Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Radio humping a snout


photo courtesy and poetry inspiration Xris



humping a snout

roger roger over

artful Indian dodger

in and out..


that spout

shia thug

born out of an epic

on buzznet

no doubt .

her silence

a badmouthed


She with her journalistic clout
LA blogger goddess…
Reflected in the head of a Lord Mouth

Figlio De Puttana

Figlio De Puttana
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photo courtesy google images

said marcos materazzi

Figlio de Puttana

son of a terrorist whore

your sister a prostitute

a possibility I wont explore

zidane the Algerian

blooded street fighter

french captain

let out a silencing roar

words sodomizing his honor

above country

he could not ignore

a Head Butt made famous

than the red card

that was in strore ..

asymmetrical warfare

an American arsenal

through Italian back door .

loss on penalties

a golden boot

no encore

zidanes mom wants materazzis balls on a platter

she will pound and crush them and at the French Riviera scatter

a French World cup dream

a red card shatters

hope in tatters

a eunched materazzis is all that matters

Padlocked Poet and a Nabob

Silver headed

Pertillar dreaded

love embedded

testicular shredded


thoughts of her

that make my



power loomed



me writing



a village post office

for lovers

who cant read or write

illiterate out of job

she her squeaky silence

mystified, flamboyance of a snob

me working without pay on cyberspace

long hours no overtime


narrative narrow mindedness

talonted , tape measured taciturnity

of a Padlocked Poet and a Nabob .

She Says She is an Open Book

She hides in a veil
Says she is an open book
Perhaps this old geezer
She for a fool mistook
Yes my heart sunk
Onlined and hooked
The best of me
On a slow fire
Simmering hot and cooked
A fact when she injected me
With a virus of love
She drives over my dead body
Crime unbefitting punishment
She connives to have me booked
Resurrecting me as a poet
A pot boiler in his own
Pictorial Juices overcooked

posted 19 nov 2006

Allah Tero Naam Ishwar Tero Naam

for some
hare krishna
hare ram for some
godliness ..
a multicolored drum
different hands
humanity for some
peace loving
a universal feeling become
all sounds emerging
from one ocean
from where they come
om to om succumb
allah ho akbar
heads bowed welcome

they also serve
who are blind deaf and dumb..
a hunger .. of god in every single crumb..

December 22nd, 2006

The Hijab Going Dutch..

photo courtesy google images

Holland’s Right-Wing Calls For Hijab Ban
THE HAGUE, February 6 (IslamOnline.net) - The Dutch anti-immigration party List Pim Fortuyn (LPS) has called on Parliament to enact a law banning hijab in public areas, including schools, courts and other administrative bodies owned or financed by the government.
The LPF was a vehicle for Pim Fortuyn, a right-wing populaist known for his anti-Islam rants including that “I am also in favour of a cold war with Islam” and “I see Islam as an extraordinary threat, as a hostile society”.

Rants and ravings Islambhobia in Holland
A LPF whip now becomes a hated wand
Yes the hijab will be banned
Christian symbols are cultural bands
Less harmful than winds from Arabian sands
Such harmful thinking expand
Some compromise to religious sentiments
The Dutch don’t understand
Politics of Hate more important to disband
Multi racial society must live in Peace
Seeds of distrust forces within
Must withstand
The Muslims of Holland
Debate dialogue
Give each other a helping hand
the land you adopt to live in
now becomes your Motherland.

posted 19 nov 2006

Desh Bhakti

Desh Bhakti
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On the banks
of the Sabarmati Ashram
Bapu weeps on a picture frame
They who are supposed to
Protect life and property
Have bought the country to shame
Innocent lives murdered
Tortured Poisoned raped
Encounter killings
Is Desh Bhakti they claim?
This is Democracy
Of the people by the people
Forsake the people
bruised brutalized maimed
Mere means as end
For a political game
The President
The Prime Minister
The Ruling Party at the
Centre the Opposition
Mute a theatrical display
A long drawn court case
Claim counterclaim
Of a new blame game
Those who gave their lives
For the Independence
Of our country
Also defamed
What do we tell our
Unborn generation
Of a covenant
in flames
Hey Ram !!!
Once again
Exclaimed !!!

The articles on the net regarding this issue listed below for your perusal…

news on this subject
3 IPS officials arrested for fake encounter

Encounters Of A Fascist Kind

Lok Sabha discusses Gujarat fake encounter killing

Gujarat encounters: ‘Those killed were not innocent’

Debate: Is Narendra Modi to blame?

Don’t glorify criminals, says BJP

May 2nd, 2007


Australian Blue Blood.......aaaaaaaaaah

Most of the Australian poets on poem hunter like Ivan Donn Arsewell , Allan James Saywell are racist .. this poem is written keeping them in mind.. or Yorrik will get upset..

Genetics of criminality their bodies and souls flood
Natives of so-called Australian blue blood
A poetic cheque on encashment turned out to be a dud
A piss assed pompous stick in the mud
A flaccid member of a fucked forum pretending to be a stud
Poetry manufactured words in abundance nipped in the bud
A brainless cleavage that even animal Intelligence could not spud
Sun burnt cream on your dead mothers ass…in cold blood

posted at poem hunter

Debugged Poetry

Debugged Poetry
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1
my parents named me firoze

with that a chapter closed

till she renamed me shia

thug right under my nose

a fire in the groin of my belly arose

page reloaded leaping legs

twirling toes ..

a cryptic criteria that she knows

a shia thug debugged poetry

multicolored morose

to be felt from within

the angst of alignment


as rhyming prose .

thank you shadow boxer for your comment that inspired this poem , my 1100 blogs at Bloggerspot dedicated to the woman who cannot be renamed.

On Line Love Off Line Despair

I look up and see her there

My feet lassoed in her snare

poetic peace is so rare

parsimonious silence I cant bear

yet a few stray thoughts

we did share

when she fell inboxed in my lair

now she pretends she does not know me

quite unfair.

a Great Indian Bustard flies

on wings of prayers

where eagles dare

angels stare

online love

off line despair

Second Coming at Poem Hunter

Photo courtesy Google Images

Second Coming at Poem Hunter

Poem: 7897420 - Poem Hunter Pretentious Poet Crabs
Member: allan james Saywell




The first time I walked here
It was Foster Blaine..
The Great White Hope
Of American Poetry
My soul did smear
Sheer racism my multi colored ass
And his spear..
Who is not prostituting poems here?
At poem hunter not just a poem
It is the soul of a poet they sneer
Unmarried bride as a Muse
Who suddenly did disappear!
Than the second coming of this poet
A new veneer..
This time Ivan Donn Arsewell
Was lusting for my water washed rear
1000 poems a leaking boat to steer
A Peach stone tombstone down under
at some godforsaken pier
Than came another attack from Fucked Foulk
Why Me? It still not clear.
Divorce proceedings Bigamy oh how I fear!
A lady and waste of a disillusioned tear
Alan james braywell a poet stalking provocateur
69 ways to get your ass burned…who the fuck
Tweed headed
Wants to hear …
A corpse is a corpse..a dwarf of a thought
Is he Queer?
Bondi Marlborough beach Dr Haneef
Down under multi color hate they love
To engineer..in poetry bashing
Colored poet heads with a thought to persevere
A lesser poet more a pamphleteer
So dickhead stay within the borders of your frontier
Asymmetrical attack kiss my kaleidoscopic
multi colored ass any time of the year

Pakistan a Terrorist State

Pakistan a terrorist state

practices Theocracy

preaches Hate

Hate among Muslims

on going tirade

in such a state

divide and rule

a governmental crusade

A House of a Shia God

Lob a grenade

A House of a Sunni God

Hate create

Empty words

scratched on a broken slate

And to kill Mankind

Allah forbade

Bloodied Sands of Karbala

They did degrade

And the Spirit of Islam

Overtly betrayed

A blunted blade

A severed head

Of Hussain

And the winds

That wept and prayed

And Martyrdom

Truth did upgrade

And shimr , yazid

fathered terrorism


now on parade

Brotherhood of Islam

badly portrayed

Koranic Truth

once again misplaced

Pakistan a terrorist state

The neighbor’s orchard

wants to invade

to add to its real estate

Suicide bombers


in its shade



ready made

Between India

And Pakistan

should be no trade

or any debate

If this is how




they desecrate

bollywood and lollywood

don’t translate



of a mismatched

Soul mate

innocent blood

shed in trains

an atomic truth


brain washed in pain

Sanity going insane

Was this a Pakistan

Did Jinnah Ingrain?

And a brotherhood



For a personal gain

As a poet


I do complain

When I see a bombed


In a Mumbai train


helping the wounded

The dead

The injured

A truth humane



Cross border Terrorism

Don’t contain

History will

Leave them behind

Self destructed

no domain

Truth in a tear

whispered blood

scavangered sorrow

Can’t explain

This poem is against the State machinery and political machinations of survival and not against the Pakistani people..
A thought I wish to clarify, I shot the Mumbai Serial train bomb blasts which resulted in this poem...
I dont believe in this kind of radical and fanatical Islam...as portrayed by a disgruntled few..
beheading writers only shows a thought embodied as Yazidiyat..
The hardliners of Hyderabad have made a mediocre writer a champion ..
I dont like Taslima Nasrin as she a practising atheist has no right to dictate terms to our relgiosity under the guise of seculrism..
The Government must certainly not extend her stay in India..the need of the hour.. a demand of sane Muslims.

Loves Labour Lost

Loves Labour Lost
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1
loves labour lost

brokered peace

at what cost

her name

on the shores

my velvety ass


wave after wave


a hope

that remains


online love

star crossed



oceanic words

that dont


a one sided

internet love failure


refuses to defrost.

poem hunter and eagle hawk

photo courtesy google images

eagle hawk
a poet
who wordlessly can talk
poems he need not hawk
sand castles of mortality
breathing on rock

Cleavaged War and Peace


Piece by Piece

Peace meal

silenced peace




a piece of ass

for mass destruction


a misplaced word

meaning war



like a woman

that does cock tease

peace and


a cleavage

of unease

for a generation

to be blown

by a nuclear breeze

a picture before they

put you in a steel coffin




The end of your mortal lease

From the shadows of this earth a final release


The Butt Of Contention

photo courtesy google images,

Maraddonas Hand of God

Manly invention

Zidanes head butt

on Materazzi Oh Lord

utterly butterly bitterly


red carded , discarded

by Horacio Elizondo


the loss of France

the ungodly tension

in the history of Football

will have honorary mention

forever and ever

no cause for dissension and

a moment of madness beyond

my comprehension

what did Materazzi say to Zidane

you arab terrorist dog, by extension

your sister a prostitute

you a faggot minus errection

caused Zidane a major hypertension

than came the famous butt head

on Materazzis mid section

he fell to the ground

a ruddy complexion

Viva Italia the World Cup

Carnivorres Azzuris led by Lippi

a high end ascension

match fixing takes

a new dimension

Viva Italia

Viva Italia
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1
Viva Italia

Viva La Bella

A Penalty Kiss

Under an Umbrella.

From Photographer No1

A Bollywood Fella

Who is pissless scared

To even go and tell her

A Goddess In Disguise

photo courtesy


erotic eyes
eyelashes nice
lips sealed
otherwise ..
a goddess
in disguise,

Turquoised Bare Feet

Turquoised Bare Feet

soundless silence sepulchral


lips sealed

conniving conceit

dust and heat

rain and wind

a past with no future

a present

that refuses to meet

a sigh of victory

a smile

of defeat.

my fate

a photo blog

dashing hopes

on the shores of her destiny

time and tide could not cheat

The Great Indian Parakeet

The Great Indian Parakeet

Circumsized and tho tweet

Hidden under a bed sheet

Tumescent root upbeat

Geek but certainly not from Crete.

The Great Indian Parakeet

Accidentally she did meet

Hard boiled Rise and certainly not wheat

Maa Salaam a shout and a greet

Open passage and a treat

The Great Indian Parakeet

Photo smart bound to the street

Poetic orgiastic bare ass

The agony of bare feet

Peeping from a winding sheet

the best of me ethereal

embedded to the bounty of her toilet seat .

Where Are You Bazookiss !

Photo Courtesy:


Where are you bazookiss !

God hope nothing amiss

Yes I know about Buzznet


Oceanic abyss

Pretentious friends over

Pretentious favorites

Waiting to strike

Rattler noise

unhooded hiss

online share scare exist

but some are good

with that thought

we post roast and co exist

But you my dearest friend


Your pictorial thoughts

You pictorial comments

I sincerely miss

I know you

Your wife

Jeffery the cat

At your new shop

In Taipei

Are in eternal bliss

So for a second remember

Bollywoods Most Wanted

Firoze Shakir


When you accidentally

Come online

And read this.

Of the good time

Nude Naaga Sadhus

Sufi tongue cutting

Fire walking

Self Flagellation

Forehead Cutting s


And your

Mysterious nationality

I bet is not Swiss


Without borders

And lines drawn in blood

On the souls

Of humanity

Is not



So drop me a line

Vis a vis

a relationship

don’t delete

or dismiss.

Smart Ass Page

Smart Ass Page
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1
Twins enjoined in a

Brassiered cage

Voluptuous valley

Deeply inclined

Cheeky cleavage

My lusty libido

Flustered Enrage

my thoughts

her soul upstage

a bad ass link

to smart ass page

And More Despair

And More Despair
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1

Empty pockets

nothing to spare

Alien city

Man to man

Don’t care

A God

Gone deaf

To prayer

A God gone blind


life so

Fuckin unfair

The Son of God

Your sins

He will share


He will

Pardon your





To come back

To the Holy Land

Raped by Israelis


He would not dare

The Vatican

The Holy See

Is badly in

Need of repair


A three legged


The Father

Holy Ghost


Regressive Heir

Pope Benedict XVI

And More Despair

Distempered She Devil Untamed


Spirited away soul


No pain

No fear

No worries

No responsibilities

No false promises to keep

Undisturbed Unperturbed

A few gratifying moments

Of pictorial poetic sleep.

Tearless trauma

choked cries

disembodied weep

When we are awake

And not asleep.

dedicated to her who cannot be named.. it was love asleep and she should not be blamed.. distempered she devil untamed

In Gods Inbox We Send

The rains

Our Pain

wont end

showers to

inundate our souls

as heavenly

blessings god sent

we fall we rise

no we don’t bend

our broken houses

on stilted hopes we mend

strangers we befriend

together our human pride

we defend ..

we borrow courage

good faith we lend

tragedies come and go

we stand as human chain

caste color creed we blend

this unity

even the gods cant rend

man living as man

on super manly stipend

rain waters create havoc


our lives wend,

we on each

other depend.

this is the message

in gods inbox

we send

a dying soliloquy

a dying soliloquy
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1
photo courtesy www.fotosearch.com/DGT473/42-15200898/

She who



a camera face


every written word

she will surface

leave no trace

such is rationed

internet time

at any given place

my thoughts

her thoughts do chase

she does not know

a part of her ethereal

in my heart does stay

she cock teases

with a cleavage

that has no part to play.

a little girl locked up

in a woman’s body

a night that turns to day

her thoughts

on my thought stray

deleted for ever

from her

recycled bin …

in the dustbin of her


a dying soliloquy

page cannot be displayed

Untesticular Fortitude

I went for a pictorial stroll

A rainy day , at Chinchpokli road

Flooded Filthy guttered waters



Throwing up


A Venice in Mumbai

To regale and extol

And Gonsalves Wadi a river

Beyond municipal control

I stood on a parapet AB Hotel

A shot I took , stepped into

An unmarked open rain storm Manhole

Me my Nikon D70 , body

Bruised and drenched

Like a turd in a toilet bowl

And the municipal guys watched

Humans , inhuman without soul

Football like euphoria

And the Municipality shooting

A self goal.


Un Testicular fortitude

Man made

Man stole.

Developer Dude and His Kitten

photo courtesy google images

On his bed lies a sleepy kitten
It was love at first site
And she was smitten
Her throat all love bitten
And her claws on his back
Like feathery heathery mitten

Who is this goddess of a kitten
No she is not from Great Britain
No she is not Polynesian
No not Indonesian
No she is not East Indian
Or Jamaican West Indian
No she is not Italian
No not nuclear lit Iranian
No she is not African
No not Aztec or Mexican
No she is not Brazilian
Code of Omerta
Certainly not Sicilian
No not Japanese
Or Sinhalese
No she is not Australian
Perhaps Californian

Nonetheless she is a Developer Dudes s kitten
And this feline beauty cannot be underwritten.

Lord Mouth

Lord Mouth
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1
Yes I am

Lord Mouth

I say what I have to say

Me and my feet of clay

You with a hardened heart slay

Yes I am Loud Mouth

You should not read

What I write

Blindfold your colored I sight

You should no hear

And stay clear

Of me

And my tattooed posterior

When I bray

Or poetically pray

And my decapitated thoughts

At your feet

On a tray

Call me

Home Boy

Shia Thug

If you may

A rose as Firoze

Thorned to your side

If you say

Yes I am Loud Mouth

I say what I have to say

Me and my feet of clay.

This is my shop bag and this poem was in retaliation of the barbed words of American lady who has Indian colored skinned dead meat for breakfast what remains she has it for dinner....than spits the bones out as undigested hate for her bete noir called the shia thug no1....

you can be a poet withour reading poetry a better poet than those who write poetry..fight poetry under your multicolor ass light poetry..

UnTouched Soul

UnTouched Soul
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1
god gave woman a mind
a mind that is sightless
ok call it blind
god gave woman a heart
thick skinned rind
a heart that is heartless
ok call it unkind
a daggered tongue
that they stab
nice human being like us
from behind
the best of man
his untouched soul
by women purloined
love and hate
equally conjoined
pain and pleasure
equally groined

dedicated to a set of sealed lips

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