Monday, April 20, 2015

Raju Ear Cleaner Bandra Talao

The Ear Cleaner Nabi Bandra Talao Calls Himself Ear Doctor

Bandra Boran Road ..I Forgot To Add This To My Bandra Garbage Yatra

This is one of the arterial bylanes connecting Bandra Bazar Road To Bandra Hill Road commercial shopping hub.. and here there is no garbage bin , but the residents use the wall  to dump the garbage .. This is one of the major dumps I dont know how I missed  it ,  this is close to the old playschool of Nerjis my grand daughter .

Here the best shot gets you a trip to Delhi and a handshake with the new CM.. and a Delhi city tour free .. trip food accommodation thanks to Swach Bharat More Gyan Yojna Chit Fund.

Later there will be more roadshows in Bandra
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