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He Is Trying His Beggars Luck At The Turner Road Traffic Signal..

Beggary could be a subject taught in school and colleges and you could get a Phd in this subject , a subject that touches even those who dont beg, that they beg favors from bigwigs their wives girlfriends boyfriends or from god is not part of this blog..

The man who is fascinated with beggars to the point of dementia is my dear friend Dr Glenn Losack MD the furious physician, shooting beggars is an aesthetic art only a few will understand ,I understand because I am a street poet and photographer , and street photography is the science of the human soul in karmic revolt again time nature and fate.

Street photography is shooting a picture within a picture with your eyes closed,,,it takes time perseverance and experience, you have it or you dont have it, it is inborn , grand daughter 3 year old Marziya has it she is gifted she shoots time and freezes it as eternity..

I was sitting in the ricksha and I shot several frames of this new male lead in the cinemascopic world of revolving frames , moving pictures as still life.

We spoke and he knew I knew his pain his story without exchanging words.. everything in life comes down to body language .. he understood mine I understood his.

Some people look at beggar pictures with disdain.. and unfavorably and the thing that comes to their fucked detached myopic mind is the photographer shoots to make money..makes me puke at the unintelligent thought , but its fine..

We shoot beggars and that is the fact of life , metaphoric or real poetry or prose..

I have shared bread with beggars lived with them and only the beggars were revered souls the Naga Sadhus I ate food left overs and got over my guilt of the original fucked sin of life,

And I have had a long day, I was in town , I have just returned , I shot a lot of pictures..from a moving bus and a cab.. Moghul Masjid , Shia folks and the Shia ambiance of Moharam at Imamwada road.

I shot the second day of matam at my house with Marziya doing it like an old hand such is the message of peace and Humanity we call Hussain.

The Lesser God Whispered In My Ears .. Shoot My People Too.. I Shoot Eunuchs and Hijras

This Santa Was So Horny He Made Kids Sit On His Laps

now the only guy that could play santa
fat funny jovial was a harmless chap
tyres round his waist lot of flap
many years back the local
whore had given him the clap
he was still caught in time wrap
now he was hitting back
at the system from scrap
libidinous leaking tap
he was jobless cash strapped
he played santa as stop gap
high blood pressure
over excited he gasped
shaking wobbling red cap
swollen feet kneecap
double chin ear flap
not just santarchy
he was caught in a
karmic death trap
because once
he had cheated
the local whore
she had cut of
his pecker
its remains
huddled cuddled
in his jockstrap
this santa was an
australian racist poet
gay pedophile
also known as hubcap
a poet hunter racist poet
he hated Indians
from the land of the
rising sun on the map

Students Day Old Memories That Never Fade.. Holy Name High School Fort Mumbai

Abid Bhai of Bright Ads Hyderabad Shot By Marziya Shakir 4 Year Old Canon EOS 7D Vertical Grip

Abid Bhai is a good friend I met in Hyderabad and a great friend too its because of him Sajjad Bhai and folks of Choti Bargah Lutfi Brothers I was able to document Moharam in Hyderabad ..

Abid Bhai for three years sits on the elephant that carries the Bibi Ka Alam during the Ashura procession in Hyderabad and when he called me at home that he was in Mumbai I rushed to Minara Masjid he was staying at Moghul Darbar ,

I bought him home , he would not have dinner with us as he was full he said he had black tea and Saif my son dropped him back to his hotel..

Marziya Shakir my grand daughter 4 year old shot this picture on the Canon EOS 7D with the heavy vertical grip..

And celebrity photographers dont intimidate Marziya who has learnt photography from her American photo Guru Dr Glenn LosacK MD and Viola from Denmark.

Her sister Nerjis Asif Shakir 9 month old is also aspiring to be a street photographer like her.

Two Street Photographers of Mumbai

Two Street Photographers of Mumbai

Nerjis Asif Shakir Understands The Body Language of Cameras ..

Every morning I open the camera cupboard and let her drool over my camera , let her touch it I take her picture I show it to her on the camera monitor and this is the first part of teaching photography to a 9 month old child , the second part is taking her outdoors with my camera shooting pictures while she watches me hung precariously on my waist...

Nerjis Asif Shakir reads the camera much before the camera takes her shot..

Having My Breakfast Idlis On The Roadside Before Going To Work

Wife is on a pilgrimage and it was one of those days I was rushing early to work so I caught the Idli seller on the streets took some Idlis meduvadas and parked myself at Bandra Jain Mandir Road to have a hurried breakfast, and the linen crossover band gala with breeches is my new creation..

I asked a guy to click this picture for posterity .. even beggar poets cant write poems on an empty stomach..

Maharashtra Day Dadar Phool Gally 2012

Lord Shiva Shares a Special Relationship With Me

My guru is a Naga Sadhu from Junagad Akhada Shri Vijay Giri Maharaj he stays at Dindoshi near Film City Goregaon..

We dont meet for years but we are telepathically interconnected it cosmic connection or karma..

And come the Kumbh he surfaces to call me to come and live with him and his disciples I am the only Shia Muslim disciple .. and our relationship has nothing to with religiosity it is about learning wisdom and collective spirituality of Humanity and Peace.

I get along well with the Naga Sadhus I have begged with my Naga Guru from house to house shop to shop I have eaten left overs I killed my ego I killed everything within me save humility the core essence of my Humanity.

And one of the reasons my Hindu friends scourge their backs with me or wield the dagger to cut their heads during Moharam.. and I decided as long as I live I shall promote Hinduism as Hope and Hindutva for the blood my friend shed for my Holy Saint Imam Hussain..

And this year if things go well I shall pierce my cheeks with 21 feet steel rod with my Tamil Hindu friends on Marriamen Feast..

I am beyond pain , totally unscared of death or dying .. I die every day and wake up the next morning..

I have mortgaged my freedom to my new boss my new job but somehow I manage to do what I want do, and he the God above helps me do what I intend to do..

God Creates Situations For Me To Shoot Pictures ..

I was at home all day , being a state holiday, we celebrate the birthday of our state Maharashtra .. and Mumbai is its capital the city in which I stay , my homeland the land of my Karma, we call it Karam Bhoomi..

My dad late Mohomed Shakir came to Bombay as it was called than in 1940 and witnessed the ship blast at the docks , he would repeat the stories to us ..he was a Lucknowi born and called himself a Moghul Pathan..but had a Sunni ancestry , his mother Khurshed Baji was a hardcore Shia and his father Bashir Hussain converted to Shiasm..

My dad married the daughter of Daroga Nabbab Saab direct descendant of poet Mir Anis.. so the entire stream that flowed turned Shias on our side ..
My mother Shamim Shakir followed my dad to Bombay in the 50s I was born in Lucknow and came with her to this city and initially lived in the slums of Kurla Bakhar carpentry workshops..a tin roofed structure close to a Hindu burning grounds or makeshift crematorium..

Than my Dad moved my family to Colaba Wodehouse Road Khatau Bhuvan as tenants of actor Nawab Kashmiri, he had passed away but his mother in law the daughter in law of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah liked my dad and my mothers lineage gave us the servants quarters to stay..

Nawab Saabs daughter had me educated in a Baptist school run by European teacher 1955 ..I did my primary education at Private European School and later she shifted me to Holy Name High School Fort the very school patronized by the American President Barack Obama and his dancing First Lady Michelle Obama.

My parents later shifted for a short while to Neelam at Breach Candy and finally to Mohini Mansions Strand Cinema in 1963 ..

Uttar Pradesh was the state my dad and mom came from , and transplanted their roots in Maharashtra .. and we are pucca Mumbaikars and Maharashtrians too.

Since childhood days we had a lady Marathi bai we called Aiee Mother and she was our mother by default, we spoke Marathi and aceppted her as our own.. she was our extended family she had a son Bhaskar.

She die and Bhaskar died too when we moved away from Khatau Bhuvan now Jony Castle the same place where the pioneer of Indian Rock Keith Kanga of Atomic Forest stayed .. he died young unsung.

Both my parents are buried in Mumbai soil and the soil that has become our soil too, so Maharashtra day is special for us too, and I celebrate it by shooting the Maharashtra Day event , accidentally , I was going to town for some urgent work and noticed this pandal at Dadar Phool Gully I got off the cab and shot several frames to share with all of you online..

God helps me shoot pictures and keep the vibrant spirit of Peace of my beloved city alive.

Both my Photography Gurus late BWJatkar and Mr Shreekant Malushte kept the flame of Marathi Asmita alive in me.

And I wish all of you a Very Happy Maharashtra Day 2012

१ मे माझा महाराष्ट्र दिन २०१२

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maharashtra chi jai
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