Sunday, February 21, 2016

I complete a walk of 21 Km in 7 hours from Bandra To Juhu To Versova ..back to Juhu Beach Danda and Khar ..

I left my house at 5.30 am walked from Bandra Bazar to Linking Road Santa Cruz ,, from Santa Cruz I entered Juhu beach from the Wasaba end was shocked to see the Kali Temple on the beach here that I had shot during Visarjan has been completely destroyed ,, I walked till the end of Juhu met my friend Raju Thapar walked beyond Mora fishing village ,,I crossed the creek that separates Versova from Juhu ,, reached the other end through ankle deep waters .. shot the methi farms and Versova beach is nothing but a open air toilet I shot videos too,, I reached the Beach Classic end ,,,walked out of this horrendous beach that has a huge mass of illegal structures next to the Versova slums also on the beach..

I asked somebody to shoot me near my dear friend Aalim Hakim s salon at Versova and walked from here till Lokhandwala Circle I again returned to Juhu Beach through Ruia Road Godrej Bunglow ,

I shot some more videos ,, I was not tired I had eaten on this long walk two packets of Monaco biscuits 2 apples and drunk 3 small bottles of water ..from here I walked back till Danda crossed the bridge that connects Juhu to Danda ,,.. I pushed myself from Danda and reached Ambedkar Road Khar I was tired now my legs were hurting badly ,, from here I took a riickshah back home ,, I had burnt over 1300 calories,,,,

Yacht Restaurant Was The Boozers Noahs Ark .

Inside in a dungeon of sorrow
Drinking away the pain the poet
Caught in his misery woefully stark
Among his fellow drinkers bilious
In a deserted park ..puffy faces bloodshot eyes hollow cheeks that the angel of Death had marked cheap smell of Charms ..a guy smoked a reefer ....spectral light
Entered the crevices shadow play
In the dark....The empty chakna plate ...of the Municipal clerk ..
In another corner whirling away his time Bruno giving Lester a holistic talk...his crutches watching sadly a few shots without the same crutches miraculously he could walk ...faces hollow masks painted in deathly chalk .

Painted Walls of Bandra

Bandra is beautiful in spite of the overspilling garbage ..but I now see it positively as Fine Art ..I promote Swach Bharat as Fine Art ..I don't live in Simla Srinagar or Kumaon I have in my 65 years never seen or touched snow not even in Vancouver when I was there for a film shoot at Stanley Park.
I used to call myself a blogger but I refuse to be one anymore I can't fuck your mind trumpeting hackneyed blog phrases ..nor do I want to be associated with blog forums or blog railway like platforms .
I shoot the poetry of life and resurrection of dreams in a man's life ..I show you what you see in life everyday but sadly it does not register as an emotion or as poetry on your deadpan inner consciousness...
I love food but I stay a million miles away from the world of food bloggers ..their love for food is merely contagious as pictorial representation only .
The only food blogger with a caustic acidic tongue I like is my son like Assad Dadan. ..he makes you feel a real good way.
Well I am digressing I shoot painted walls of Bandra that have no ears only eyes they see you penetratingly deeper than you see them ..than there are friends who love to cock tease you with delightful food pictures but never once invite you home ..and when they do than you realize you are suffering from water oozing diarrhea ...just my frickin fucked bad luck.
I get a bad dose of shut the fuck of from my wife ...for many reasons on my relationship with beggars I give them too much money and importance she says ..I spend too much time walking and so on and on ...and why do I shoot the same feasts places same people over and over again..I shut the fuck up so now I conveniently shoot on my mobile phone till date over 8000 images on my HTC desire 826 bought in June .
This is Nagrana lane a tiny walking lane that connects Hill Road to Waroda Road of Rustic Bandra ..and I like this beggar lady she does not ask me for Money but I always give her substantially. ..and I have never talked to her or tried to find out what bought her here begging for a living ..and these are not street pictures or street art but street stories ...I will video shoot her one day .
Share her story with all of you .
I do not read books or watch movies I shoot the story of life ..this is what interests me real life and no make believe world for me .
I refuse to sit in a movie hall for 3 hours ...and I hope I am in good shape to walk from Bandra to Juhu and back tomorrow ..I will carry my DSLR ..for a change to get a larger picture of Life as it touched me through the Quintessential Third Eye Of Shiva .

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