Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sairam Pierces his Cheeks

To know Sairams story you will have to read the text on pictures shot of him last year, all I need tell you that before this begins the participant has to under go a very strict and a stringent fast, Sairam was not well, he had burning fever, and Sairam was in real bad shape, but he persisted and the 4 hour trek on bare feet from Mahim beach via Mori Road towards the starting point of the Temple must have troubled him further, his mother his best friends kept encouraging him.
Now you know why I shot a lot of footage of Sairam, why among all the participants he is my favorite.

At times I wanted to hide my tears in my hanky seeing his plight, but his spiritual conviction, as what a clean and decent quest towards karma and dharma is what this event is all about..that is why I have not cluttered my pictures with additional text.