Monday, August 6, 2007

The Nizamuddin Auliya Dhuni

I am not much of a Dargah man, my comfort levels are at Dhunis where all the Malangs and Babas gather ,around the holy fire smoke , gossip , this is the Nizamuddin Auliya Dhuni…I met one of Late Sikandar wali babas mureed of the Chancawalli Sufis… who directed me to the two famous dhunis here

March 20th, 2007

Pir Khwajah Afzal Nizami

Pir Khwajah Afzal Nizami

Motherhood and Islam

True Islam grows in the Garden of Motherhood
A sacred scripture through the eyes of a Mother
Unread understood.
Mother who bears mans burden
Yet in the end maltreated misunderstood
The Mullah in mans world safeguards man
While woman hides her inner scars in
Religious hood.
Some call it hijab
A garment outer protective armor
For our womanhood.
We fight among ourselves
Divided as Shias Sunnis
Dismembering Allahs call
For brotherhood
Muslims love killing Muslims
A never ending feud
Tainted blood stained petro dollars
A puritanical bigoted faith renewed
Without Ahle Bait we are doomed
On an island of Hate unrescued.
Live and others live too
A global peace conclude.

March 20th, 2007

At the Doorstep of Nizamuddin Aulia Dargah

Kafir-e-ishqam musalmani mara darkaar neest
Har rag-e mun taar gashta hajat-e zunnaar neest;
Az sar-e baaleen-e mun bar khez ay naadaan tabeeb
Dard mand-e ishq ra daroo bajuz deedaar neest;
Nakhuda dar kashti-e maagar nabashad go mubaash
Ma khuda daareem mara nakhuda darkaar neest;
Khalq migoyad, ki Khusrau butparasti mikunad
Aare-aare mikunam, ba khalq mara kaar neest.

I am a pagan (worshipper) of love: the creed (of Muslims) I do not need;
Every vein of mine has become (taut like a) wire the (pagan) girdle I do not need.
Leave from my bedside, you ignorant physician!
The only cure for the patient of love is the sight of his beloved –
other than this no medicine does he need.
If there be no pilot in our boat, let there be none:
We have god in our midst: the pilot we do not need.
The people of the world say that Khusrau worships idols.
So I do, so I do; the people I do not need,
the world I do not need.

March 20th, 2007

Unhealing wound of a Shia Blogger

10 days have passed since I injured myself with my scourging blades at Jamma Masjid in Delhi during the Safed Tazia Chehlum procession ,while I added wound to my injury carrying my weighty camera bag, walking 21 km barefeet,all the way to the final destination Shahe Marda.
On my return I took the necessary precautions, extra dosage to bring down my soaring diabetes perched at a pinnacle of 400 after lunch, pre breakfast at 219.
However there is no sign of improvement, the wound is as raw, swollen, the excruciating pain not subsiding so I finally decided to go to the nearby SL Raheja Diabetes Hospital.
I was interviewed by a senior Dr Karande who was known to my earlier diabetes doctor, Dr Ghodbole of Nanavati Hosptal, after taking down my case history I was sent to eminent diabetologist Dr P DTalwalkar.
Dr Talwalkar has initially put me on insulin, tomorrow I have to visit a surgeon to find out if surgery needs to be done, incidentally I carried my Athvi blood faced photo to show them I had taken many wounds, but this little scratch of a wound has cut me down to size.
Nonetheless I shall cut my forehead again this Athvi, continue doing my Tandav on the soul of Shimr and hisYazidiyat.
Ya Hussain Ya Hussain

March 20th, 2007

The Ladies side of the Dargah

Nizamuddin Aulia Shrine


Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1
Man on all fours
Trying to break out
Spiritually stake out
A no mans land
Moving mankind
Won’t give him a hand
Tongueless tasteless bland
The golden spoon
Soured supply
Diminishing demand
Only sorrow today
Tomorrow more sorrow
At his beck and command
The rich get super rich
Their lives well scripted preplanned
the poor man s destiny written on water
a polythene plastic bag of a poem
suffocating the
mangroves of a human wasteland

March 20th, 2007

The Incense Seller

I get ready to leave the Dargah

Samad Nizami and me

The Inner Sanctum OF Nizamuddin Aulia

A Divine Moment

A Divine Moment
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Tomb of Amir Khusro His Poetry

Couplets by Amir Khusro

Man kunto maula,
Fa Ali-un maula
Man kunto maula.
Dara dil-e dara dil-e dar-e daani.
Hum tum tanana nana, nana nana ray
Yalali yalali yala, yalayala ray Man tunko maula……

“Whoever accepts me as a master,
Ali is his master too.”

Har qaum raast raahay, deen-e wa qibla gaahay,
Mun qibla raast kardam, bar samt kajkulaahay.
Sansaar har ko poojay, kul ko jagat sarahay,
Makkay mein koyi dhoondhay, Kaashi ko koi jaaye,
Guyyian main apnay pi kay payyan padun na kaahay.
Har qaum raast raahay, deen-e wa qibla gaahay…..


Every sect has a faith, a direction (Qibla) to which they turn,
I have turned my face towards the crooked cap (of Nizamudin Aulia)
The whole world worships something or the other,
Some look for God in Mecca, while some go to Kashi (Banaras),
So why can’t I, Oh wise people, fall into my beloved’s feet?
Every sect has a faith, a Qibla.

Farsi Couplet:
Agar firdaus bar roo-e zameen ast,
Hameen ast-o hameen ast-o hameen ast.

English Translation:
If there is a paradise on earth,
It is this, it is this, it is this (India).

Farsi Couplet:
Mun tu shudam tu mun shudi,mun tun shudam tu jaan shudi
Taakas na guyad baad azeen, mun deegaram tu deegari

English Translation:
I have become you, and you me,
I am the body, you soul;
So that no one can say hereafter,
That you are someone, and me someone else

March 19th, 2007

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The Tomb of Amir Khusro His Poetry

Bahut Kathin Hai
Bahut Kathin hai dagar panghat ki,
Kaisay main bhar laaun madhva say matki?
Paniya bharan ko main jo gayi thi,
Daud jhapat mori matki patki.
Bahut kathin hai dagar panghat ki.
Khusrau Nijaam kay bal bal jayyiye
Laaj rakho moray ghoonghat pat ki.
Bahut kathin hai dagar panghat ki.

The road to the Well is much too difficult,
How to get my pot filled?
When I went to fill the water,
In the furor, I broke my pot.
Khusrau has given his whole life to you Oh, Nijam.
Would you please take care of my veil (or self esteem),
The road to the well is much too difficult.

Chashmay mastay ajabay zulf daraazay ajabay,
Mai parastay ajabay fitna darazay ajabay,
Behray qatlam chu kushad taighe-nihaan sar basajud,
Oo ba-naazay ajabay mun be-neyaazay ajabay,
Turk taazay ajabay sho’bada baazay ajabay;
Kajkulahay ajabay arbada saazay ajabay;
Haq mago kalma-e kufr ast darein ja Khusrau;
Raaz daanay ajabay saaheb-e raaz-e ajabay.


O wondrous ecstatic eyes, o wondrous long locks,
O wondrous wine worshipper, o wondrous mischievous sweetheart.
As he draws the sword, I bow my head in prostration so as to be killed,
O wondrous is his beneficence, o wondrous my submission.
O wondrous amorous teasing, o wondrous beguiling,
O wondrous tilted cap, o wondrous tormentor.
Do not reveal the Truth; in this world blasphemy prevails, Khusrau;
O wondrous source of mystery, o wondrous knower of secrets.
Mora Jobana (My Youth)

Mora jobana navelara, bhayo hai gulaal,
Kaisi dhar dini bikas mori maal.
Mora jobana navelara…….
Nijamudin aulia ko koyi samajhaaye,
Jyon jyon manaon, wo to rootha hi jaaye.
Mora jobana navelara……
Chudiyan phod palang pe daaron,
Is cholee ko doon main aag lagaai.
Sooni saij darawan laagay, virah agni mohay dus dus jaaye
Mora jobana navelara…….


My youth is budding, is full of passion;
How can I spend this time without my beloved?
Would someone please coax Nizamuddin Aulia,
The more I appease him, the more annoyed he gets;
My youth is budding……
Want to break these bangles against the cot,
And throw up my blouse into fire,
The empty bed scares me,
The fire of separation keeps burning me.
Oh, beloved. My youth is budding.

March 19th, 2007

The Tomb of Amir Khusro

Normally they dont allow you to shoot within the Inner Sanctum, it was because of the powers above and Samad Nizami that I took these shots.

Master and Mureed

Master and Mureed
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The Dargah Connection

The interconnectivity among the dargahs is spell binding, I spoke to Peersaab Hujra no6 Ajmer ,, my mentor Fakhru Miyan, within seconds these two khadims of Nizamuddin Aulia appeared to take charge of me…in the center is Samad Nizami…their Hujra is opposite Amir Khusros grave.
Picture is not sharp… shot by a bystander

A poet at the Grave of Amir Khusro

Holy Shrine of Amir Khusro

Ab’ul Hasan Yamīn al-Dīn Khusrow (Persian: ابوالحسن یمین‌الدین خسرو‎ ,Hindi:अबुल हसन यमीनुददीन ख़ुसरो) (1253-1325 CE), better known as Amir Khusro Dehlavi or Amir Khusraw Balkhi in Afghanistan and Iran (in Persian اميرخسرو دهلوى Amīr Khusraū Dehlavī), is one of the iconic figures in the cultural history of the Indian subcontinent. A Sufi mystic and a spiritual disciple of Nizamuddin Auliya of Delhi, Amir Khusro (or Khusrau or Khusraw) was not only one of India’s greatest poets, he is also credited with being the founder of both Hindustani classical music and Qawwali (the devotional music of the Sufis).[citation needed] He was born of a Turkish father, Saif ad-Dīn, and an Indian mother, in India[1].

Khusro was a prolific classical poet associated with the royal courts of more than seven rulers of the Delhi Sultanate. He is popular in much of North India and Pakistan, because of many playful riddles, songs and legends attributed to him. Through his enormous literary output and the legendary folk personality, Khusro represents one of the first (recorded) Indian personages with a true multi-cultural or pluralistic identity.

He wrote in both Persian and Hindustani. His poetry is still sung today at Sufi shrines throughout Pakistan and India.

Amir Khusro was the author of a Khamsa which emulated that of the earlier Persian-language poet Nizami Ganjavi. His work was considered to be one of the great classics of Persian poetry during the Timurid period in Transoxiana.

[edit] Amir Khusro and the origins of the Sitar and the Tabla
Amir Khusro is credited with fashioning the tabla as a split version of the traditional Indian drum, the pakhawaj.

Popular lore also credits him with inventing the sitar, the Indian grand lute, but it is more likely that the Amir Khusro associated with the sitar lived in the 18th century (he is said to be a descendant of the son-in-law of Tansen, the celebrated classical singer in the court of the Mughal Emperor Akbar). Even this 18th century Amir Khusro probably made significant contributions to the sitar, but did not invent it. See Origin Of Sitar and About Sitars.

[edit] Some samples of Khusro’s poetry

[edit] Persian couplets
اَگر فِردؤس بر رُو-ائے زمین اَست،
ہمین اَست-او ہمین اَست-او ہمین اَست۔

Agar firdaus bar roo-e zameen ast,
Hameen ast-o hameen ast-o hameen ast.

If there is paradise on face of the earth,
It is this, it is this, it is this (Kashmir)

check: this couplet is thought to be due to mughal emperor shahjahaan and to refer to the valley of kashmir

[edit] Persian poems
Kafir-e-ishqam musalmani mara darkaar neest
Har rag-e mun taar gashta hajat-e zunnaar neest;
Az sar-e baaleen-e mun bar khez ay naadaan tabeeb
Dard mand-e ishq ra daroo bajuz deedaar neest;
Nakhuda dar kashti-e maagar nabashad go mubaash
Ma khuda daareem mara nakhuda darkaar neest;
Khalq migoyad, ki Khusrau butparasti mikunad
Aare-aare mikunam, ba khalq mara kaar neest.

I am a pagan (worshipper) of love: the creed (of Muslims) I do not need;
Every vein of mine has become (taut like a) wire the (pagan) girdle I do not need.
Leave from my bedside, you ignorant physician!
The only cure for the patient of love is the sight of his beloved –
other than this no medicine does he need.
If there be no pilot in our boat, let there be none:
We have god in our midst: the pilot we do not need.
The people of the world say that Khusrau worships idols.
So I do, so I do; the people I do not need,
the world I do not need.

[edit] Hindi couplets
ख़ुसरो दरिया प्रेम का, उलटी वा की धार,
जो उतरा सो डूब गया, जो डूबा सो पार.

Khusro dariya prem ka, ulṭī vā kī dhār,
Jo utrā so ḍūb gayā, jo ḍūbā so pār.

Khusro! the river of love has a reverse flow
One who avoids drowns and one who drowns gets across.

सेज वो सूनी देख के रोवुँ मैं दिन रैन,
पिया पिया मैं करत हूँ पहरों, पल भर सुख ना चैन.
Sej vo sūnī dekh ke rovun main din rain,
Piyā piyā main karat hūn pahron, pal bhar sukh nā chain.

Upon seeing the empty bed I cry night and day
Wooing for my beloved all day, I have not a single moment of rest.

[edit] Major life events in chronological order
1253 Khusro was born in Patiali near Etah in what is today the state of Uttar Pradesh in northern India. His father Amir Saifuddin came from Balkh in modern day Afghanistan and his mother hailed from Delhi.
1260 After the death of his father, Khusro went to Delhi with his mother.
1271 Khusro compiled his first divan of poetry, “Tuhfatus-Sighr”.
1272 Khusro got his first job as court poet with King Balban’s nephew Malik Chhajju.
1276 Khusro started working as a poet with Bughra Khan (Balban’s son).
1279 While writing his second divan, Wastul-Hayat, Khusrau visited Bengal.
1281 Employed by Sultan Mohammad (Balban’s second son) and went to Multan with him.
1285 Khusro participated as a soldier in the war against the invading Mongols. He was taken prisoner, but escaped.
1287 Khusro went to Awadh with Ameer Ali Hatim (another patron).
1288 His first mathnavi, “Qiranus-Sa’dain” was completed.
1290 When Jalal ud din Firuz Khilji came to power, Khusro’s second mathnavi, “Miftahul Futooh” was ready.
1294 His third divan “Ghurratul-Kamal” was complete.
1295 Ala ud din Khilji (sometimes spelled “Khalji”) came to power and invaded Devagiri and Gujarat.
1298 Khusro completed his “Khamsa-e-Nizami”.
1301 Khilji attacked Ranthambhor, Chittor, Malwa and other places, and Khusro remained with the king in order to write chronicles.
1310 Khusro became close to Nizamuddin Auliya, and completed Khazain-ul-Futuh.
1315 Alauddin Khilji died. Khusro completed the mathnavi “Duval Rani-Khizr Khan” (a romantic poem).
1316 Qutb ud din Mubarak Shah became the king, and the fourth historical mathnavi “Noh-Sepehr” was completed.
1321 Mubarak Khilji (sometimes spelled “Mubarak Khalji”) was murdered and Ghiyath al-Din Tughluq came to power. Khusro started to write the Tughluqnama.
1325 Sultan Muhammad bin Tughluq came to power. Nizamuddin Auliya died, and six months later so did Khusro. Khusro’s tomb is next to that of his master in the Nizamuddin Dargah of Delhi.

March 19th, 2007

Nizamuddin Aulia Shrine


He was also known as “Sultan-ul-Mashaikh” (distinguished leader of the Sufi Saints of his time in India) and “Mehboob-e-Elahi” (Beloved of Allah). He succeeded Hazrath Baba Fariduddin RA as the highest spiritual leader in India. In addition to his spiritual attainments and perfection, he was a most distinguished scholar and an administrative genius. His Khanqah in Delhi became the reservoir of Divine Wisdom and Knowledge, religious learning and moral and social training for over 50 years.

He founded Khanqahs all over India, and sent his trained Khulafas who acquitted themselves most brilliantly in their missionary duties especially in imparting lessons in Truth and Love. He saw seven kingdoms of Delhi rising and falling. He never visited the courts of any of the ruling monarchs, neither did he permit them to come near him all his life, thus observing one of the most important principles of Sufism in this respect.

Charity and piety were deeply ingrained in his life because he himself had tasted the bitter pills of poverty and privations in his childhood and youth. He lived and died for the welfare of the poor of India. He is buried in Delhi, India.

Among his mureeds (followers) was one Hazrath Amir Khusro RA - a great Sufi, a wealthy merchant who gave up all, an intellectual giant of many languages, an artist, a prolific author, a genius musician (he invented the Sitar), a versatile composer, and above all a most dutiful and devoted mureed.

nizami rehnumai

nizami rehnumai
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1
living not loving a mortal crime
against a god and his godlinesss sublime
words romantically infused in rhyme
sweetness mellowing as stolen time
nizamuddin aulia watched by amir khusro
shah ast hussain a silken thread
of a lifetime
breathing pulsating
the walls of khwjah moinuddin chishti
nizami rahenumai
ya ali mushkil kushai
all time.

March 19th, 2007

Peace and Tranquility

Nizamuddin Aulia Shrine

near Mathura Road
Timings: Open on all days from sunrise to sunset
Preferred Timings: Thursday evenings between 5-7 p.m.
Famous as: A Sufi shrine - Hazrat Nizamuddin’s Dargah
Admission: Free and open to all
How to Reach: Tourists can either take local buses from various points within the city to reach this monument, which is located near Mathura Road or they can take auto-rickshaws and taxis or metro rail.
Video charges: Nil (but caretakers need to be tipped at least Rs 20; prior permission required)
Nearest Railway Station: Nizamuddin Railway Station
Nearest Metro Station: Central Secretariat
Functional Metro Station: Central Secretariat
Nearest International Airport: Indira Gandhi International Airport
Time required for sightseeing: 2½ hours

Located in the historic Nizamuddin village, about 2 kilometers from Humayun’s tomb, and not far from the eastern end of the Lodi Road, is the Dargah of Hazrat Nizamuddin. It is the shrine of a famous humanitarian Muslim Sufi and mystic saint, Sheikh Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia Chishti.

Born at Badaun in the state of Uttar Pradesh in 1236, Sheikh Hazrat Nizamuddin was the disciple of the saint Sheikh Farid Shakarganj, who appointed him as his successor. Said to be a direct descendant of Sheikh Nizamuddin Chisti, he had a large following which included Alauddin Khilji, Mohammed bin Tughlaq and the great poet Amir Khusrau. The royal processions of the Mughal Emperors Babur, Humayun, Akbar, Jahangir, and Shah Jahan always halted at Nizamuddin’s shrine, while the Emperor paid his respects at the sacred dargah. The revered saint was popular among people of all faiths because of his doctrine of renunciation and tolerance towards other religions. It is said that he prophesied Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq would never return to Delhi again and the ruler died soon after. Hazrat Nizamuddin died in 1325 and his shrine today is a popular pilgrimage site.

Hazrat Nizamuddin’s original tomb no longer exists. Faridun Khan, a nobleman, built the present structure in the mid-15th century, and it was repaired and decorated by Firoz Shah Tughlaq, as well as by later rulers. A mosque and many other tombs of famous people surround the dargah, as they wished to be buried near the saint. It has a marble-paved courtyard where the sacred shrine of the saint can be seen. Shah Jahan later added the majestic pavilion with its marble arches and lattice screens known as jalis. Worshippers tie red threads to these jalis as signs of wishes they hope will be fulfilled. The roof is surmounted by a dome, which is ornamented by vertical stripes of black marble with lotus cresting. It is said that Akbar II constructed this imposing dome. The main grave is wrapped with a scented chadar or cloth, which is dark green in color. Devotees offer their prayers at the shrine by showering rose petals and lighting incense sticks. Pilgrims congregate at the shrine twice a year for the festival or Urs held to mark the anniversaries of Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia and the renowned poet Amir Khusrau.

The best day to visit the shrine is on Thursday evening to experience the faith of the devotees, who visit the shrine, seeking fulfillment of their prayers.

March 18th, 2007

The Holy Saint History

Name : Nizamuddin Aulia
Period : 1236 - 1325
Biographical detail : The founder of Silsila-e-Nizamia.

Khawaja Nizamuddin Aulia was the founder of Silsila-e-Nizamia a branch of Chistiya order. Nizamuddin Aulia was one of the most famous Sufi saints of India and was a follower of Khawaja Moinuddin Chisti (1141 – 1236), one of the most outstanding figures in the annals of Islamic mysticism and founder of the Chistiyya order in Ajmer, India and whose firm faith in wahdat al-wajud (Unity of Being) provided the necessary ideological support to his mystic mission to bring about emotional integration of the people amongst whom he lived.

The central principles that became characteristics of the Chistiyya order are based on Khawaja Moinuddin Chisti’s many teachings and practices. They lay stress on renunciation of material goods; strict regime of self-discipline and personal prayer; participation in sama as a legitimate means to spiritual transformation; reliance on either cultivation or unsolicited offerings as means of basic subsistence; independence from rulers and the state, including rejection of monetary and land grants; generosity to others, particularly, through sharing of food and wealth, and tolerance and respect for religious differences.

Moinuddin Chisti, in other words, interpreted religion in terms of human service and exhorted his disciples “to develop river-like generosity, sun-like affection and earth-like hospitality.” The highest form of devotion, according to him, was “to redress the misery of those in distress – to fulfil the needs of the helpless and to feed the hungry.”

Khawaja Nizamuddin Aulia was a disciple of Khawaja Fariduddin Ganj-i-Shakir, and was known as the Sultan of all the Sufis. Amir Khusro and Hasan Sajzi were his favourite disciples.

Khawaja Nizamuddin Aulia was born Syed Muhammad at Badiyun and lies buried in Delhi whose tomb is visited by millions of Muslims, Hindus and people of others faiths of the Indian sub-continent, round the year, even to this day.

March 18th, 2007

At the Doorstep of Nizamuddin Aulia Dargah

When I reached Delhi the first thing my brother Firdaus Shakir based in Delhi, did was drop me at the Abidis,
Ashraf Abidi or Huzoor Miya a very versatile writer now retired, had bought up my wife Afshaan as a daughter, as they stayed in the same neighborhood of Banjari Tola Lucknow.
Ashraf Abidi also was connected to me by ancestral blood my maternal grandfather Daroga Nabban Saab , was his paternal grandfather,.
Daroga Nabban Saaab had two wives, his parentage was from the first wife Asma Tara, his father Ahmed Ali died when he was very young, his mother died soon after so he was bought up in feudal surroundings in a village in Faizabad.,
My mother Shamim Shakir was very fond of him, I was visiting their Delhi house for the first time to celebrate and participate and shoot the Delhi Chehlum.
His only son Adnan Abidi who works at Reuters is in Jamaica shooting the World Cup.
So this trip was a moment of childhood nostalgia and bonding.
So having a day to spare I went to pay my tribute to the Holy Saint Nizamuddin Aulia.
So this is my new gallery, a call to Peersaaab Fakhru Miyan Hujra no6 Ajmer connected me to Samad Nizami who was a great host for the few hours I spent here.

March 18th, 2007

GSB Ganesha King of King Circle

GSB Ganesha King of King Circle

GSB Ganesha King of King Circle

So you are Photographerno1

This is shot by the kind photographer on the stage, he is captured much of me that I conceal from myself…the little kid is wondering from where I dropped in at their pandal at Kings Circle..

April 17th, 2007

GSB Ganesha King of King Circle Hope and Hindutva

The Miracle Man and The Shettys

The gentleman with the beads barebreast in white , is a staunch devotee, there is a donation box that you drop money or jewellery to the Lord , that is auctioned , now while serving the Lord this gentlemans lucky elephant hair bracelet fell into the donation box, he could not get it back, his world turned upside down, but on the day of the auction , no one bid for his bracelet , he bid and got it back, his luck has changed for the better, his necklace is coral , rudraksh gold, these ordinary men, in ordinary attire are multi rich, hoteliers , savants, doctors scientists, industrialists, collectively also known as Shettys from Mangalore and the Udipi.. they bought the Masala dossa, Idli sambar, Medu vada , Utthapa to the ever hungry palate of the Mumbaikar..
I have always had Shetty friends how can I ever forget Ramesh Anna or Ramesh Alva of Madras Cafe who gave up his soul .. for reasons unknown to me, did this on a day I will never forget ..Dec10 my birthday. he was not just a friend but a brother related to me by misplaced birth.. Devdas, Uday Shetty, Prem Shetty of Bada saab, ,Prithviraj Alva, Karthik Alva, Ramesh Arasa, Sneha Sharan Arasa.. so many all connected to me in my cybernetic space..
Late Dr P Navin Kumar a social worker who left no stone unturned to add greenery and comfort to those living in Colaba.
Than Mr Santosh Shetty from Park Site Vikhroli who is looked upon as a Messiah of the underprivileged Eunuchs and Hijdas during the All India Hijda Sammelan.

GSB Ganesha King of King Circle Hope and Hindutva

GSB Ganesha King of King Circle

Lighting of the Lamps

The flowers at the Pandal of GSB Ganpati this must be weighing in tons are changed everyday, I was here for about an hour and a half, I could have gone on shooting forever, but I lacked company, earlier I was a loner shot pictures for myself, but the Internet changed me , I want to have people around me , excited with their cameras , this sharing I picked up at Buzznet, we learn from each other is not as cliche as it sounds, I am a a stylistic photographer , bend my body to achieve a human tripod like perspective, my human body is ravaged due to brittle bones diabetes and a failing eyesight… Mr KG Shenoy told me someone should shoot you taking pictures , yes he is right I look like a uncompositional picture myself.
And a few years back I remember at a Vasi Fort shoot , this lady now a great photographer Kalpana Shah of PSI my camera club, would follow me she was a salon exhibitor too, I was really upset lashed her verbally , than good sense saved me I begged her forgiveness, I was out of line and she is a tough woman, but she must have hurt , I hurt more when she said I like to learn from what you shoot.. thank you Kalpana I am still learning to unshoot those self aggrandized megalomaniac moments as a showing off photographer..
I show off now too but without hurting others this was a lesson learnt the hard way..Mr Will Barber by Truth showed me that I was callous in not reading his poems, but I guess I needed his rebuking words , he is a fabulously gifted poetic word smith.. he sent me a reply of thanks..I am ashamed I thought he was a well wisher on poem hunter , not a poet.. I am just a toddler in a poetic kindergarten..

GSB Ganesha King of King Circle

Tuning in to the Lord

I need space to shoot my kind of pictures , cramped claustrophobic spaces , unnerve me , but this was a good shot hindered by the white wooden pole.. but I tried,, I had to crop a part of the Music of the Musicians s face to allow more of the Lord.. Mr KG Shenoy was wondering whether I was stuck by some rabid madness of the fleeting moment and the lilting tune ..of musical notes flickering light like night lit insects hovering to keep the Lord in cool comfort .


Over Exposed..Photographerno1

Over Exposed..Photographerno1
My Nikon D70 is not very responsive to photographers who take my pictures from my camera and yet the kid on the street who shoots my pictures gets a better shot, but here it was not me but the presence of the Lord and his reflected light that surely overexposed the goodness of my heart .. under exposed my few short comings.. I can see a camera friendly lady, rubbishing my words, I too bow my head to the Divinity of a Womans Wisdom.. Womans Wisdom is apocryphal by nature, apocalyptic in its interpretation.. this is after a long gap I am directly writing a post , without the fleeting wings of Yahoo Mail, the problem is once I log in I cant sign out.. from Buzznet or from rust corrosive shuttered doors of a womans heart.. frankly come to think of it, do women really have hearts , or is it just an organ to pump blood everywhere but the brains .. the cerebral cleavage where Wisdom lies buried death due to asphxiation.. or gassed fixation.. Internet Time On Ration.. my kind of Photography Unlearnt with a Passion .

April 12th, 2007

GSB Lord Ganesha Kings Circle

I start a new series at Word Press of my pictures that I shot of the GSB Lord Ganesha at Kings Circle last year, may be the Lord was inquistive to know how I would capture him, with Shivas eye embedded in minds camera consciousness..all this would not have been possible without Dr BU Pai convenor of this awesome pandal, a very close friend, radiologist at the prestigious Hinduja Hospital.
Photography is strictly prohibited, but here once again the Lord turns a Nelsons eye…the Lord is very photogenic, loves photography and photographers…The Lord is selective too in his choice of photographers.. I was plain lucky..I have already been given the green signal to shoot him next year too…
For the South Indian Shetty community , he is as huge as the Lal Bagh Chya Raja..but this cohesive community , put all their time to serving the Lord , men women children, you are transported to Mangalore , on wings of poetic fancy… the entire Pandal, the ceremonies are out of this world…everybody is wrapped up in the beauty of this Grandiose Lord…
All roads lead to Kings Circle…directly a shortcut to the Lords Kingdom up above in the labrynths of his Divinity.
Honestly you dont need to be a staunch Hindu to be bessed by the Lord.. he blesses generously …more generously when he knows you Allahs invoker and disciple too…these are my personal feelings both at this pandal and at Lal Bag Chya Raja that I shot extensively to share it with my American friends at Buzznet…
I now bring them to Word Press to showcase what I call Hope and Hindutva.
11 th april 2007

GSB means Gaud Saraswati Brahmins..

These series of Pictures would have not been possible without the finest friend that God has specially given me Dr BU Pai eminent sonolgist and celebrity cult doctor at Hinduja Hospital Mumbai.

I copy their brochure I took when I left the august presence of the GSB Ganesha..

Dear Fellow devotee,
It is with great pleasure we inform you about the 52 nd Shree Gaaneshotsav Celeberations of our GSB Seva Mandal which will be celebrated at Sri Sukriteendra Nagar , A Rama Nayak Halll grounds behind SNDT Womens college R A Kidwai marg Kings Circle Mumbai 19. from 27th Aug,2006 till 31st Aug 2006.
We also have the proud privilege to state that the Shree Ganeshotsav is celebrated by us with unique spiritual and religious focus to insure that all the offerings made to Lord Ganesha reach him in the purity of thoughts and action.
The five days celebration of Seva Mandal is one where all volunteers whole heartedly work day and night right from collection of donations to service towards the Lordand also his devotees thronging the Pandal to pay obeisance to the Lord.The Shrama Daan of our volunteers is truly worth watching at the venue.
The Lords idol stands majestically at height of 17 feet studded with gold ornaments and a beautiful gold crown.When the celebrations were first initiated by Seva Mandal , the Lords idol was 14 inches, .
It exemplifies the stature and glory of our Lord who is also known to fulfil wishes of his ardent devotees. Seva Mandal feels itself fortunate to be blessed by our Dharma Guru His HolinessSudhindra Titha Swamiji , The Mathadipati of Shri Kashi Math Samasthan without which these celebrations could not have scaled to such great heights…
May Lord Ganesha inspire and bless us all.

Madhav K Prabhu ( Chairman )
Rajiv R Kamath ( Hon Gen Sec )

Ramesh V Bhandarkar( Hon Treasurer)

Dr Bhujang U Pai (Convenor)

Dinesh S Pai
Raghunuandan S Kamath
( Jt Convenor)

These are some of the best pictures I have attempted to shoot but my flash let me down as the area to cover was very vast,though I would have got better results had I taken my Manfrotto tripod.. , the euphoria of the Lord is woven in the hands of the little kids who on the stage light the lamps, the women cutting vegetables, and the youth proud and resplendent smiles and the Future of our nation building, the pretty damsels all enlightened in their comeliness by the Grace of Lord Ganesha and dressed in their Sunday best, the Mothers silently praying to the Lord to see that he finds them great grooms greater soul mates, a tear drops from my eye as fathers I still believe are far more maternal than mothers show it with tears the love of their daughters on the threshold of entering a new world as brides .. Samiya comes to mind.. Samiya is my college going daughter all of 18 years..

The Pujaris their beatific smiles the Head Pujari when I was introduced to him by Dr BU Pai more happy and appreciative when he heard my name told Dr Pai a Mussalman.. good man, applied tilak on my forehead that I did not politely refuse.. as I was an honored guest in the Temple of the GSB Ganpati…
Mr KG Shenoy and his lovely wife , proud in laws of Dr BU Pai.. watched my antics my one leg kundalini accumulating photography.
The two kind photographers on the stage shooting the moods of the Lord and also took my shots I am greatful to them.
I have kept all other pictures of the Pandals in my Bandra area on abeyance to bring this GSB Lord Ganesha into your hearts and house…
I firmly believe that even the GSB Lord wanted to be shot by Bollywoods Most Wanted PhotographerNo1.
Thank You Lord.

April 12th, 2007

Naaga Sadhu on a Sufi Trip

Naaga Sadhu
He is a devout Naga Sadhu .. a Hindu believer of Lord Shiva but he is the first Sadhu I have seen who lives with Sikandar Wali Baba is a devotee of The Holy Saint Makdoom Shah Baba he is also a smoker ..this is the first time I shot him .

The Naga Sadhus and the Rafaees live in peaceful spiritual coexistence , both have a Dhuni , each has a different symbolism, the Naga Sadhu and the rafaees are Mendicants

Fuck Nikon D70 Fuck Shoes

I wont be posting pictures here from tomorrow as I leave for a business committment for a few days, enforced gagged silence from a photo blogger.Actuall you guys are the only ones who know I am a photo blogger the lowest trung in the hierarchy of photography.Photograpy entails dreams big buck,celebrity staus iconoclastic fame glitz and glamour.
I have seen it all except big bucks, I am an asshole as far as business goes I have been raped sodomized for my money that people who owe me and pretend they are in a more bitter shape than me.
I owe people money the thought kills me a hundredfold, but I will pay back, there has been a serious set back this year.If I did not use this instrument of blogging I would have gone mad, literally.I punish myself by blogging.
I show you not just my Shia world but my neighbours too, yes he is a Hindu we share the same Banyan tree that gives us shade and tranquilty.We share the same wall too..
All these pictures tht I posted here are from my neglected CDS , I shot scanned and forgot all about them.
The pictures too show my earliest tryst with photography.
Photography has a different connotation from person to person, the only person who respects my views and my photoblogging is one of my photo gurus Mr Shreekanth Malushte , who coaches students at Dadar, short term courses for kids, working women men , at a nominal charge.He calls me to give a pep talk , I talk truth regarding photography, the various streams in photography, I talk of photography not just as an end to make money but as a means to relax and understand the inner mechanism of your body as a camera, simple words have a desired effect, no bombast no pomousness or pedagogue.
Photography is an expensive hobby , but so is living life or dying pay to come in this world you pay to go out too, but you leave behind your notes to guide the ancient Mariner who will take your place as the Next Gen photographer..
My wife tells me why dont I write for the newsapers.. I told her they die far too quickly .. 'I will live in the immortality of an Internet bubble that whatever the main stream media says will never burst...
This is what connects us all a few wires transfusing hope to new future.
I have not a single hand written copy of my poems everything on the net , my body is only Husk offline.. I am blood sweat and tears a gushing photostream on the cyberspace.
It took me 24 months exactly.
Thank you Mr Brandon Stone.
Thank You Mr Biz Stone..
Fuck I did let my blogs loose...Bloggerspot Word Press Flickrs Poem Hunter my homesite and a wee bit at Buzznet and Ipernity.
Thank you Df Duck most of all.
Thank you Shri Vijay Giri Maharaj.
Thank you Doyoulike it,,Tom
Fuck Nikon D70
Fuck Shoes

I will leave for my shop, I catch a train tonight, I hate aeroplanes

PH Piss Assed Pompous Poets

Tutorials teaching you
The art of writing poetry
At poem hunter by masters
Piss assed pompous poets
God’s angel’s rainbows
Clouds petals oceans and seas
Love more love and peace
Birds flowers and bees..
Branches and trees
Asexual world
Castrated calm
Lyrical lispness
Lilting limpness
Lassitude lonesomeness
Won’t ever cease
They want others to write
Like them poetic pedestrian sleaze
The arse well not getting well
A fostered brain a Fucked Foulk
if you please
Who here at poem hunter
play the role of immoral police
Racism, on the increase a hate spreading
Infecting the soul
Racial profiling
Of poetry like a cancerous disease
all around causing unease
sticks in their asses asking for the
final release

Playing it Saif

Playing it Saif
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1
Saif my 24 year old son, is holding fort , serves me food, takes care of me on Sunday, his mother has gone to Lucknow to search for his bride to be , Saif is in a desperate hurry to get married,since the age of 4.
If she does not find a suitable match than she will search in Mumbai.But Lucknow is the first choice as we are originally from Lucknow.
My elder son Asif Shakirs wife is from Lucknow too.
Wife loves Lucknow , there is no doubt about that, arranged marriage is the order for the day as far as Saif is concerned, his mothers choice will be the ultimate choice.
Saif is pretty cool and trusts his mothers choice for his lifemate..
But once the talks start there is the Istikhara by the Maulana that will tell wheteher the match will work or not..
So Saif stands on the threshold of a marital responsibilty...

Suhagan Baba

Suhagan Baba
Originally uploaded by flickr photographerno1
We met the first time at a restaurant off Chor Bazar called Paradise, I was barefeet and more opulently dressed than him, he tried making feminine advances from his table, but I ignored him, but than all of a sudden his host an antique dealer who had bought him here from Ajmer Sharif walked in , I was introduced to him as all the dealers show a lot of respect , and hold me in reverence because of my visits at the various Dargahs they visit also.
He did not want to tell me he had a Hijda background but I did not mind, when I met him I had never been to Ajmer at all.
He like a silver ring on my finger a Yemeni agate, I gave it to him, the moment I gave him the ring , he took out a long prayer bead round his neck, you can see it in the picture and put it around my neck.
We parted I dont wear plastic , but I did not want to hurt his feelings, I had barely walked a distance I felt the beads were throttling me , this is the truth, I started sweating profusely,being diabetic and having hyertension, I did not connect this with the beads.
When I reached home in a terrible state , I told my wife about the events, Suhagan Baba that was his name.. The first thing Wife told me was to remove the beads, I thought I would throw them in the sea.But Wife said give it back to him the following Friday the day I go to Chor Bazar.
I met him on the next trip and he was sitting at the same table waiting for me, I told him I wanted to return his beads,, he said I know that.
He put the beads around his neck, than I shot this series of pictures.
My trip to Ajmer I searched for him, but I never found him.
He was touting that he had a cure for Aids, and other terminal diseases, but I am not into this hogwash, so I just nodded my head.
But its unfortunate the poor people get conned ,.
I asked his host who has a shop at Chor Bazar, but his whereabouts are unknown

I Shut my Facebook Account ,, Targeted Shia Harassment

27 May 2018 As a Shia I am targeted even  by  Sufis Sufism that  I promoted vigorously as a Malang .. I have renounced my Malang...