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From Kashmir With Love Hope Humility

He hails from Baramulla Kashmir , and he was begging for food ration in the slums to feed his family ,, most of these Kashmiri migrants live at Bandra East end in makeshift tents ,, I have never been there but I have been shooting these families for over 20 years now ,, Kashmiri migrants turned beggars ..they beg outside mosques dargahs and mostly at Mahim Urus with their wives and beautiful cherubic kids ,,

It is sad but begging is the only alternative as they wont get jobs ..people are scared hiring these migrants ,, I dont need to elaborate ,, but you all know the reason.

Once They Had A Home ,,, Now They Live On The Roads

This scene is from my Demolition diaries ,,, these are the survivors of a demolition of their shanties off Rang Sharda Hotel Bandra Reclamation ,, When these illegal shanties were being built not a single person nor the police or Municipality took objection..and when it became populous noisy adding to the urban chaos the bulldozers rolled in.. and these few families are still living with a hope ,, their kids study in nearby Municipal schools ,, husbands work as daily wage earners ,, or the older kids do odd jobs rest move around as vagrants . And now a road is being built here I was told connecting to the sealink so work is going on.. there are lots of slums on either side of this road ..mostly migrants contract laborers ,, I really dont know much about them I see them as humanbeings ,,and feel sad for the kids .. who come hovering around me to take their pictures ,,, The women wash cook do their domestic chores on this road ..sadness written on their faces ,, somebody who set them u…