Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Diabetic Delusions of Dementia

the flesh
of my thigh
like the face
of a voodoo doll
too many jabs
of the pin
me my diabetic soul
at the mercy of insulin
a battle I fight
I cant win
the way of the flesh
the sins of my forefathers
visited on my head
as my original sin
my wrinkled dying skin
pancreatic pandemonium
attacking my soulless
spirits from within
recycled pain
as it enters my body
through the syringe
my mind as it tries
to unhinge
of dementia
on the fringe

The Invisible Heart Beat of a Pedestrian Poet

I Have Turned My Back On You

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giving you
what was yours
much overdue
sweet heart
i turn my back on you
i am turning a leaf
totally new
wont be infected by your
surreptitious charm
i see through you
me muscle blood
some sinew
i wont do anything
would hurt you
i wont eat anything
my mind wont chew
no more part of your
animal zoo
for forgotten
lost moments
nasty nostalgia
kick up my
multicolored butt
i sincerely
thank you
you who
a refection
in the mirror
of my mind

to my lady love across the ocean of a great divide..

Bandra Bazar Kids

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It is these children of Bandra Bazar Road , that keep my love for photography alive , they are natural spontaneous and their charm is infectious.. I could go on shooting them.

The two urchins who moved about here whom I shot , have disappeared they stayed on the garbage bin of Bandra Reclamation.

Most of the kids like being photographed , I also photograph those kids that dont like to be photographed.

This was a long series ..but a soul fulfilling one..

Sometimes by being trigger happy you collect some rare human emotions too..

Dogs Day Afternoon

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two dogs and man
dreaming of peace
dog day afternoon
of good moments
gone away to soon
from swine flu
totally immune
only god can burst
this balloon
an elusive lover
the truancy
of mumbai's
more than the
pedantic wise man
the wisdom
of the buffoon
hope buried alive
under a sweaty
sand dune

The Dark Side Of The Mirror Of Man's Mind

is a fodder gone stale
imprisoned spirituality
digging a tunnel
to get out of jail
facing himself
in the mirror
he lets out a wail
from male
a sardonic god
made him female
crucified him
upside down
to tell a new tale
the search continues
jonah in the body
of a whale
peace the hand
maiden of war
etched in detail
what doe not exist
will never prevail

Marziya Mumbaikar

we are back
to as we were
our heart our home
our lives is all hers
a spiritual sharpness
revolving round
a radial blur
marziya mumbaikar

Marziya Jet Lag

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Marziya arrived on 8 August 2009 and was certainly was in no mood for pictures..I took this the moment she reached home, but I am posting it today.

Marziya is not well and is stuck indoors because of the bad heath conditions on the periphery of our lives.

Unfortuntelty thanks to the heartlessness of the media, if a child coughs or sneezes they all run for cover, it is sad times indeed I saw this yesterday when I took a bus from Bandra to Colaba to visit my child hood friend Ramesh M who had become a grand father again...

luckys tail
began to wag
marziya was back
tired jet lag
from lucknow
to mumbai
with love
says the tag
on august 15
one day
she too will be shooting
beggar kids selling hope
through our Indian flag
oh my grandfather
was Photographer No1
a Shia Blogger
she too will brag
her head covered
from head to toe
in a black hijab
documenting despair
from the window of a cab

Arshi - Bandra Bazar Human Comedy

Arshi is the neighbors only child, in the absence of Marziya I bought her a lot of sweets and biscuits,and is a character of my Bandra Bazar human comedy..

I shoot the same people the same places , there is no better place than home ,I am chained to my Karma that is Bandra Bazar Road.

The day I shot the Ganpati Workshops at Ganesh Gully, I shot Hijras at my Shop, on my return from Luxoculous 2009 I met Reshma Hijra of Lal Mitti - every time I meet Hijras its a lucky dat for me..
I shall post the hijras at the end as its a strenuous exercise I have to cross blog the pictures to my Hijraeunuchblogs at Word Press.


Entrapped, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1.

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in the mind
of another
mans head
one alive
the other dead
one a step behind
the other ahead
walking the tightrope
the pain of living
the dynamics of distortion
delusion the dread
poetry a stream of words
he bled in a world
of hallucinating shadows
caught in vicious grip
from A to Z
he came he saw he fled

making wine into water
sorrow into bread
a needle in the eye
of a thread

Photographers Are Born Kids

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entering the soul
of imagination
that reality forbids
are born kids
on the roller skates
of human emotions
they roll and skid
shooting an arrow
through the heart
of spectral light
with the fervor
of cupid

These are kids from Antonio De Silva Dadar who had come to see the exhibition..

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