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The Day In The Life Of A North Indian Migrant In Bandra

My Blood Test After Two Months ,,At Lilavati Hospital Bandra

I am totally disappointed , disgusted and disillusioned , with my diabetic dilemma .since 3 months ..For 15 years I was taking a diabetic medicine .. but 30 March 2015 , a very close friend insisted I visit his Doctor at Mahim Kapda Bazar Dr SD Jain,, I gave in went to meet him, a great person he instilled alot of confidence in me ..I was walking rigorously at MET Cricket grounds Bandra Reclamation , about  6 km average every morning .since 10 Feb 2015.
I had stopped eating meat , my family eats chicken everyday both times , I gave it up, red meat mutton is cooked sometimes , nobody likes fish in my family unless I bought rawas or gol.. sometimes .I ate one chapatti some gravy , or a vegetable dish.. no cold drinks , I donr drink alcohol, I dont smoke at all.

I walk a lot otherwise too , long stretches weight was 68 kg.. I hardly go to doctors , if I fractured my leg it was to the bonesetter ..even my gall bladder problem that troubles me sometimes I have kept the operation on h…

Mohomed Salim Khan Became A Beggar After The Death Of Mr Keki Balsara

The Day In The Life Of A Muslim Beggar Couple

Jesus - Prometheus Bound

wants to break away
from the cross touch
the ground ,,help
heal the poor all
around no he does
not want to wear
a cassock a heavy
garment that does
not allow the cries
of the poor touch
the heart that
hardly pounds
jesus wants to
break free completely
the nails the shackles
break through the speed
of sound ,,get back to
his loved ones that he
found neglected
forgotten when he
was not around ,,
as the blood flows
from his head with
thorns still crowned
with his blood he
wants to baptize those
i am Life and the Resurrection
a faith on a rock I had found
to build humanity peace abound

The Rafugar ..The Darner Of Waroda Road Bandra

Hardcore Body Piercings Marriammen Feast Markandeshwar Nagar Worli 2015 ...

Hardcore Body Piercings Marriammen Feast Markandeshwar Nagar Worli 2015 ...

Marriammen Feast Markandeshwar Nagar Worli Hardcore Body Piercings 2

This Is A Picture A Day But Garbage Wont Go Away Bandra Bazar Road

This is the garbage dump near my house at Bandra Bazar Road .. and the issue is not about just dumping the garbage but the callous attitude of those who throw the garbage on the floor instead of the garbage bins , and the garbage generated from this filthiest Bandra Bazar market is in tons , which the two now painted garbage bins cant hold , people are lazy , so they litter the place around the garbage bins ,

There is is no CC Tv here no security guard , who could catch and instantly punish the offenders with hefty fines ,,, frankly the Bandra Municipality does not care nor does our only Congress Corporator , he hardly comes this end ,, I have nothing against him but we voted for him we need to see that he addresses our problems to the satisfaction of all concerned , And honestly the Congress party does not care about Bandra they once did during the times of late Mr Sunil Dutt .

So every morning I take pictures and I have been shooting garbage since more than 5 years or more .. even …

Marriammen Feast 2015 Markandeshwar Nagar Worli pt 2

Street Stories Of Another Kind - Banana Seller

We became friends recently after I shot his pictures and a video , and he let me into a secret , that he was waiting for June when he will take a long break to visit his family in his native place in Uttar Pradesh..
Like a little child he is counting days and I meet him every morning when I come for my walk at MET Cricket grounds , he is aware of my health problems so first think he will inquire of the same .

These are poor migrants , they dont want the full sky just a fistful of happiness , he is 75 plus , I told him he should retire , but he replied he needs to work or he will lose all interest in life ,, and mind you he is a devout Muslim ..for what he is , and for his business he simply thanks Allah..Most of his clients are Maharshtrians , Hindus , and he respects them , always has a kind word ,, I stay at the Bazar but now even I buy my bananas from him..

I still cant remember his name , but that hardly matters to him or to me , and when I take out my mobile phone to shoot me , …

Marriammen Feast Markandeshwar Nagar Worli 2015

Hardcore Possession Marriammen Feast Markandeshwar Nagar Worli 2015

My genre since the time I began people culture ritual photography has been Possession , Occult , Hazri Dua Tawiz and Exorcism..
I shot and documented this during the Sufi Urus , in Mumbai Haji Malang Ajmer , Mira Dattar and many other Shrines .
I shot possession mostly during Durga Visarjan at Juhu when the goddess enters the body and it was incredible ,,But the maximum Hazri I shot at Hussain Tekri Jaorah ..a place where I have not gone since many years ..
Here at Worli the men women even children were in a trance .. bodies moving by themselves , bodies in a state of continuous motion..and I have shot of the wildest ones where a Hijra priest at Mahim Marriammen Feast , starts speaking in the voice of the goddess , and starts conversing .. this was out of the world ,, the hijra Krishna is a hardcore devotee of Lord Iravan and The Koothandavar Temple at Koovagam.
I have not met him for sometime now ,, and the Hijra Ashok who would have his cheeks pierced at Sion Koliwada Marriammen fe…

Piercing the Mouth Chest And Back and Possession

Actually when the drums start beating and people go into a possession like trance it is called the Devi entering the body and taking possession of the devotee .

And all this happened while the puja was taking place at the end of Haji Ali fisherman's jetty ,.where the Hindu Tamils had gathered to celebrate their annual Mother Marriammen feast of Markandeshwar Nagar slums Worli on Annie Besant Road .

I was invited by my dear friend Sundar a Tamil graphic artist I have known for several years now through Shanmugham of Madras Wadi near Worli Gutter close to Atria Mall.

Shanmugham was at the Nehru Nagar Marriammen feast Juhu Beach 2015 .. I have been documenting these Thaipusam type rituals over 15 years now at various Mumbai Tamil dominated locales .

Here the devotee first had hooks inserted in his back to pull a jeep or some vehicle , and hooks on his chest , including fish hooks two sets in his mouth .. the mouth hooks were incredibly painful..This time I shot a lot of videos on my…

The Face Of Hunger

I was in the cab heading home to Bandra via the back lanes of Mahim.. My cab stopped for a while when I saw this man greedily eating a batatwada , I took this shot called him towards my cab and gave him money to have lunch..he hurriedly took the money and moved away as my cab moved ahead .

I meet a lot of people , and most of the time I dont have my camera , but than I use my mobile phone ,,I try to capture faces , pleasing poor faces , and some faces that can haunt you forever .

Does hunger have a Face ,, yes with a big glaring mouth..  outside mosques , restaurants dargahs you will find so many faces waiting for food , even the regular drugaddicts bums outside Mahim eatery that take money from the passing cars to feed the poor ,, which is pure business and nothing else ,,but there are a lot of people that go to sleep on an empty stomachs ,,I am sure of that ,,,

This morning I went for my walk after a gap of two days I walked about 4 km..than met the banana seller chatted with him ,…

Why Is The Poor Muslim Man..Depressed

in any crime
taken for granted
as the first suspect
the muslim man
perplexed robbed
of his right to eat
to work as a butcher
he now seeks another
profession muslim man
oppressed ..his future
bleak his children
uneducated .his problems
his so called leaders wont
address .he is hounded by
a anti muslim paid press
forced pushed against the
wall brainwashed by muslim
political parties for his vote
he is forgotten you know
the rest ..there are criminals
in every community but the
muslim man is held first
under every pretext ,,hands
bound mouth gagged what
next..politicians of all color hue
use him as a vote bank he lives
in ghettos dirty filthy surroundings
his body soul his fate annexed
by cruel time ,,,in every context

the rich muslim has it better ..
good homes good education
for his kid his own business
he was fortuitously blessed
why must he bother for the
poor muslim in a mess ..
the muslim clergy busy
with fatwas ..repressively
take him back to the dark ages
no development no progr…

Marriammen Feast Markandeshwar Nagar Worli 2015

As I was completing my backlog of street pictures shot on my Canon 60 D.. I posted an update at Facebook without a picture , I mostly blog with pictures ,,

Posted On 26 May 2015 ..

This evening I left home took the Worli Sea Link had some stuff to deliver to a client , and than took the same cab to Markandeshwar Nagar near Worli Gutter and opp Atria Mall .I was invited by my Tamil friend Sundar a graphic artist , they were celebrating their annual Marriammen Feast and it was the first time I was going to shoot it ,, and I had decided I would shoot a lot of videos on Canon 6O D and my mobile phone , and at the same time I was in bad shape as I have not fully recovered from my ailment .. but God is Great and I took my chances .

The cheek piercings hook insertions on the devotees backs began late after a puja at Haji Ali sea face opposite Eden Hall ,, the puja that has hypnotic drumming and it increases with crescendo , and powerful energy all around and men women kids under trance like…

The Street Illusionist

posted at facebook

I sincerely thank all of you who Like my pictures , viewing my timeline with your precious comments I type with a single finger of a permanently damaged hand , and hopefully wish there was a Tweet button at Facebook or a Favorite button as at Flickr ,, I on my part have a deadly hate for the Like button I have never used it , not even accidentally or impulsively , I realized it was habit forming and addictive . I also request those who are new on Facebook , to remove me from their feed , thereby you wont see my posts can be a nuisance to anyone ,,
I have very few people on my feed because of this one finger commenting problem.. and I hate being tagged on your religious posts , keep them among your young vibrant friend circle ..I dont respond to your pokes , your game requests ,which I think auto tags us without you realizing it ,,I add people if we have friends in common.. I try to delete requests from people with no profile and shitty pictures ,, Sorry ..What…

My Friend Vinay Parelkar

Vinay Parelkar is a devoted photo enthusiast , a passionate photographer a great teacher , and if someone does learn photography from him , I can assure you he will be a successful photographer
I met Vinay and Chitra Gokhale the first time when Mr Shreekant Malushte
took our batch for an outdoor shoot at National Park , I was learning photography from Mr Malushte and both Vinay and Chitra had come to assist him with the students as we were to do outdoor portraiture with ambient light and a few reflectors ,and this was a very long time back .
Vinay Parelkar has been my friend mentor guide , and his artistry , master craftsmanship.. in fine art photography is outstanding and commendable .
I always felt , that it is dynamic , visionary photographers like Vinay that should be at the helm of a photographic learning institutions , but camera clubs and perhaps the one we belong to has never kept this in mind , so we get to see the usual shit produced reproduced from one salon to the next ..…

Lanat Bar Yazid

Kyun dushmani hai tujh ko Ali o Hussain se fursat mile toh poonch kabhi walidain se tera sajdah teri namaz mili hai hussain se

I Did Not Know Losing a Friend Could Kill Me Too

This was shot by another photographer friend , at the funeral of a very dear friend who loved respected me a lot .. late Mr Dinesh Pai .. a devout Gaud Saraswat Brahmin he was at the helm of affairs at the GSB Seva Mandal Ganesha celebrations ,, before the Lord was to be bought to the Pandal , he would diligently call me invite me for Darshan ,

And than having lived in Mumbai for 60 years I am taken aback when I hear stories of media create Hindu Muslim rift .. barring a few Muslim friends ,, all my friends are Hindus or Christians a few Parsis ,, real good friends trusted old time friends .

I have till date never felt ill at ease or uncomfortable as a Muslim perhaps I am more human than Muslim... as I never allowed religion to come in the way of my relationship with people from diverse ethnicity ..

So Late Mr Dinesh Pai was like me perhaps better than me , he did not bring religion in our friendship, he graciously allowed me to shoot Lord GSB. Though a board further away said No Pho…

A Legend Called Nawab Kashmiri - A Great Actor of Indian Cinema

photo courtesy Munawar N Kashmiri

These pictures are seeing the light of day for the first time .. no picture of Nawab Kashmiri exists on the net.. these are the first ones thanks to his son Manu Kashmiri who allowed me to share this doyens heritage with all of you..
My Tribute To One Of The Greatest Actors of Indian Cinema

We stayed as tenants at the house of Late Nawab Kashmiri.. He had already passed away when we came there ..His mother in law Ammi gave my father shelter , we were living in the far off slums at Kurla...My father used to work at N Swamy Rao tailoring establishment at  Colaba close to the old Colaba bus depot and Pandya  Parsi Agiary.
Nawab Saabs mother in law Ammi was blue blooded royalty daughter in law of the second son of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah .
The house was opulent , it had all the amenities even a mechanical life size horse on which  Nawab Sab did his exercise .. a huge  10 feet mirror on an ornate frame , where Nawab Sab I believe honed his acting .
As kids w…

Actors Never Die They Are Immortalized On The Soul of Cinema Eternally

I wish  I could tell you my relationship with Mr Rajesh Khanna ..I had met him at a party during the success of Sauten ,,, than I met him when I wore a newspaper suit I had made for Govinda in Gambler and wore it for the premier of Mr Nitin Manmohans Eena Meena Dika ,, and he never forgot me ,,

When Moez his designer died .. he took me in his charge ,,and I made his personal clothes , and he would chat for hours and what really bought us together was his abundant love for Marziya my granddaughter she was 18 month old and he would feed her on his laps and rebuke me for not taking good care for her .. he would tell me Marziya is my granddaughter and Mazrziya loved him too .. He would ask me if I ever needed money and I would politely refuse  I would charge him only for the clothes I made ,..I had far too much respect for him , he was a legend and times would narrate filmy anecdotes that made me laugh and cry..

He would take me to the Ice cream parlor and honk at the guy to bring ice cr…

I Shoot Death .. Upclose More as Poetry Less as Prose

i hide my fleshy soul
in  black clothes
i am naked in the
eyes of my inner
angst my camera
both ..i am happy
to be unhappy too
much happiness
would kill my creativity
a life without pain
i would loathe ,
i am hardly human
in a degraded world
of crass commercialism
calumny sycophancy
that only treats man
as a sacrificial goat

democracy decimated the soul
of man with a single vote

“What matters is how quickly you do what your soul directs.”
a rumi quote

a poem dedicated to my very dear friend davidseibold

ek fakir jisne khaie hai dil pe gehri chot...sukhe hot ..

My Best Friend Ramesh Alva ...Why I have Never Celebrated My Birthday All These Years..

Ramesh Alva once stayed at Great Western Building , we started as enemies before we became friends , he would bully me in school as I did not know him we fought our battles at Backgardens , he came with his friends I came with mine ,, we were both in 3 rd Standard at Holy Name High School perhaps 193 .
Than oneday we met during the Prize Distribution day at CJ Hall , I was a brilliant student got lots of-books as presents and they were a lot Ramesh came forward and helped me , we became friends and we had a common friend Ramesh Mulchandani that made the bod more easier and w had yet another friend Dennis Fernandes in Suriname .
I was staying at Strand Cinema and Ramesh M at Dhun Mahal Garden road ..Ramesh Alva and his family moved in at Strand too.. and we became much closer , though both the Rameshs were much closer than I was ..we had some great times , great Holi days bhang and what not ..
And once we got married all three of us arranged marriage I was the first one .. but …

My Humble Naryalwala Bandra Bazar Road

The moment I finish my walk at the MET Gardens Bandra Reclamation I walk in through a short cut from the Bandra Bazar Sunni Mosque greet the beef butchers and if time permits I shoot the greatest Garbage dump..there was a Bhumi Pujan and the placed look spotlessly clean but alas it was short lived it is as bad as it was before and I feel sorry for all the efforts dedicated by our MLA Advocate  Ashish Shelar ,, Today I walked about 4 km.

As I head towards home my Naryalwala coconut seller cuts open a new fresh coconut for me offers me coconut water , he charges me Rs 30 ..

I never drank Naryal pani before , I prefer drinking lots of water instead...I lead a very simple sedate life I yearn for nothing nor am I envious of people who I have seen become rich overnight .. I ask God to give them more ,, but I also ask God to instill compassion in their souls so they can truly help the poor and the hopeless.

But there is one thing if the Indian government allowed I would leave everything and…

Those Who Once Ate Beef Do Not Not Find Buffalo Meat Palatable

A ban is a ban is ban they can do nothing about it , eat it or dump it , today being Sunday the Bandra Bazar Beef Market looked like a morgue , deserted and  lonely .The beef butchers now buffalo meat sellers sat dejected ..even restaurant owners I am told dont buy this meat ,, most have shifted their beef items using chicken or mutton.
After eating beef for so many years , now trying to develop taste for buffalo meat might take a long time ,,,and ironically leaders who want  us to go eat beef in Pakistan should be the first one to be sent there and their pompous ass whipped ..There is no stopping BJP Motormouths ,, mouths that were only born as Mouths without Brains ,,,

And the company that blames its HRD trainee for the letter and the goof up thinks we Mumbaikar are chutiyas ,, I mean every employee follows and implements the company policy written and unwritten..I was lucky all my bosses were Hindus ,,and in introspection I am lucky I never worked for a Muslim boss ,.. and I dont …

The Camera Was The Greatest Text Book Of My Life

I hardly use my camera not as passionately as I did once upon a time ,,and I was dead against using my phone as a camera ..but after I gave up the Blackberry and took the Mortorola G ,, I gradually began shooting pictures , I shot over 4500 images on this one phone .

I found carrying my DSLR a pain in the butt , unless I was to shoot a religious feast or some street event ..

I dont see movies at all , not even those that have my sartorial stamp.. I find the film world of cinema make believe and false ,, and despite being connected to Bollywood .

I did not even see the movie I acted in ..I am not a good actor ,,I dont watch TV or news though I did watch a few World cup cricket matches .

I dont read books I cant due to my diabetic condition and diminishing eyesight ,, the only news  I read is from Hindustan Times and once a week Sunday Midday.

I dont mix around I dont socialize party , I keep to myself occupied with my flowerhorns and the java sparrows , the birds will chirp deafeningl…

I Am A Garbage Bin .... Made From Cheap Rusty Recycled Tin,,

miserly mumbai municipality
did not spend money to add
beauty to my metallic skin
my wheels missing ,,in bad
shape i am battered bruised
by the chicken trucks that
come to the bazar bang
me in ..hollow dented
outward and within,,
has the bandra congress
corporator ever felt my pain
the next civic elections
no way will he win yes
bandra free congress
despite no acche din
the BJP  satraps busy
with other areas .
the next modi wave
will definitely not
bring them in..

Madhubala Anarkali

Mumtaz Jehan (February 14, 1933 – February 23, 1969), more popularly known as Madhubala (literally "honey belle"), was an Indian Bollywood actress who appeared in classic films of Hindi Cinema.[2][3] She was active between 1942 and 1960. Along with her contemporaries Nargis and Meena Kumari, she is regarded as one of the most influential personalities of Hindi movies.[4] She is also considered to be one of the most beautiful actresses to have worked in the industry.[5][6]

Madhubala received wide recognition for her performances in films like Mahal (1949), Amar (1954), Mr. & Mrs. '55 (1955), Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi (1958), Mughal-e-Azam (1960) and Barsaat Ki Raat (1960). Madhubala's performance in Mughal-e-Azam established her as an iconic actress of Hindi Cinema. Her last film, Jwala, although shot in the 1950s, was released in 1971. Madhubala died on 23 February 1969 after a prolonged illness.

Early life[edit]
Madhubala was born Mumtaz Jehan Dehlavi,[7] on 14 Febr…

Firemen Rescuing A Crow At Chapel Road Bandra

This morning after completing my walk at MET Gardens Bandra I decided to walk home through Chapel Road ,, and the Fire Brigade was having a tough time entering the narrow lane , so the fireman moved in and there was this crow helplessly hanging upside down from a tree caught in a manja thread , he could not release himself and other crows were attacking him and I believe some kind lady had informed the Fire Dept .
The firemen all young guys , took a pole and attaching other poles to it tried to remove the thread entangling the crows leg.. , but it was utterly impossible than another fireman passed the pole to his colleague who climbed up the house of Akthar Imam sab and with great difficulty managed to save the crow who happily flew away to freedom.. I shot some frames and this short story I thanked the firemen .. and told them that I was ashamed that our society , our government remembers their service only after their tragic death.
And those warped politicians that politicize the deat…

A Garbage Dump Will Always Remain Garbage Dump

My Earliest Tryst With Primary Education I Owe To Mrs Akthar Kashmiri

My memory is not very good its been over 55 years or more ..we lived as tenants at Khatau Bhuvan , a palatial house of doyen of Indian cinema late Nawab Kashmiri , he had passed away and his mother in law Ammi daughter in law of the second son of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah of Lucknow was in charge of the place along with his kids Akhtar Baji Anwar Bhaiya and Munawar Kashmiri whom we called Manu Bhaiyya ,, Man Bhaiya was a chubby kid almost like Mr Rishi Kapoor in Mera Nam Joker ,, but the most mischievous was Anwar Bhaiyya he is no more he died in Australia ,, Anwar Bhaiyya used to wear masks paint his face and would scare the shit off my paternal grandmother Khurshed Baji who lived with us ,, the moment my grandmother saw Anwar Bhaiyya she hid herself in the bathroom.. but he was a fun loving prankster ,,,

Akthar Baji was a diva and there were two divas at Khatau Bhuvan Akthar Baji and Gwendolyn Kanga wife of Dossa Kanga Parsi father of late Keith Kanga of Atomic Forest fame ,, the buildi…

The Beef Butcher Who Became A Chaiwala

Dear Advocate Ashish Shelar Ji .. After The Bhumi Pujan They Have Again Dirtied The Place

Much of the mess is caused by the chicken trucks that have in the past smashed the garbage , today while shooting this the chicken truck laborers tried to intimidate me I think what is really needed is a security guard and a CC TV to nab the serial garbage throwers ..on the left side are handcarts and ragpickers drink openly thanks to the only hooch bar  opposite the dump.
Drugaddicts have made this their adda and in good faith Bandra Municipality is hell bent on destroying Bandra Bazar Road,, I know you are sincere in your efforts but I have sent a video to Mr Sonia Gandhiji to show her how the Congress corporator has done nothing for this area .. he does not seem to be interested at all,..But as your party is part of Progress and Development of Bandra Bazar Road where you live to does need your personal attention .. I have stopped tagging Ms Poonam Mahajan ji she is not interested in responding to my tweets ..and I think I made a big mistake voting for her in Lok Sabha elections …