Monday, March 28, 2011

Faith Moves Mountains

Jeff Lamb Lives Through His Pictures And Ours

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I have not spoken with you for a while...too busy with life...I am having trouble to find words at the loss of my friend and mentor photographer Jeff Lamb. I am glad to have known him. Paul

life is not a bed of roses
nor a bed of scars
we have to go alone
on a long journey
leaving behind
what is not ours
the canvas
of a soothing
celestial sky
glittering stars
a journey
loved ones
a journey
very hard
but at
the end
of the journey
at the feet
of the maker
lies a just reward
what you
see with your
human eyes
is paradise
in a graveyard
jeff lamb
shooting pictures
of a angels courtyard
sends you paul
his very best regard

And I am crying as I write this...

Paul Douroux

Walking Pilgrimage Cross Maidan to Mount Mary

Walking Pilgrimage Cross Maidan to Mount Mary

Walking Pilgrimage Cross Maidan to Mount Mary

As A Poet I Shoot Life As A Blogger I Shoot Humanity

Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.”

Whether Bush Or Obama Humanity Suffers In Silence

US Policy of Hate In Libya Support The Rebels In Bahrain Support The Tyrant Khalifa

Crime Against Humanity In Bahrain

Crime Against Humanity In Bahrain

Marziya Shoots The Cosmic Soul of a Beggar Poet of Mumbai

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Sometimes and most of the time when I hand over my camera to someone to shoot me at an event and he fumbles and he has a tough time I think of Marziya Shakir my grand daughter 3 year old.

Marziya perhaps was lucky as she was born from the soul of a camera, the first time I met her when she made her appearance was the second day of her life I took her pictures and we clicked..cosmically and poetically.

And as she was my first grand child I shot every mood every nuance of her life her seconds her minutes her hours I had not done this with any of my three children , simply because I was an alcoholic and my poets soul was locked within the heart beat of an Old Monk.

So my quitting booze and Marziyas birth are synonymous , Marziya happened much later and through Marziya I learnt to walk by myself I was not a cripple anymore , she changed my life so I gifted her the vision of my camera eye.

Marziya began shooting pictures with the Nikon D 80 hand held from the age of 2..and she will never take the camera without putting the camera strap round her neck, the Nikon D 80 is not the lightest of camera.

She began shooting the streets beggars , kolis , jesus on the cross , hijras, whatever came my way I passed on to her , so now seeing a picture comes naturally .

The hijras she knows as she has seen them since since a very young age and those of Lal Mitti have a special regard for her.. she knows they are different but yes she knows they are human a lesson that has come naturally.

Marziya is the only kid that hijras did not come for Badhai...strange.. perhaps they knew of my connection with Laxmi Narayan Tripathi...

But than again Marziya is impulsive and has sudden mood swings she will only shoot when she is poetically inclined , when I was rushing down to shoot the fire near the Bandra Bori Mosque, I knew something had happened but I came to know about the fire once I reached down below, I was going to take Marziya but her mother did not allow and rightfully so, as I would have to bring her back anyway..

When I returned after the fire I told Marziya all about it, the next day, I showed her pictures too and as her school is close to the Mosque when I went to pick her up I showed her the place where I had climbed the wall to shoot those pictures.

So Marziya curiosity is natural is all I can say.

Mehrin is my friend Tehsins daughter they are both of the same age , both will be going to Apostolic Carmel Convent , Marziya loves to shoot Mehrin.

The only problem with Marziya because of her height she shoots in the air. and she shot this picture too,the camera does not intimidate Marziya, the camera too in a way is Marziyas best friend.

As I taught her to shoot with a blindfold she knows all the buttons the trigger most of a way I am fascinated with Marziyas mind her interpretation of the pictures she shoots and she checks the camera monitor for what she has shot.

Seeing the world through a camera eye and than showing the same world to strangers is a mystic karmic moment too, a moment that connects with poetic eternity.

So Marziya shoots me in a way no one has ever shot me.. she shoots my inner pain the chaos within and much more..

Jesus Christ, the condescension of divinity, and the exaltation of humanity. Phillips Brooks

Walking Pilgrimage Cross Maidan to Mount Mary

The All Mumbai Walking Pilgrimage to pray for peace will be held on Sat 26th Mar’11 starting at 10.30pm from Cross Maidan, Dhobitalao and terminating at Mount Mary’s Basilica, Bandra. Archbishop Oswald Cardinal Gracias will flag of the pilgrimage and Bishop Bosco Penha will celebrate the Eucharist. All lay faithful are invited to join. Please look up the notice board for details.

St Vincent Pallotti Church Andheri Marol

Walking Pilgrimage Cross Maidan To Mount Mary

The President,

Bombay Catholic Sabha,

Mahim, Mumbai – 400 016

Dear Gordon.


Greetings of Peace and Love in the Precious Name of Jesus and Mary!

We wish to inform you that the Annual ALL MUMBAI WALKING PILGRIMAGE FOR PEACE this year will be held on 26th March 2011, starting at 10.30 P.M. from Cross Maidan Dhobi Taloa and terminating at Mount Mary’s Basilica, Bandra(With Mass), at 5.30 A.M. His Eminence, Oswald Cardinal Gracias will bless and flag off the Pilgrimage. Bishop Bosco Penha will celebrate the Holy Eucharist.

We request you to kindly inform your contacts. We thank you for the cooperation you have being giving to us for the past several years.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Felix Dias

Walking Pilgrimage Cross Maidan to Mount Mary

Walking Pilgrimage Cross Maidan to Mount Mary

Walking Pilgrimage Cross Maidan to Mount Mary

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Senior Inspector Samad Shaikh Never Sleeps

The Erstwhile CM Saab Has More Important Issues Than This..

Jesus Never Sleeps

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the homeless
the hopeless
as the darkness
creeps he made
a promise to his father
a promise he must keep
wipe away the tear
as the soul of humanity weeps
life second hand and cheap
those battered brutalized
building dream castles
on a garbage heap
into the brokenhearted
soul of man he peeps
as the blood from his hands
his legs once again begins to seep
wastelands purple haze acid rain
in a single sweep

Walking Pilgrimage Cross Maidan to Mount Mary

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I was at my computer when at about 4 am I saw a huge crowd from my window, I took my camera bag and followed them barefeet froom Bandra Reclamation To Mount Mary Basilica .

These Catholic walkers pilgrims had walked all the way from Cross Maidan to Bandra Reclamation , they had begun the walk from Cross Maidan at 10 pm the night before.

I saw their spirit , their devotion powered by Jesus Christ and without any noise they walked in silence a few rosaries in their hands, old young men women and kids.

There was a Muslim boy Shabbir from Santa Cruz he too had walked with the Christians from Cross Maidan to Mount Mary.

He was surprised that I was a Muslim too.. I was not attired or bejeweled as I usually am..

I reached the gates of the Mount Mary Basilica it was totally jam packed and the 5.30 am mass had already begun, I climbed a wall and shot pictures and after the mass entered the Basilica shot the interiors and shot the Bishop too who had presided over the mass.

This was quite an experience and I reached home at about 8 am.

In the courtyard of the Basilica Felix Sequeira my friend offered coffee and biscuits to the pilgrims I had a cup too, I missed my dear friend Monsignor Neris Rodriques I was told he is down with Malaria.

I was also told this walk was in its 23 year...