Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Final March

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in days of old
the spirit of freedom
was a torch
held high
service sacrifice
for the country
was the only cry
every man
for the nation
willing to die
things have changed
as time went by
now selling off the nation
is the politicians reply
mega bucks in kick backs
telgi scam every kind of con
by the next guy
towers reaching
god in the sky
the poor man
living in a pigsty
divide and rule
as they their trade
of hate bigotry ply
religion in the hands
of brokers who
hateful means apply
brother against brother
no outcry
while the nation bleeds
the defeated soul
lets out a sigh

Tears on The Soul of Meena Bazar

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Muslims love killing Muslims
by far
destabilizing the Peace
of the world a state of war
blood shed on a ripped door
a human tragedy guts and gore
bodies strewn on a wounded
floor misplaced martyrdom
via a bomb
placed in a car
tears on the soul of meena bazar
on the collective conscience
of Islam yet another scar
a bleeding crescent
of times that are
misplaced jehad
a lost cause
of a fallen star
a mothers womb
an unborn child
his memoir