Thursday, June 11, 2009


To I POT, originally uploaded by firoze shakir photographerno1.

photo courtesy xris and nat taylor

this is I pot
a graceful elegant lady
calling the shots
no more a little tot
a princess
most sought
that god taylor made
into the hearts
of xris and his beautiful wife nat
signed sealed on the dot
her first picture
my 1000 poem
while she lay
in the hospital cot
her doting father
on his mobile shot
a buzznet new member
top slot
a proud princess
in a Californian Camelot

to i pot

Kick His Ass Says Mother Goat

Kick his Ass says Mother Goat
many a battles I have fought
but one night the black rascal
his father got me a bloat
now me a white mother
with a black child I float
neighbors envy
owners plight
as a rumor to report
the father was sent
to the slaughter house
please note
its his last memory
of a ravaged love I dote
some times poison
too serves
as an antidote
black and white
two faces of a same coin
a pedestrian poet wrote
you are prone to elect criminals
whether you vote or do not vote