Monday, December 5, 2011

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Dr Glenn Has Two Kids Marziya And Nerjis Asif Shakir

Glenn wants to educate both my grand children in America but my son politely refused .. Glenn is their God Uncle and the way he is holding Nerjis is the way a father would hold his own child..

Both Nerjis and Marziya are students of Dr Glenn Losack MD

We Are a Family of Street Photographers

The Master And His Two Students of Photography

This Is My Family ...In a Nutshell

Two Wonders of Photography - Guru and Disciple

When You Have a Master Like Dr Glenn Losack MD ..What Else Could You Ask For..

I had decided that Marziya Shakir would hold the camera without having to go through the path of Fuckef F stops and fucked Rules and Renaissance masters ... writhing in there graves ..

Marziyas world does not need school books on Photography, so Marziya Shakir was lucky to be the only disciple only student of the worlds best photographer Dr Glenn Losack MD .. he blessed her and his touch is what the power of photography is all about.

I am proud of my grand daughter as a photographer as she is the essence of innocence and humility in photography..
Fuck your long lenses and your high end cameras they dont make pictures they only show your vanity pride and your money worthiness ..

Marziya wont shoot mountains sliding slithering sunsets , she wont shoot birds in flight.. Marziyas world is the real world out there .. Marziyas world is the world of Maria the leper , Marziyas world is pain and pain is the only thing that is common among all humanity pain is what is as incantation to God.. Yes we both shoot pain.

Marziya will shoot hardcore street life .. Marziya will not have the attitude of crappy newspaper fucked photographers and Marziya is making way to another worlds youngest street photographer being groomed by Dr Glenn Losack MD ..Nerjis Aif Shakir just 4 month old..

Hai Hussain Katle Shor

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