Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Marziya Shakir My First Grand Child

She was merely two days old when I lay eyes on her at Holy Family Hospital Bandra , the first day we could not see her ,and I began shooting her pictures , taking in her beauty her gift of life .When she came home from the hospital I could not stop shooting her , and she gazed at the camera ,soon she began touching the camera as she grew , from toddler , to her first step.

I took her around Bandra , carrying her on my waist I shot political rallies , Sufi processions , and I could not take her far but I did take her to Mahim stealthily , to meet my beggar friend Appu, he has no legs no hands , and she saw life ,, the stump of life ,,,

I gave the camera in her hands , when she was 18 month old , made her shoot the Ganpati Pandals , made her shoot Durga , and took her to the various Durgtsavs , for almost two years , making her stand on a chair and shoot Hope and Hindutva ,, message of peace Hope Humanity as I saw it with my eyes .

I took her to the Parsi Fire Temple Tata Agiary Bandra and late Mr Vazifdar the High Priest ..was very kind to her .. she still asks for him..

I took her to St Peters Church made her shoot the interiors , St Andrew Church , Mount Mary , and than when photographers friends Glenn Losack Marc De Clercq , Kim Viola , Jean Marc Gargantiel and s many others came home she had a brush with fame shooting them.

I made her shoot Moharam, Shia kids scourging on the streets of Bandra ,and as she began using the camera independently she shot Mr Rajesh Khanna , and was his favorite child , she met Salman Khan at his house and her tryst with photography continued , shooting beggars , the demarginalized , the beggars loved her ..

She shot St Stanislaus Republic day functions , was friendly with dogs cats goats of our area , and Marziyas storyboard is a set on Flickr .. and Blogspot.
,,I made her net savvy Twitter Facebook.. that I used for her on proxy.

But once her sister Nerjis Asif Shakir was born she stepped aside and let me train Nerjis with the camera ..Marziya is now 6 and a half year old , more studious , more private , and she can shoot pictures ,, I put her on to Auarium fishes , but than Nerjis usurped her tanks and all the 11 Flowerhorns ,, at home , including the Java finches .

I mostly take Nerjis out on the streets as Nerjis is fast , and cordial pays the beggars she shoots and even the kids in the slums.

The Bandra Reclamation homeless lady is dead but both gave their pocket money to her , and I dont shoot Marziya .. but these were casual shots I took.. now Marziya recites Nohas , knows to cook chapattis and takes care of Zinnia and Nerjis ..
Both Nerjis and Marziya love water colors and Doremon..

Every year they wait for Marc De Cler or Glenn and the greatness of these photographers has rubbed off on them as humility .. of being able to see what others cant see .. the unknown zone of mystical zone of bringing to life ,,, what was unexposed .. on the human consciousness .

Mr Shreekanth Malushte one of my Gurus has been the guiding force on both my talented grand daughters .. but I must hastily add though I have not instilled photography manically on my third grand daughter Zinnia Fatima she can shoot pictures to...

My grandkids are all Canon Users ,,.Marziya uses the EOS 7D with a vertical grip , Nerjis uses the lighter Canon EOS 60D ..

I thought this picture needed me to tell you a story hopefully I did ,,, to the grandparents in waiting out there ..

Raj Tilak From Pushkar

Raj Tilak sells knives daggers swords decorative pieces in Pushkar .. I bought my Kama from him that I cut my head during Moharam, he had it blessed at the Brahma Mandir .. for his love for me .. so a Hindu friends dagger becomes a statement of my spirituality... Hussain is Humanity

My Bandra Is Dying Shot By Nerjis Asif Shakir 2 Year Old

Nerjis Asif Shakir Street Photographer ,, Documenting Holi 2014 Bandra

Holi Festival Of Colors Shot By Nerjis Asif Shakir 2 Year Old

I took Nerjis my grandaughter , down to shoot the colors of Holi , but it was mid afternoon , and the festival was at its lag end , so I made her shoot Bandra Bazar Road , and than some street photography..I was in bad shape too, as before I took her down while cleaning the aquariums at home I got a massive shock from a open wire from the aquarium light that had got lose and was in the water I did not notice it , I was plumb lucky as all my family were in the next room but my maid servant heard my screams of pain rushed in and had the presence of mind to switch of the plug with a broom stick..

So after recovering from this shock I took Nerjis to shoot the colors and God had added an extra color to my life too..