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The World Of Rafaees

Rafaees Sufi Street Performers Body Piercers

These are old images getting a new lease on their expiry date on my old CDS DVDS .. I have no back up as such, and all my images over 322,840 are housed at Flickr in different sets ..over 600 sets I think ..Views on my images at Flickr since 10 June 2007 is 36,985,626.

My most visited sets at Flickr was my Hijras In India set , Cross dressers Gay Parade Mumbai that I locked up completely from public view with absolutely no regrets .

People have to grow up to understand the Hijra ethos and not approach them as voyeuristic titillating pastime  and those who stole my Hijra pictures posted them on their sites will never see what I shot ..what I am still shooting .. this genre of people photography sadly is out of bound to all of them and in all humility nobody has shot the Hijra as sensitively humanly as I have .

And photography is about trust faith ,you cant just walk in as a cowboy and shoot ethnicity that is esoteric by nature ,,

Well back to the Rafaees that I have documented pictori…

Possession At Dargahs During Sandal Time

I have been shooting possession exorcism at Dargahs  and mostly during the Urus of the Holy Saint the person carrying Sandal ,, [Sandal is sandal wood paste placed as offering at the Tomb of the Saint ,] always goes into a trance such is the power of the offering , he goes into a trance ..and those around him support him and help him reach the doors of the Holy Shrine ..

The other form of possession at Dargahs is Hazri , the entry of a spirit into the body of a person changing his her personality completely and this happens mostly among women I have shot them extensively they bang their heads against walls shake their hair , shout scream and it is a frightening scene very common at Makhdhoom Shah Baba Mahim .

The most frequented places for some of these mentally challenged people, with fits and spams is Mira Datar Unjha in Gujrat.. here the most deadliest cases of posssesion are bough to the Holy Shrine for holistic cure also known as Dua Tawiz .. The Khadims do the exorcisms ..and i…

Living In Fear Blood Sweat And Tears ..

traffic signal kids
when the light turns
red magically appear
rubbing their noses
against the glass
of the rich lady's car
into dark tinted depth
of richness peer the
rich ladys lets out a
shout as the BMW s
glass gets smeared
no  she wont give
a single penny the auto
ricksha guy tells the
begging kids jeers
the signal turns green
driver changes the gears
the kids sadness on their
dirty faces as the rich
ladys car disappears
god above watches
he has eyes but sadly
no ears .. their pleas
he cannot hear ..

an old year passes away
20 -15 another happy
new year...3 cheers