Tuesday, October 9, 2012

John Dixon From Clitheroe My Best Friend RIP

he lived life to the hilt.. a home in heaven he built ..he lived a life without guilt ..his love on lesser mortals like me he spilt

in his values his friendships there never was a tilt ..his memories will never wilt .. moments on the banks of destiny held by silt ....poetically i tried to quilt..

To Maxine Dixon..May God give you and Wayne the Strength to Bear this Irreparable Loss

The Street Photographer Is a Mystic Capturing The Madness on the Streets

Viola and Kim Jansen My Best Friends From Denmark

They had come to Mumbai to shoot the transgender community they connected with me visited my home became my friends I took them to Parksite Vikhroli to meet the Head of Hijras Ma Madhurima but they were out of station instead they met her adopted son Santosh Shetty at the Marriott Juhu .

They liked my family they shot Eid E Ghadeer procession at Dongri were fascinated with the Shias of Mumbai and their ethos , and stayed back changing their traveling plans of going back to Denmark instead shot the Ashura Moharam in Mumbai.. with my American friend Dr Glenn Losack MD ,,Manhattan New Yok..

I Am Sapna Bhavnani She Said

i fight
for human
the poor
the oppressed
the living dead
the homeless
the underfed
india against
by those
that govern
rule shut
eyes let
evil spread
now in
big boss house
a message of
hope peace
harmony '
a path wisely
she treads
queen of
glitz glamour
humble from
toe to head

Dabbawalas Should Stand For Elections Symbol Tiffin - Motto We Deliver On Time

Laut Ke Aaa...Kambakht Khudkushi Karne Ki Kya Zaroorat Thi

wo aye ghar main hamare Khuda ki kudrat hai ....Kabhi hum unko kabhi apne Ghar ko dekhte hai.

Ghar Ghar Ki Kahani

juhu bus stop
they stay
they have
given away
their gas
does not
grow on
trees they
say so
on a coal sigdi
food cooked
served on a tray
their children
study in a
municipal school
st joseph was
too far away
water they store
when it rains
heavily as
stole their
water meter
ran away
for rs 99
they got
a pancard
now waiting
for the unique
card to come
their way
they vote
for congress
after election
the party
for letting
them live
with dignity
a house
is a home
in every way
on the streets
gully cricket
the children play
jo jeeta woh
ghar ghar
ki kahani
dil se

I Wear a Press Card - Because The World Has Yet To Know About Bloggers

I Prefer Shooting Moharam In Hyderabad ..I Find Myself Closer To My Imam Here Than Anywhere Else

Be Nice To People on Your Way Up You Always Meet Them On Your Way Down

Woh Jo Darwaza Ke Peeche Rehti Hain

bahar diya jalta hai
ag si lagi rehti hai
unki khamoshi
unki tarah
deewaron se
bhi kuch nahi
kehti hai
chup chap
dil ka dukh
zulm aur sitam
sehti hain
woh jo darwaze
ke peche
rehti hain
pehchane se
inkar karti hain
kahin phir se
pyar na ho jaye
woh darti hain
main ek zinda lash
main unko ab
bhi chahta hoon
woh ek dusre shayar
ki kabar
par fatiya padti hain
uski yad ko
woh zinda rakhti hain
uski ruh jo khamakhan
meri ruh main
bhatakti hai

My 247,000 Photo Blog 2,048,817 views in Humility and Gratitude

I Shut my Facebook Account ,, Targeted Shia Harassment

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