Saturday, July 10, 2010

Golden Fried Psychic Octopus Paul

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on success and failure
he loves to crawl
Spain will beat Netherlands
he has prophetically scrawled
let the match begin
we will not see the winner or the loser
but Paul the psychic octopus
tallest of them all
some are out with daggers drawn
kidnap him sell him
to the highest bidder of all
some have ready octopus recipes
some want to eat him
deep golden fried
with boiled rice and dal
some want him stuffed
hung as a trophy
on every facebook wall
his balls if he has any
they would love to mangle and maul
Achtung the Germans curse him
for destroying their national game
of football
the want to hang
him at Munichs
city hall
a lesson to all mollusk
big and small
Mani the parrot is
not in the league
of the worlds
greatest psychic
octopus Paul
through out
the world cup
all football fans
he has enthralled
if Netherlands beat Spain
than his golden run
will snowball

Prophetic Pillars of Peace

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inspired by a face book comment

Prophetic Pillars of Peace
Now given to
the terrorists on Lease
Muslims Killing Muslims
will never cease
eunuch silence
on the soul
of Muslim society
sounds we hear
visuals we do not see
the bombings
that go on relentlessly
misplaced jehad
misplaced martyrdom
destroying peace and brotherhood
by monsters such as these
who have hijacked Islam
the teachings the message
that he preached to Humanity

Paul the Psychic Octopus

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paul the psychic
says Spain will
beat Netherlands
without making
any fuss
while his enemies
gourmands evil chefs
round the world
curse and cuff
in his rubbery body
a knife
they would love
to thrust
paul the psychic
has been invited
to india to
solve our
problems thus
on issues that
cause us
collective grief
issues we cant solve
or amicably discuss
forget Rani the parrot
green with envy
it is paul
the oracle we
definitely trust
ashes to ashes
dust to dust
the bookies want
to kidnap him
before anyone
else does it first
a money making
mindless machine
paul the octopus
with his tentacles
fair and just
hope in a
cosmic dust
for the poor the rich
the upper crust

Spain v/s Germany Match Was Something Like This

the pamplona bull
walked away
a header he
did not miss
he won the match
rushed out of the ring
for a quick piss
leaving behind the Germans
with a swift death kiss

Spain v/s Germany Match Was Something Like This

Main Facebook Pe Chat Karne Se Ghabrata Hoon

janke offline
ho jata hoon
kuch logon
ki farmaish
sirf hijdon
ke pate
sun sunkar
bezar ho
jata hoon
main chat ke
online button
ko phir dubara
nahi dabata hoon

ab main kya bataoon
main ek seedha admi
rasta chap
sirf haqqeeqat
dikhata hoon
logon ke adhe
adhure request se
bezar ho jata hoon

bhai main facebook par chat karne se ghabrata hoon
blogging karke kisi tarah apka manoranjan karata hoon
phir bar bar apne ap ko dhoondte reh jata hoon

Man and Cow

by karma
right here now
she will be
eaten by man
take a quick bow
unholy man holy cow
trying to escape
from the snare
of life and death
tragic time
wont allow