Monday, March 11, 2013

Photographer No 1

Picture shot by Dr Glenn Losack MD

shooting human deformity
is not photography they say
travel photographers
wedding photographers
who shoot from their mouth
hate comments
to degrade the dignity
of living day to day
we shoot for free
sharing it anyway
human emotions
as poetry on replay
appu my friend
at mahim
st michaels church
no hands
no legs
smiling away
dr glenn losack md
the master guiding my way
photo blogs our time
that does not pay
they who put block on our pictures
to drive us out from web homes where
we stay
living in glass houses themselves
to our dismay
on our homes boulders
they throw and run away
tears on the soul of photography
on display

Come Pee Here ..

my wall
to answer
natures call
a gushing
tired of
seeing your
wriggly pecker
your wired balls
so to make
things easier
i bought this
second hand
urinal to
save my self
from your uric
i protest
i revolt

feeding pigeons is better than feeding man

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feeding pigeons
feeding stray dogs
cats and crows
a tear for the unsuspecting
disappearing sparrow
it is better feeding them
than feeding man
who might bite your
hand one never knows
for the human loving
soul of man dead forever
in deep repose
a barren land
a wasteland
where nothing grows
man has no love
for his own kind
no feelings or
brash braggart
corrupted coarse
the river evil
from mans heart
finds its source

sometimes ..

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thank you simon
sometimes i do wonder
why i shoot what i shoot
through pictures
my poems bear fruit
my pictures harsh reality
in a surreal world mute
pain the essence
of humanity
gods only

dedicated to photographer simon

the indian woman of substance

the india woman lives
the man who has
slaved her since
time immemorial
she forgives
love instead
of hate
she gives

your country is just out of this world he said.. i nodded my head

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i told
mother india
with love hope
her children
has fed
man lives
by spiritual
moral strength
not just bread
to peace
we are bred
a cosmic healing
we are wed
our sidhant
our sanskriti
to our goals
we are lead
a holy land
where the
its banks
we tread
we live
as inspiration
even after
we are dead