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Shooting Portraits At The Kumbh Mela Nasikh Trimbakeshwar

If you are a face shooter like me , you will enjoy the Sadhugram , most of the Naga Sadhus dont mind ,, if you speak nicely to them  .. but mind you there are hot headed ones too ,,so be careful of your person and your camera ,,,

I did not have any problem only one Naga Sadhu at the Kund blasted me he was naked and I only shot his face  . but I take it in my stride .. I dont get upset I dont argue I am on their turf and they are the ones calling the shots here but when I am with my Guru even the naked Naga Sadhu will hardly open his mouth lol ..

All in all if you have not shot the Kumbh do it ,, here at Nasikh a few hours drive from Mumbai it is a great opportunity ,, dont miss it ,,

Nasikh Kumbh Mela 2015 Ramkund And Tapovan

As I had nothing to do on the day before the Shahi Snan at Trimbakeshwar I decided to come to Ramkund and shoot Tapovan the Sadhugram a few kilometers away Ramkund at Panchvati..

This is my new set series at Flickr ,,shot on Canon 7D

The End of My Nasikh Kumbh Mela Trimbakeshwar 2015 Trip

In a short while I will upload the pictures of my short trip of a few hours at Ramkundh and it was nostalgic for I began shooting the first Kumbh of my life at Panchvati and I am still connected with a photo journalist Neerah Bhanje from Aurangabad  till date ,, He guarded my camera bag while I dozed off at the banks of the Godavari we shot the Shahi Snan together 12 years back and we have never met after that simply connected on phone and Facebook.

I dont know if the Kumbh touches anyone as insanely as it has touched the poetry of my effervescent soul..but after 12 years I realized that Ramkund Tapovan dont have that mysterious hold on me like Trimbakeshwar simply because if I was born a Hindu I am dead certain I would have been a Shiva Bhakt ,,there was no escaping that cosmic circle of my far fetched dreams as a poet as a mystic.

My first call from Trimbakeshwar the moment I reached there was to Mrs Punam Sinha a staunch Shiva Bhakt she has been to all the 12 Jyotilings and I call…

Happy Janmashtami And Remembering Prof BW Jatkar

Every morning I would get two calls one from Mr KG Maheshwari and the other from Prof BW Jatkar both no more part of this crazy world .. they talked photography ,, and now both their phones have gone dead forever .
On Gokul Ashtami day Prof BW Jatkar would call me home , give me breakfast made by his wife than we both took a cab to Tilak Bridge ,, I had to bring a guy from my shop to carry Mr Jatkars camera bag , and he would wear one of his Peak Caps most of the Caps I gave him as I had a large collection to be used in films ,,
We headed to Ranade Road near Ideal shot the ladies Govindas , and Prof Jatkat took me to a house facing the Govinda ,, almost everyone knew this doyen of Photography at Dadar and a Pucca Marathi Manoos ,,he had many disciples students but we had a cosmic relationship I was his staunch supporter he was a kindered soul and a great teacher , he taught me to shoot seagulls , he taught me a lot taking me to various color labs , he introduced me to Mahindar Patil …

Without Him I Could Have Not Shot The Kumbh

Perhaps I would have shot it like any other photographer , but my Naga Guru let me re live the Kumbh made me feel experience the Kumbh like a Hindu ,,and I am proud of my cultural inheritance it gives strength my to my own religious beliefs and spirituality ,respecting my countryman's religion and promoting it as a message of peace .. for all.

I would never shoot anything that hurt the sensibilities of a religion I shot or the purpose my photography would have been doomed,, I shot the world of the Naga Sadhus I tried to merge my inner angst with those who surrounded me , gave me shelter , food to eat and took care of me ,,if I wanted black tea I was given without hesitation , one of the deaf mute disciple of my Guru cleaned my leg wound and massaged my tired legs ,,they went out of their way to serve me , they touched my feet with reverence and I would tell them to only touch the Gurus feet and at my Gurus perfumed garden there were simple guys and well read Acharyas Holy people …

Reminiscing The Soul Of My Shortcomings Ashura Hyderabad ''

my new post ,, at Facebook

While I was dabbling in photography I had blinkers on my eyes,, I started my photgraphy with the Film era mostly shooting my stuff on Ilford Delta ASA 100 I had bought the entire stock from Vibgyor Raju Bhai and some of the stock from Standard Photo Store .. for color I used Velvia 50 or Provia , I would take old expired films from Richard Kelep he was kind enough to give them free at Kodak and with the help of maestro BW Jatkar I would experiment and all the labs knew me I shot trigger happily ,, but I shot ,,I knew Mazda Color Art Vishal Bhende ,,Fuji Foto Art ,Huzefer Rassiwala, Mahindra Patil.. and many more places including Bhai Humne who did my printing ,, but sometimes got my rolls developed through friends .
So keeping this traditionalist form of photography I did not succumb or get seduced by the video at all I just did not want to learn to shoot video.. 7 years I would ask people to shoot my granddaughter Marziyas videos ,, I wanted to keep her gr…

Documenting The Nasikh Kumbh Trimbakeshwar 2015

After I has completed the 29 August Shahi Snan I walked about 4 km like the rest to reach Sadhugram where I stayed with my Naga Guru Shree Vijay Giri Maharaj Triveni Juna Akhara , I tried very hard to get a lift from the passing official vehicles as the road was closed to traffic from both ends ,, the bus depot was shifted 6 km out of Trimbakeshwar ,you could take a bus from there to go back to Nasik outskirts ,, I think all vehicles were stopped from entering or leaving Nasikh city ,,
When I reached Sadhugram I was in no mood to have lunch.. and I had two batata wadas all morning ,,
One of the disciples of my Guru ,,a politician from BJP Vindobhai was leaving for Mumbai I decided to leave with him he had a Scorpio car ..on my return from Trimbakeshwar kund I shot the Nagas living a Sadhugram and once I upload it my Trimbakeshwar documentary of the 2015 Kumbh Mela ends .
To reach Mumbai it took us over 11 hours by car I reached home at midnight after taking a rickshah from Jogeshwari…