Friday, February 10, 2012

Kalyan Station Two Wheeler Graveyard

The Politicians Get Drunk on Power The Poor Man Gets Drunk on Hooch..

Come Elections The Conscience of the Voter is Always Asleep

Hijras of India Bought To You By a Beggar Poet of Mumbai

The Hijras Follow Me Wherever I Go Why I Dont Know

The Barefeet Beggar Poet Blogs the Story of Haji Malang

The Barefeet Beggar Poet Blogs the Story of Haji Malang

Haji Malang 2012 ..Better Late Than Never

I could not make it to the Haji Malang Urus that was on 6 Feb..instead I climbed the mountains barefeet on Thursday afternoon reached Haji Malang and later in the night shot the Urus of Sultan Shah Baba till 2 pm , and the hijras too , most of them had already left , but I shot Simran Nisha and Megha..

At 2.30 I decided to head back to Mumbai catch up with my work I reached the foot of the Malangad mountains at 5 pm today.. and than took the first bus and the train I have just reached home , I met Abhijeet Kumar and Sakib..I met Abdul bawa a great clairvoyant and great devotee of the Holy Saint of Haji Malang..
I met Rohan Patil.shot some possessed ladies the sandal of Sulktan Shah Baba , I shot some Dhamal of the Rafaees too.

This is my new set at starting from my journey in the bus to Malangad a very long series and shots of my barefeet climb to the Holy Shrine.

This time while coming down I shot nothing.. I shot on the Nikon D 80..

I Shoot With The Nikon D 80 Marziya Shakir Shoots With Canon 7 d..