Saturday, March 17, 2012

Love Poetry Hate Racism

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Love Poetry Hate Racism, a set on Flickr.

stop israel from looting palestine

I Was Beaten By Bohra Kids Last Year At The Bohri Fire Bandra Mosque This Year I Kept Away From Their Celebrations

Muslims Love Killing Muslims During Ramzan In a Few Muslim Countries ..

Ramzan Mubarak Touches Them With Hope

the string would break
so these are puppets
dangling on a rope
on a steep slope

ramzan mubarak
touches them with hope
in the darkness
of their lives
for a few alms
they grope

muslim beggars are cosmic pain on the soul of mother earth..

they are beggars to
beggar childrens
they give birth
in a rich mans
uni worth

This is Humanity in a Plastic Body Bag

these are
pictures of life
as is where is
the presswala
the magazinewala
will never shoot
because pictures
of salman khan
bipasaha basu
john abraham
is what sells
they loot
or pictures of
deepika padukone
siddhartha mallya
ranbir kapoor
so shooting
the living dead
in a plastic bag
is my labors fruit
taking me back
to my roots my
past my present
my future
my childrens
children s
off shoots
the poor trampled
under a lesser
gods boots

This is the Muslim World of Pain

my humanity
his spastic
pain a moment
in timelessness
only the godly
on the streets
can attain
a windowless
door less world
of Muslim pain
crushing the roots
of my heart
the wrenching
the branches
of my brain

i took a step backwards
almost fell into a drain

dedicated to sukhi hontu

I upset people because i shoot sunsets of a depraved human life i refuse to shoot sunsets and landscapes

The Beggars Bowl Gets Wet In The Rains

and it rains and it rains and it rains
hidden beneath the soul of an umbrella
held captive to a fucked fate of a beggar
in chains like this from one generation
to the next he will remain perched
as a flesh eating maggot living
in the drain in a Muslim world of pain

The Silhouette of the Hijab

of our spirituality
with our morality
at ease the soul
of Islam
nothing else
to please
the fountainhead
of our future
brotherhood and peace
embedded in the soul
of my poetry images
such as these

The Muslim World of Pain

bound to
a chain
when it
it rains
for solace
in the valley
poetic plains
hearts numb
on one leg
the wisdom
of the crane

If wishes were horses, beggars would ride

on the soul of humanity
regardless of pride
beggarly emotions
beggarly woes
misery and despair
they would not hide
a karmic fate
of uncertainty
thy would abide
they were born
minutes before
all hope died
the rich mans god
not by their side
all men are born equal
someone had lied

Sathi Hath Badana

ek akela mar jaye
dusre ki lash uthana
sathi hath badana
bhik mangar
ek din jald
khuda ko muh
hai deekhana
sathi hath badana
lashe ka wazan uthna

with due apologies

All My Photo Gurus Are Hindus..They Made Me A Good Human Being And Their Inheritance is the Soul of My Grand Daughter

Marziya Shakir Learnt To Paint With Colors Now She Paints With Light

the beggar poet and ravan...

you will go places he said your weeping camera and your bleeding head

Ravan blessed me with gift of poetry..he said shoot it share it free

Ravan My Best Friend

siddha ganesh chaturvedi
multi headed
my best friend
wisdom spanning
from one end
to the other end
a friendship
that mutually
two souls
did blend
a confluence
of two streams
the river bend
broken bridges
only man can mend
that god sent
if you dont sin
you need not repent

Hanumanji and Me

Papa Kehte Hain Bada Kam Karega ..Chief Minister Bankar Hathiyon Ka Lilam Karega

We Are No1 ...Goes Without Saying

salman khans favorite street photographer - marziya shakir 4 year old

a flickr street photographer called marziya shakir ..on twitter and google+

street photographers are born not made ,,,,with a vision before streets are laid

Marziya Shot With Her Eyes Now She Shoots With Canon EOS 7 D