment
complete a heart
is heartless
without a heart beat
waiting for google plus
a poet barefeet
hang out sparks
from facebook
is time
for me retreat
a wordsmiths fate
only words to compete
shooting the soul
of ugliness

Ghame Hussain

Ghame Hussain, a photo by firoze shakir photographerno1 on Flickr. Tum Kya Jano Hamare Gham Ko
Ghame Hussain Ke Sitam Ko

Ghame Hussain Hoon
Karbala main rehta hoon
jab jab
tumne hussain
ko pukara
main tumhari
ankhon se behta hoon
maskhe sakina
ke sahare
main abbas
ke gale se
tanga rehta hoon
har kaum
hamare hain hussain
ek bar nahi
bar bar kehta hoon

If my tears
that flow from
my eyes
god and ghame hussain
cause you discomfort
than it is an optical illusion
of your claustrophobic brain
i would rather be a heretic
relive his pain his humility
his love for humanity
that bought back the glory
of Islam once again
he was a brave warrior
a team leader humane
he fought for freedom
he fought for justice
he fought for equality
so our self respect
we could regain
our blood
our sweat
our tears
through a chant
ya hussain
ya hussain

I never forgot this kid he was in his own world at Bargha Hazrat Abbas Hyderabad ,but he could be anywhere a q…

Father of Terrorism - Lanatullah Yazid

Father of Terrorism - Lanatullah Yazid, a photo by firoze shakir photographerno1 on Flickr. photo shot by dr glenn losackmd

the butcher of karbala
son of a serpent seed
father of terrorism
lanatullah yazid
wealth of Islam
to usurp
with his evil deed
slaughtering humanity
with his misdeed
Hussain gave his head
for his life
he did not plead
from the front
with 72 braves
astride on zuljana
he did lead

har kaum pukaregi
hamare hain hussain
yes indeed
karbala the killing field
against yazidiyat
hussainiyat did not yield
protecting the holy prophets bayt
he did succeed
our blood letting
a protest 1400 year old
against terrorism
is the core of shiasm
ghame hussain
is all we need
a path of peace towards
our holy creed
a wave as much as you stop
will never recede

In The Beginning Was The Film

In The Beginning Was The Film, a photo by firoze shakir photographerno1 on Flickr. 177,236 items / 1,389,437 views

on the soul
of photography
it was the gate
of wisdom
we Muslims
call ilm
but than came
the birth of the
memory card
what we call
a new beginning
of an end
a new baptism
graphic gyrations
through a prism

this is for my guru of dreams
mysticism uncle der randall

Mr Yusuf Lakdawala My Patron - a Great Human Being

Mr Yusuf Lakdawala My Patron - a Great Human Being

Mr Jagdamba Tewary My Noble Landlord

Mr Jagdamba Tewary My Noble Landlord, a photo by firoze shakir photographerno1 on Flickr. My business was not doing well he reduced my rent , trusted me and now time has come for me to leave him I shall miss his kindness his support .. he took care of me for two years ..

i gave her rs 10..If I gave her Rs 32 than she would no more be beggar according to the planning commission

Wood to cremate a beggar poet..

Dam Madar Malang of Mumbai

I Came to the Flea Market Barefeet .. They Called Me Mastan

Kamatipura Flea Market Mumbai

Kamatipura Flea Market Mumbai, a photo by firoze shakir photographerno1 on Flickr. 209,970 items / 1,734,334 views

Every morning on a Friday in the wee hours the entire population that wants to make money , pass time comes to this Market , goods from here reach homes as antiques , goods from here are bought by Chor Bazar dealers .

This is a street market of Waghris those Gujrati migrant that buy old stuff from rich homes , stuff that is useless but is of value to the collector or the poor man one mans poison is another mans need .

I came here for old cameras twin reflex , box cameras I could not afford to buy the Leicas but I had a collection of collectibles about 325 I sold them all for chicken shit as I had no space when I was moving my workplace to a newer smaller one .

The pictures of my collection are at my Flickr photo stream , i spent a fortune and I lost them all ,I have not gone to the Kamatipura Market since 5 years , but I meet the Waghris as they all know me , and they wonder …

The Street Seller of Dreams As Blogs

Enemies of Shiasm are enemies of Humanity

Enemies of Shiasm are enemies of Humanity, a photo by firoze shakir photographerno1 on Flickr.

image courtesy
google images

They call us kafirs
They call us heretics
They call us raffidis
They call us by all
Kinds of denigrating names
With our thoughts
They disagree
We are Shia born
We will Shia die
Even after death
We will Shia be
We lovers of
Ahle bait
Our lesson in history
Yes call us by any name
We are Shias
Shias we wll be
Ya Hussain
Our destiny
By any other name
Is Yazidiyat you see
Under the banner
Of Hussainiyat
Only Shias you will see
You should not be
Shocked or surprised
We are Shias born to
Shed tears by a Holy Decree
Maksade Fatima
We are branches
Of such a tree
We love the Holy Progeny
Maksade Hussain
Ghame Hussain
Azadari E Hussain
What makes us Shia
Now you can see
Come Moharam
Even in little
Childrens eyes
Only Karbala
You will see
Enemies of Shiasm
Are enemies of Humanity

I read some real disparaging words against Shiasm , I think sites that propagate Hate towards any community should b…

you will never find this outside a politicians house ..though politics is all about garbage management

Jamnapari goat of Bandra

Jamnapari goat of Bandra, a photo by firoze shakir photographerno1 on Flickr. This goat belongs to Haroons collection and is on sale for Bakra Idd sacrifice on Monday...

jamnapuri goat wikipedia

Jamnapari (or Jamunapari) is a breed of goat originating from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. Since 1953 they have been imported to Indonesia (popular as Etawa goat, and its mixture with a local goat called "PE", peranakan Etawa or Etawa mix) where they have been a great success. It is bred for both milk and meat.[1] The name is derived from the river Jamna Par in Uttar Pradesh, India.[2]

This breed is one of the ancestors of the American Nubian.[3]

In India there were an estimated 580,000 of the breed in the 1972 census, although less than 5000 were thought to be purebred.[2]

Physical characteristics

There is a large variation in color but the typical Jamnapari is white with patches of tan on the neck and head. Their heads tend to have a highly convex nose, which gives them a parrot-like …

Jamnapari goat of Bandra

Jamnapari goat of Bandra, a photo by firoze shakir photographerno1 on Flickr. 209,922 items / 1,734,167 views

I have a unique
bond with goats
both the goat
me in a world
afloat to be
quote unquote
in a garrulous world
the silence of the lamb
distant and remote
death loves a lovely
nape furry coat
dysfunctional destiny
doomed deleted
only beady eyes
that emote
the lusty blade
the humility
of the throat
living on dreams
handful of oats

haroons bakra idd goats for sale chinchpokli bandra ..

haroons bakra idd goats for sale chinchpokli bandra .., a photo by firoze shakir photographerno1 on Flickr. I normally shoot a lot of goat activity during the days preceding Bakra Idd , but this year , and I only shoot the Goat Buzz activity in my area , I know I would get great pictures at Deonar but I avoid the same..happy with my surroundings and the world around me..

And I wish there was a direct way of getting in touch with customer care at Blogspot to get rid of the Word Verification tool on my Shah Ast Hussain blogs , as I want to cross blog my Shia images to this new site from Flickr and as I have a permanently damaged hand it is tough typing with a single finger to complete the word verification procedure a deadly racist tool that bangs my multi colored as with impunity and no remorse ..

Blogspot Sucks ..

This Poet Is Dead Meat

I Am a Beggar Poet My Breakfast Costs Rs 10..

I Am a Beggar Poet My Breakfast Costs Rs 10.., a photo by firoze shakir photographerno1 on Flickr. A few slices of watermelon , a few slices of papaya and a single slice of a pineapple a plate for Rs 10 is my breakfast before I head to work..I am not a miser , but this suffices me , I dont eat anything till lunch time ..

I take a nap a cup of black tea back to work, at work some boiled sprouts .. a cup of black tea ..

I have not yet had my dinner but I ate some biscuits .. Dinner is very frugal , dreams on an empty stomach are more pleasant and nostalgic ..

Nowadays Bakra Idd Is Less About Sacrifice More About Money And Showing Off

Nowadays Bakra Idd Is Less About Sacrifice More About Money And Showing Off, a photo by firoze shakir photographerno1 on Flickr.
Buying a Rs 500000 goat , or a Dumba for Rs 300000 or a goat with Allah inscribed on its coat for Rs 400000 is what counts , pomp vanity is what Bakra Idd has become of late ..

The average poor Muslim hardly gets a square meal in the slums , children uneducated , and the silence of the Minaret , no Fatwa to tell people to buy goats in humility and spend the money on a child's education , can you imagine how many illterate Muslim kids would benefit in Rs 300000.. but why should the Mullah tell the rich man after all his own kingdom is taken care of by the rich in his community...

Bakras should be bought but sanity should prevail, imagine the widows , the orphans , the beggars who live from hand to mouth , I have stopped going to Deonar Goat cattle market it gives a wrong message of my Faith..

I shoot Muslim beggars and than I wonder if the community leaders u…

Yes We Bleed - No Big Deal

Yes We Bleed - No Big Deal, a photo by firoze shakir photographerno1 on Flickr. this is what we feel
for our imam
when we kneel
he saved the namaz
with his valor
his sacrifice
his nerves of steel
our blood flows freely
our wounds will heal
yes we bleed no big deal
our blood is a banner
of revolt against the
silence of the ummah
our black clothes
our tears reveal
as the black layer
of yazidiayat
on the consciousness
of the puritans we unreel
those that killed
imam hussain were muslims
their identities as eunuchs
they did conceal
stop this terror
to the holy prophets grandson
none did appeal
yes political power
the path of yazidiyat
was their ideal

We Are Human Before We Are Muslim

We Are Human Before We Are Muslim, a photo by firoze shakir photographerno1 on Flickr. yes i was born of blood..
blood veils my face
a heritage
of my shia race
a faith in ahle bait
till death embrace
time and evil tide
could not delete could not erase
karbala on my hearts living space
allah ho akbar
its followers a big disgrace
the glory of true Islam of Peace and Brotherhood
you cannot replace
we live let others live
by Allahs grace
scriptures of love
that the jehadis deface
rogue mullahs
martyred misguided
descecrating the
sanctity of a masjid
a madrassa or any holy place
jehadi terrorism is out of place
give each other breathing space
dont make Islam
into Terrorist Army base
mutual coexistence
the only face saving
coup de grace
we are human before we
are Muslims in any case
only a dickhead would
call me stupid
because I bleed my face

Oops !Yes We do Curse Yazid

Oops !Yes We do Curse Yazid, a photo by firoze shakir photographerno1 on Flickr. if you want too
see my picture
if you are blind
than see it with
you inner eyes
as man to man
I do plead
yes as shias
we do bleed
our drops
every single one
cursing lanatullah yazid
accursed despot
no caste color
but hate as creed
No not a Muslim
simple greed
his war of
against Hussain
there was no need
a monster of a man
product of a poison
of a serpent seed

About Yazid from Wikipedia

Yazid Ibn Muawiyah Ibn Abu Sufyan (July 23, 645 - 683) (Arabic: يزيد بن معاوية بن أبي سفيان) was the second Caliph of the Umayyad dynasty. His mother Maysun, was Christian. He ruled from CE 680 to 683. He is also notable as an object of Shi'a Muslim animosity; they reject his legitimacy and condemn his role in the Battle of Karbala which resulted in the death of Husayn ibn Ali.
Accession to the caliphate
The issue of succession to the caliphate had proved divisive in the past (see Succes…