Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Haji Malang Can Be On Par With Tirupathi and Vaishnodevi

But who will promote it this is not Lavassa or Adarsh...

Sufi Sardar Bawa of Haji Malang

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sari zindagi
haji malang baba
ki khidmat
main bitayi hai
insaniyat ki
inke chhere par
rang layi hai
mazhab nahi banata
humko hum mazhab banate hai
khuda tofh hai har zagah
phir bhi dil main tanhai hai
hindustan ek aisa dharm
muslim hindu sikh esai hai
inki khidmat khuda ko
behad pasand ayi hai
chola badalne se
dil nahi badalte
andhere main
inki khidmat se
sare jahan main
kiran jagmagayi hai
inki charno ke dhool se
hame apni kismet azmayi hai

I was crying while the qawwal played Haq Ali and was in a state of kaif .. whirling shia dervesh when someone placed a garland of flowers around my neck, , as I opened my eyes I saw Sardar Bawa crying too watching me I moved across placed the garland from my neck on to his neck .. yes this is mystical moments that live on forever..we were conjoined by our karmic faith..

Admi Sochta Hai Aur Waqt Use Nochta Hai

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ek gehre jal main dabochta hai

Now You Know Why I Did Not Shoot His Face

Zindagi Ek Mela Hai

chahal pahal hai
se bhara ek thela hai
zindagi ek mela hai
dil ka kya kasoor
dil toh pahle se
hi akela hai

A Blog Speaks Out

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The rich Hindus or even the less affluent ones bring goats to slaughter and the meat cooked as niyaz which is distributed among the poor pilgrims of Haji Malang Dargah.

The very poor ones bring desi poultry or wild birds for slaughter....the meat is neither cooked nor eaten...just thrown away , sometimes the blood becomes vermilion for the forehead,

The Dargah world is a very strange , so much is happening , it is unbelievable and I shot in moderation , not allowing to be carried away , even when I climbed the Malangad mountains barefeet I shot limited , I wanted to climb higher to the Hindu temples above but could not because of my diabetic condition..

Dargah world is real time moving cinema , I shot on impulse , I could shoot a scene and yet not know why I shot it, I cried most of the time while I did hardcore Kaif outside the courtyard of Haji Kaif pictures are ones I will not have any record unless someone shot me on his mobile.

My mind was on a spiritual trapeze.. I was shooting Haji Malang Dargah not as a photographer but as a mystical poet, I had dreams within dreams and strangely I never slept, the only event I refused to shoot after my humiliation by a Trustee of Haji Malang was the Dhamal, I shot it last year you can see it all on my Haji Malang 2010 set at

I impulsively decided to move out of Haji Malang on 20 th morning , despite the fact that the greatest hijra Sandal was later in the night at Sultan Shah Babas dargah..I am not greedy for images I get them and am happy , keeping human gluttony under control.

Laxmi Narayan Tripathi my hijra guru, was my support base including Abdul Bawa of Kalyan a holistic healer and soother, Sakib Kumar Ketkar Rahim Bhai Iqbal bhai were my other friends who really understood my pain my inner struggle to come to terms with my despair.

Perhaps this is what God wanted and this is my last documentary on Haji Malang Dargah as a poet photographer and a blogger.

Time to move on to other dargahs that I have not touched and the one I want to visit is Meera Datar in Unjha Gujrat.

I have no sponsor , I do it all by myself and he provides.

Raveena Rare Hijra Beauty and Seductress

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arrogant pride
a cute boy
in a ladies dress
raveena rare hijda beauty
voluptuous seductress
no is never yes is yes
with the male marauder
she plays chess
a hijra from najafgarh
she rides the crest
no more no less
what she is
what he is not
you cant guess
her deathly kiss
her deathly caress
she eats man
this nubile
hijra princess
his soul
she loves
to oppress
a nightingale
in a nighdress
a sexuality
you cant suppress
mixed with her flaws
her worldly success
the entirety of man
she loves to possess
with her musky smell
her grace her finesse
the poetry
the angst
the passion
the pathos
of this poets

The Lions Hazri of Raju Kotwal at Haji Malang 2011

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He walks on the nails of his hands...

One Day Hijras Will Rule The World

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the soul of humanity
they will come
bring peace hope
harmony in their kingdom
dancing to a greater spirituality
to the beats of a hypnotic drum
no politics no politicians
no dictators a new mantra to hum
kicking an evil system out
no more fucked Swiss banks
no more black income
the poor will have houses
food on the table
good education
for their children
a thought a new order
your mind cant fathom
no hate no religiosity
no hate forum
hijras bold beautiful
handsome the world
under their thumb
celestial skies stardom
no place for
bureaucratic scums
no adasrsh scam
no cwg scam
fuck no more
raja or 2 g spectrum
hope humanity
in tandem
equality justice truth
land of the hijras
where all are

dedicated to laxmi narayan tripathi my hijra guru awesome

The Lion of Haji Malang

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He is in a state called Hazri.. he is not himself anymore, his entire mind set his body soul is pervaded by the characteristics of a wild lion, he has walked on all fours to the Holy Shrine of Haji Malang.

He emotes as a lion, and is not aware of his human surroundings I was lucky to be there when he arrived with his father .

Mind you he is a Hindu boy Raju Kotwal from VileParle Mumbai.

Haji Malang Dulha

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a holistic chant that heals
on everyone's tongue
old feeble small and young
on a precipice of hope
their spirits hung
haji malang baba
a name far flung
his glory his tune
a song they sung
every step at malangad
to his soul they clung

Aisi Jagah Batado Jahan Par Khuda Na Ho

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kuch shree malang kehte hain
malang baba toh haji malang ke
alawa logon ke dilon
main rehate hain
do muthi lekar ate ho
woh jholi bharkar dete hain
nam se tum kuch bhi pukaro
tumhari ankhon se
woh behte hain
ansu jo jath path
nahi jante woh
sab mushkil
ko sehte hain
hindu muslim sikh esai
hindustan ko kehte hain

Hijde Ke Dukh Sirf Ek Shayar Samjhta Hai

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jab hijde
ki zindagi
ek pehlu
toote hue
kalam se
pani pe
likhta hai
ansu ke tarazu main
hijde ka badan jab
raste pe bikta hai
marte dam tak
khade hokar
waqt ko salam
karta hai
fatiah padne
ke liye
shayar ka
intizar karta hai
kyon ki
marne ke bad bhi
ghungroo se
pyar karta hai
izhar karta hai