Monday, October 1, 2012


mumbai by firoze shakir photographerno1
mumbai, a photo by firoze shakir photographerno1 on Flickr.

built like
a pack
of cards
try to
the feet
of god
in the
a changing
builder neta
nexus protected
by the local bhai
only the loaded
flats can buy
the poor section
the migrants
build hope
shovels slums
on public land
on the sly
has entered
the holistic
of amchi
first it was
repair permission
iron girders high
than came new
buildings supported
on stilts every
method they tried
slum development
scheme cluster
housing demand
was greater
than supply
the name
from bombay
to mumbai
values traditions
love camaraderie
prematurely died
the common
fucked asunder
always taken
for a ride
a city for
dowry house
car bike
they also
burn the

on the depleted soul of humility dances the whorish goddess of pride

Give Me The Camera Grand Pa

towards me
comes her
tiger claws
her cosmic
camera eye
minus flaws
are born not
made she
tells her dada
she also
to write
to draw
on 17 july
same day
as her pa

Lalbagh Chya Raja Visarjan 2012

shot by Sumit Kale

Lalbagh Chya Raja Visarjan 2012

The Magic of Lalbagh Chya Raja Shot By Sumit Kale

The Magic of Lalbagh Chya Raja Shot By Sumit Kale

Lalbagh Chya Raja Brand Ambassador of Peace Hope Humanity

246,021 items / 2,044,065 views

Shot by Sumit Kale of Lalbagh

Because my belongings and my memory card 16 GB of pictures shot on the Visarjan day Arti were stolen Sumit my dear friend sent me pictures shot by him ..

He has his family provision store at Lalbagh Market and is budding avid photographer I am encouraging him , I told him to join Mr Shreekant Malushtes photography classes at Dadar learn the basic and the sky is the limit..

He has been a great support and his father and his uncle are actively involved with the Mandal of Lal Bagh Chya Raja.

Hee Shan Konachi Lalbagh Chya Raja Chi

I Will Shoot This Next Year Hopefully ..

Lalbagh Chya Raja Visarjan 2012 Shot By Sagar Bekal

Jai Mangal Murti Ichapurti -Purcha Warshi Laokar Ya

shot by sagar bekal..

badi shan aur
shaukat se
apne rath par
sawar 15 ghante
ka safar logon
ka pyar ..kaie
bar mujhe
diya ishara
shakir rehna
jo hona
tha ho
agayi itwar
hum isi
tat par khade
rahe woh
chale gaye
us par
purcha varshi
laokar ya
mera ghar
teri deewar

shooting pictures made me a poet of sorts

shot by sagar bekal

i shoot
of god
the beggars
the homeless
the unfortunate
on public plots
i capture
their quintessential
beggar souls
wasted mothers
tiny tots ..being
humped every night
on creaky cots
to manufacture
more kids ..
to beg at
traffic signals
their unforgiving
lot rs 1200
if they get caught
the same old
faces the same
old spot ..
fill in the dot

The Camera Is The Cosmic Third Eye of Shiva ..

Sumit Kale Humble Son of a Very Humble Father

shot by sagar bekal

God I feel introduces you to very good people but he takes time , I met Sumit recently his family has a provision store at Lalbagh Market Kale Bros and it was Sumit Kale a budding photographer who gave me his first day Rajas photo shoot pictures to share as I was late and missed an event I have shot every year ..had I not gone to the Vodafone Speedfest Lewis Hamilton meet on the same day I would have got the pictures but the Lord works in strange ways .

When Sumit heard that I missed the event he gave me his pictures I posted here at Flickr.. On visarjan day he was on the trolley in front of Lalbagh Chya Raja before the Artii I again gave him my camera to take a few close ups from there .. and it was this 16GB Card that got stolen at Clare Road Nagpada ..

I dont blame anyone but myself I should have been extra careful I goofed I paid the price I am lucky the guy did not steal my second camera in the next compartment as a heavy naryal coconut of Lalbagh Chya Raja given to me by a volunteer was on it and protected it from theft..I think ..

So Thank you Sagar Thank you Sumit

The Barefeet Blogger Shot By Sagar Bekal..

we stand on high heels
we stand on a stool
we optically become
tall but without
sense of gratitude
without humility
we will forever
remain small

i post this on sagal bekals wall

Thank You All In Humility And Gratitude .. For Sharing My Pain And My Loss On Visarjan Night

This picture and a few more were sent to me by my Facebook friend Sagar Bekal a great photographer with great sense of time and rushing to the right place for the right shot..

I am too old for his kind of agility , and this was shot by a another photographer from JJ school of Arts I think who was with us shooting the Lalbagh Visarjan,, the Arti and than the Rajas imminent departure from the Pandal .. and I was almost crushed in the crowd with my heavy bag .. I was stupid to have carried it .. I normally travel light one camera and small satchel..and streets event I shoot on Canon EOS 60D but I bought the heavier 7D too ..

And finally had all my cards wallet my belongings stolen at Clare Road I think before Nagpada a fellow photographer told me my bag was open I checked and I was in total daze as this lot of pictures were shot by me too a full 16 GB card .. this was my greatest loss .

And in 2008 somebody during the Moharam juloos someone robbed my Canon G9 that was presented by my dear friend Glenn Losack,...I have been robbed of 2 Blackberries too in the past..

This time the BB and both my cameras and a coconut that was given to me by a volunteer was intact this coconut I take for Mrs Punam Shatrughan Sinha every year at Visarjan time ..

She is my patron ,my benefactor and the greatest support of my life ..even for my house she gave me good luck money as a token.. very nominal a gesture that has saved me from losing it when bad times struck.. I am just coming out of it , my loss was stupendous in my work I took up a job paid of a few of my creditors , but left the job because I could not sell my self respect , my values of life ..and above all my freedom , ..I have been on my own freelancing since two months now getting less but much happier and no constrains ..

I have to pay back a few friends I hope to clear that too before I eventually shut my eyes ..

I dont know what I would do without my friends those that shared my pain on Facebook I thank them and Sagar and Sumit Kale both had shot pictures on my camera and on the card I lost ..

Both have shared their pictures with me .. I will post my Visarjan pictures shot on the 7 D later .. the cards in my camera were not stolen fortunately

I have informed Sajid Khan of Hindu Ekta Comitee and Sunil Joshi of Lalbagh Chya Raja pandal of my loss I have noted the same at Nagpada Police Station on Visarjan night the officer on duty was very kind and all the constables felt sad for me ..this is Amchi Mumbai I love it has a beating Heart All Times ....

Once Again Thank you All..

With your kind words I have got over my loss ..the pain too will go gradually ..

my inspiration to good photography is dostoevesky dickens and balzac,,

i had downloaded all this before i left for lalbagh visarjan.. and than all the cards got stolen

even after all the garbage is removed within seconds another pile will come up..

What beats me is why the municipality does not create pre fab anti bad smell close cubicles for garbage .. without making us see the wealth or garbage porn.. all over Mumbai garbage is blatantly showcased ,

The Bandra Bazar garbage dump, the dump near the Dadar flower market I know most of the places as I am incorrigible garbage shooter is where is..and this dump close to St Michael Church Mahim..

god is stone deaf to the sounds of pain outside his house

god has earphones
working on his
status on facebook
twitter clicking
his mouse
house of god is
on fire from all sides
he watches
as it singes
the soul of man
let him burn
he says this
this i wont douse
wont reports abuse
wont hover fix
continues to

About The Elephant

once upon a time
he was the luckiest
elephant living
like a king
he had everything
crores of money
to have him
installed in
parks she spent
while her bhaiyyas
lived in penury
carrying loads
on their heads
money they
earned to
their hovels
they sent
got beaten
for all all the
wrong reasons
for form and content
the pani puri video
caused a big dent
for the sake of
one lunatic
all had to repent
than came the fall
down fell the elephant
recycled power sent
into exile the elephant
used as a symbol
of peace hope
humanity to other
states he was lent
no he wont go back
to uttar pradesh
ladies and gent
here in bandra
on a pedestal
he is much happier
cheerful and contend

kids have the world in their pocket ..

my dreams died much before i was born..

i shoot
sleeping dogs
beggars hijras
garbage porn
i shoot the refuse
of humanity
society looks
down with scorn
people i shoot
urchins beggar
kids soon
new lot
will soon
be spawned
is greater
than supply
a seminal drop
on command
fish like
in a gutter pond

The Hindu Muslim Ekta Committee I Did Not Shoot At Do Tanki This Year ..

This was shot on Sept 27 and I accidentally met Sajid Bhai the convener at Pydhonie he showed me his letter he was taking for the authorities and Sajid Bhai and his team felicitate Labagh Chya Raja , and it was on Visarjan day my belongings cards my wallet got stolen at Claire Road a little before Nagpada .

I was really heart broken but I went to Police Station and informed the officer on duty of my loss he took it down in his diary and told me he would inform me if something turned up..

More than my belongings it was the loss of my shot card of Lalbagh Chya Raja Pandal on Visarjan morning ,even Sumit Kale budding photographer and volunteer of Lalbagh had shot pictures on my camera from his trolley , this included the Art pictures and a bit of Rajas departure on a 16 GB Memory card , my friend Sagar Bekal had shot my pictures on the camera with Lalbagh Chya Raja in the background.

I had lost Sajid Bhais number as his card was in my wallet that was stolen so I took his number from this picture and called him now and told him of my loss and my reason for not shooting this event of Rajas Felicitation on Saturday.

I also informed Sumeet Kale of Kale bros Lalbagh and Adyaksh Mr Sunil Joshi of my loss..

dear mr akhilesh give them work so they can live with respect in uttar pradesh

not treated
as hamals
of burden
live with
hope in
the lady
who built
of building
she chose
self aggrandizement
as her base
pain beneath
on the surface
called bhaiiyas
in mumbai
on hardcarts
with baskets
on their heads
dreams they
northern indian
not maharashtrian
but of the
same race
same ethnicity
karma bhoomi
time and space