Sunday, September 10, 2017

India Is Born In The Eye Of The Beholder

India is an ocean of mystical delight
what you saw in color is inherently
black and white pictures are products
of your inner sight a visual you paint
with light you take care of the shadows
god takes care of the highlights ..
photography is a curative science
holistically healing your inner wounds
as the demons that stalked you take
flight ..poetry is the essence of
picture taking ,,,peak of eloquence
that makes you write ..a poets passion
disembodied dilemma of a poets plight

a good photographer must shed his
ego his arrogance be humble be polite
my world is a garbage dump in its womb
holding night ..i shoot the androgyne
the hijra helpless hermaphrodite

does the cosmic camera need human eyesight
the other side of the moon is the other side of midnight

GSB Seva Mandal Darshan 2017..Pictures Only at Flickr




My Lalabaugh Chya Raja Darshan and Visarjan 2017 Only at Flickr



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