Friday, January 22, 2010

Jerking off in his sleep

a handcart
called desire
the road
side creep
jerking off
in his sleep
his mound
of venus
a garbage heap
from one comely
maiden to another
he leaps
seminal sorrow
wakes up and weeps
what he sows
another mam reaps

Her Camera Eye I Bless

Marziya Shakir
a pictorial progress
on word press
flickr facebook
her online
her camera eye
I bless
god give
her a long life
peace hope
lifelong success
long after I am gone
she will shoot
the distressed
the oppressed
through a photo blog
explicitly expressed
chip of a blog
you have rightly
a black hijab
more smartly dressed
shooting men
cutting their heads
beating their chest
hussain is humanity
a 1400 year old protest
he who gave his head
but not his hand
won the spiritual contest
savior of the needy
the terrorized suppressed

Happy World Photography Day 2019

To all my photographer friends Happy World Photography day Humble Tribute to my Gurus Mr KG Maheshwari ji Prof BW Jatkar Ever...