Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sandal of Maulana Baba at Bandra Bazar Road

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Had I not gone down when I heard the blasts of drums beneath my house , I wouuld have missed shooting these pictures , so there is a karmic connection pre destined to what you shoot and what you dont get to shoot...

Marziya was the one who wanted to watch the happenings from the window of our house , and you cant see clearly due to the overgrowth of branches and trees..I thought it ia a wedding, so when I came down with my camera and Marziya on my waist it turned out to be a sandal procession ..and the few guys involved with the sandal knew me , this was a huge sandal and shooting it was pretty tough ,there was a horse buggy with kids a huge bullock cart and the huge elaborate chaddars..

When the sandal moved towards the Bazar I let it go, and returned home..

All night my uploading problems continued , messages to You Telecom is water on a ducks ass, there techie came but the problem as of date remains unresolved .

Luckily these are my last few pictures I have no back log..yes You Telecom sucks..