Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lord Ganesha and the Shia Blogger

Muslims Love Killing Muslims

one community
that loves killing its own
Muslims hate prone
each one killing
the other
made of stone
Muslims love
killing Muslims
hate overblown
historical enmity
between two
sparring brothers
home grown
lashing out
at the soul of humanity
like a disastrous cyclone
the unborn Muslim child
not yet a Shia not yet
a Sunni lets out a moan
in his mothers womb
all alone
the thought
of coming to a hate filled world
if he could he would postpone
an Islamic tragedy unknown zone
above his head flies
an American drone
mans sin his child will atone

D'Monte Street Bandra

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D'monte street begins from this lane moving in towards Bandra Bazar Road not before a right from here brings you towards Chinchpokli that exits out at Bandra Hioll Road.

Where the lady is sitting selling Rakhis is the road that is called the Jain Mandir Road , right across from her is a tiny lane that takes you to the Jamatkhana ,Lucky Hotel and towards the Bandra Station Road.

Jain Mandir Road has the Shiv Sena Shakha and Dr Parmars clinic and the tailoring material selling shop, Bombay Genral and Bandra thread center.
Also lined on either side are jewelry shops .

Where the Jain Mandir road ends , to the left of it from here is the road towards JJ Colony known as Jamate Jamuriya.On the right the lane touches Ram Mandir Daya Sagar Hanuman Mandir , the Shia Mehfil and heads onwards to Bandra Bazar Road.

Bohra Kids of Bandra Bazar Road

Bohra kids are studious, well disciplined and with a very peace loving demeanor just like their elders, they dont mix around much..keep to their community and their school books

The word Bohra itself is derived from the Gujarati word Vehwahar, which is interpreted as "trading".

The Bohra elders who are are shop owners and residents of Bandra Bazar Road go about their work, they are born businessmen.
You wont ever find them in street brawls or ever raising their voice.
Most of the fame shops, hardware and paint shops belong to them.
The undergarments and diaper and kids stuff shop too is owned by a young Bohra.
The oasis of their spirituality is the Badri Mosque at Bandra Bazar Road.

I too have done Matam within the Badri Mosque, a few years back to the chant of Ya Hussain on the birthday of His Holiness Dr Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin..

I was invited there by Akbar Bhai the owner of Something Special and Cheap Jack on Hill Road.
Akbar Bhai has his family house at Bandra Bazar Road and we have been friends since the 80's
The Bohras of Bandra add to the dignity and grace of this nice area , peacful and calm Bandra Bazar Road.
Thanks to the local dynamic Municipal corporator of this area, Rahebar Khan who under his supervision changed all the old crumbling drainage pipes this are did not get flooded as it usually did..
Normally during the early heavy rains you would have to come here in a motor you can hire the local rickshah.

Yet a lot has to be done as the Bandra Municipal Market at Bandra Bazar Road is the ugliest filthiest market among all the markets of Mumbai.

And our political honchos only come to riase our national flag during Independence day or to beg for votes during the elections.

But if ever Ms Sonia Gandhiji the head of Congress I was to pay a surprise visit here you can believe me, it would be transformed into Napien Sea Road in just a few hours before her arrival.

Both the MP and the local MLA hail from the finer side of Bandra..Pali Hill and Joggers Park respectively.

Rahebar Khan has grown up in Bandra Bazar Road and stays in the same vicinity.

About Dawoodi Bohras on Wikpedia

Fucked Forever

he drank his life away
thinking good times
will last however
saved nothing for a rainy day
thought he was sharp
shrewd and clever
now homeless
on the streets of despair
life fucked forever

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I met Paul Douroux by chance and his comment on Anthony Poseys picture touched me, it was simplicity and sense in a world where critics of photography forget their own surroundings..a picture is not just a piece of technical detail it is much more ..I saw this man sleeping near Bandra and perhaps for a moment I thought I saw myself as I was a incorrigible alcoholic for several years we all read pictures differently.. pictures shot by a man in Mumbai touch the chord of a man anywhere in the world as pain is indivisible , pain has no borders or frontiers..sometimes a comment becomes the story of our blog..

So with due respect to Paul I copy his comment as a tribute to our friendship..on Flickr.

Shoeless and toothless
Father forced uncle
to improve
improve himself
He took away bottles of wine
held a mirror up to his face
showed him his fallen image
voiced a sad disgrace
bought uncle new shoes
a good job he secured
a safe place to stay

uncle decided
in less than a week
to sleep in the street
shoeless and toothless

Nothing father did for uncle

toward the end of his life
and pushed a shopping cart in the street
mistaking trash for treasure
and foes for friends
His mind taken by alcohol
he listened to no advice
His inner voice silenced
shoeless and toothless
a mind numbing disgrace
nothing uncle did for father helped

The Furious Physician

a camera
instead of a stethoscope
the furious physician
a blog instead of a prescription
the furious physician
diagnosing pain
diagnosing ailments
of the soul of society
the furious physician

Taking you to Domnincan Republic
Peru, Bagla Desh , India
so many other countries
the furious physician
leper men children and women
beggars drunks gays whores
scattered ina worldly den
the angst and anxiety
of an American
a Brooklyn jew
the furious physician
through images
on your computer screen
misery sorrow despair
you see it over and over again
hating what he shoots
he who calls himself
marziyas uncle glenn
but someone has to shoot this
to show you
the other side of midnight
the dark side of the moon
a hell of an opium den
so god chose
the furious physician
Dr Glenn Losack MD
family and closest among
my friends

The Grand Father

being a father
was a great feeling and thought
but becoming a grand father
(grand mother)
was god giving you another chance
to see your children s childhood
when he was a tiny tot
memories that were lost
now double fold you got
beautifully caught
a new dawn a new dream
a new beginning
on a vacant plot
on your hearts soft spot
as forget me not
the grand child
the father of man
solving the Gordian Knot

dedicated to glenn and nabila

The Bhuta Boy..From Uttar Pradesh

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The bhuta boy is a migrant from UP ..state of Uttar Pradesh in India, he dared to dream so he is here to make something of his life, I was once a fan of Ms Mayawati when she broke through a political challenge to crown herself the indisputable Queen of her State , but of late her narcissistic streak of building her statue and those of other Dalit leaders has put me of , the same money could be used to ease the burden of the poor.
I am sure Dr Ambedkar and Late Mr Kanshi Ram would have thought of the poor , and money spent on their welfare..tributes are sheer form of wastage of the depleted public treasury..

If she made her state self sufficient why would her people rush to try their luck in Mumbai unless it was to become an actor..her love for herself is scary to say the least, statues are built of leaders in the hearts of their people , I hope she realizes it one day .. and the Congress already has a foot in her backyard, .. just a little time more when she will find herself isolated by the very people who bought her to power on the back of a white elephant.

I have seen Lucknow a few years back and I can imagine the Nawabs squirming in their graves..even the Nawbs did not built their statues , they built Imambadas and kept their Faith alive by keeping Hussain alive the ethos of Lucknow..

I was born in the city of Lucknow, it hurts , my maternal grandfather was Daroga Nabban Saab of Pata Nala , descendant of the poet Mir Anis.