Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Common Man Simply Died In His Sleep..

mara mari
rape murder
incest sodomy
dowry deaths
credit card
fraud ..
acid throwing
on the soul of
the nation
like a garbage
heap..67 years
after independence
what a leap
the common man
took sleeping tablets
died in his sleep,,
please give my
body my spare
parts to medicine
go about your
work for my
useless life
dont grieve
or weep

life was fuckin expensive
death is frickin cheap

Very Soon Beggars Will Be Taxed Too

for not giving
the government
the dues for
begging on
the streets
making it
a public
have hidden
give money
on interest
to other
run a home
it is true
create more
beggars ..
the rupee
gets under
blame it
on beggars
say the
the whistle
so now
the beggars
will be in
the net
for giving
money to candidates
during elections
both muslims
hindus ..
get bills passed
so the beggars
are now going
to get screwed

i discussed
this problem
with a beggar
friend he said
kismet madarchod
sala sytem hai gandu

Kabhi Na Kabhi Kahin Na Kahin Koie Na Koie Toh Ayega ..Paise De Ke Jayega

Teri Rahon Main Khade Hain Dil Tham Ke Ham Hain Bhikari Tere Nam Ke ..

Albinism...Haji Malang Beggar Family

I searched for them this year but could not find them , while climbing the Malangad mountains or while climbing down.. this entire family is inflicted by Albinism..there are others too all like this among their relatives ..

the beggar bawas of haji malang ,,,

Bare Humility Is The Essence of My Barefeet

my cosmic fate
blurred deleted
doomed destined
to pain bitter sweet
i feel pain i shoot
pain i live pain
without pain
my life would
be incomplete
every year
during moharam
i cut my head
ya hussain
ya hussain
a chant
i repeat
two pillars
of my faith
fuck yazid
father of
of humanity
with our
his memory
we delete
son of a
full of

She Did Not Have The Body Language of a Beggar ,,, But Time Had Made Her A Beggar Now

The Naga Sadhu at Haji Malang

I Am A Beggar Too

Ham Nikle They Khuda Ki Talash Main

na woh zameen pe
na akash main..
na char deewaron
main na koie
maidan main
woh chupa tha
garibon ki dil
ki dhadkan
aur unki
awaz main
unke gham
ke aaghaz

The Beggars At Haji Malang

Beggars Are Human

Beggars Of India - Ham Sath Sath Hain

Even Without Education Beggar Kids Can Count Money ,,,

Kuch Toh Dete Jao..

ham garibon
ko khana khilao
hamari dua lete
jao..waqt hai
ek mauj zindagi
ek nau..hamari
tarah tum na
dhoob jao..woh
dekho bawa
le raha hai
hamari tasveer
nange pao
girta hua rupya
100 rupye pyaz
ka bhau ..ek
chavani de do
bhale khana
mat khilao

thank you respected high court judges for saving mumbai commuters from erstwhile mr sharad rao..rickshon ke alawa bambai ke sadkon par ek naya sadan and let live no strike reasonable fare hike no takrao...atyachar , failing law and order .. mehngai , se hame jaldi bachao...

The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter

I Was Shooting The Hijra You Cant See ...

I Shoot Shadows ..

Goddess Wagheshwari - Haji Malang

Gods Follow Me Wherever I Go...

The Lepers Of Haji Malang Are Sitting On a Gold Mine

Haji Malang Was Once A Lepers Colony ,,,Today It Belongs To The Rich And Mighty

Didi Ise Kuch Paise De Do Yeh Chala Jayega ,,

God Guides Me To Shoot Beggars - His Children The World Forgot

Kya Tu Bhi Bhikari Hai...Camera Toh Chori Ka Nahi Hai

An artist is a dreamer consenting to dream of the actual world. George Santayana

Yeh Zindagi Usiki Hai Jo Kisi Pe Ro Gaya

A beggar is somebody who sells things that people don't need to have.

Ma Shakti De ..

Main to kuch bhi nahi hoon .. Main to kuch bhi nahi

aaj main hoon jahan kal koi aur tha .. aaj main hoon jahan kal koi aur tha Ye bhi ek daur hai woh bhi ek daur tha

Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others. Jonathan Swift

A man paints with his brains and not with his hands. Michelangelo

What Does She Want From Life - What Does Fucked Life Want From Her

Haji Malang .. To Dream Or Not To Dream

My Tryst With Beggars At Haji Malang

Haji Malang is a very tough trek, if you are climbing the mountains barefeet ,  felling the pain of the people around you and the pain of mother earth as she is slapped by slippers and shoes ..they dont spare her shitting on her face urinating on her soul.. call me crass and crude..

This year was the only time I was put off by circumstances at Haji Malang and decided to move away , for personal reasons and I am impulsive I play by ear I know where I am wanted not wanted I dont push my luck or defy my karmic fate , but neither I am placid or allow myself to be pushed around being a Malang a street mystic I am perceptive to time that has yet to happen.. so I left Marc Malang and without informing him walked down the mountains .. away from the rituals hijras and everything else..

Ajmer I cant miss ..  try to reach there even if I am broke or down under ad going to Makanpur Zinda Shah Madar Urus .. was accidental luck to be a part of the Dam Madar Malangs I could have hung around stayed an extra day but I took a long trip back till Lucnow by bus... and Dewa Sharif was a nice break.

And every step I was connected to beggars , I saw shot and captured their angst..and than came the Maha Kumbh which was the biggest moment to bathe with the Naga Sadus in the Sangam, watch top shot photographers , privileged photographers shooting the Kumbh from up close..

I shot beggars at the Maha Kumbh too, but more so the Naga Sadhus selling their wares their nudity by the roadside , accumulating foreigners and getting a kick of becoming internationalized forever ,,,,

And now I am in Mumbai since many months ..immovable at one place.. I can sit in a train go to any place I want but I am not prepared I have to work everyday ..I dont mix , I dont socialize .. I dont believe in congregational gatherings perhaps Moharam is the only time I become part of a crowd for a common cause.

I keep away from mosques , I keep away from religious god heads ..I shoot beggars I see God in their eyes , refugees lost shipwrecked and honestly the only segment that really keeps God alive with every plea is beggars .. genuinely or pretentiously they call out to God..they make others wary of God..

I dont sit in a chai shop talk politics and the person who called me in the mornings my Guru is seemingly unwell has put his phone of the hook.. Mr KG Maheshwari.. I spoke to his wife a few days back she said he is resting .. I left it at that , I can go to his house but I follow protocol.. I only go when I am invited ..

I was at Kurla East yesterday ..Marziya likes catfish so I bought a few varieties for her fish tank..

And life is sedate , unpredictable , my legs ache , now with the lift broken down it is worse..

And this is a blog.. it overrides a picture , or rather gives it wings ..

And this is Haji Malang the beggars waiting for the Hijras .. at the Irani lodge , and all my hijra pictures are totally private .. you will never get to see them at all.. the hijra women kids , their world on my Flickr stream  has a board that says Rights of Admission sealed ..

Abhi Bhikari Se Zyada Public Bhik Mangti Hai ,,

When The Rupee Falls The Earth Shakes ..Beggars Feel It More The Heart Aches

67 Years Of Independence And She Is Waiting For Change

67 Years Of Independence And She Is Waiting For Change by firoze shakir photographerno1

she does not 
want wealth 
only some 
in exchange 
in her own 
like an 
she feels 
has deserted 
her gone off 

range ..

Please Tender Exact Change ...We Dont Accept Cheques Or Credit Cards

25 % Discount On Begging Charges ..First Come First Served

Rich Ministers Cant Represent The Beggars In Parliament

only business interests
builders lobby ,,other
issues time is spent
the beggars have
no spokesman
or a ricksha walla type
union ,,,that would
go on a strike time again
ask for a pay hike
housing allowance
more toilets
that they dont pee
shit in the open

the bawa beggars
pleaded their cause
asking if the government
could legalize subsidize
charas ganja opium dens

the hijra beggars wanted 'toilets
which was only for their kind
not for women not for gents
cheaper sex change kits on rent

The Rupee Falls But Not Yet In The Beggars Bowl..

only coins
miserly thrown
charity sanctimonious
overblown,,the little
girl watches sitting
with her grandpa
sins atone
karmic punishment
blood and bones
beggars untouchables
society has disowned
desaturated of the
color of life .
muted tones
the spirit
the flesh
the stomach
moans ..

The Beggars Of Haji Malang In A Cosmic Ring ,,,

they yell they shout
their piercing voice
full of pain to your
soul clings ..
deformed since
is worse than
deaths dangerous
sting .people see
them a few coins
fling ..travesty
of a muslim
hits you
more than
they crawl
they cant
jump or
on a

Begging Is A Full Time Job...

Mother India ,,,,,

Beggars Feel The Pinch When The Rupee Falls