Friday, April 17, 2015

Sir Madam After You Have Beautified All Of Bandra Please Do The Same For Bandra Bazar Road Too

for 15 years it was under
the hands of the congress
plundered neglected
now in utter mess
ricksha drivers hate
to come here the
moment they hear
our address ..
having voted for
a congress free
 bandra we stood
by modijis call for
development progress
but still even now
the dirtiest filthiest
ugliest market ..
is here in bandra west
open gutters garbage
dumps .eyesore hard
pressed .. we hope
you will beautify this
heritage site once
a queen of the suburbs
now an ugly nest
a painful poem of
my chest sab ka
sath sab ka vikas
a thought that needs
to be blessed

The Bandra Talao.. Poor Mans Paradise

The Ear Cleaners Of Bandra Talao ,,

The Bandra Skywalk Every Moment A Future Shock Part 1

This Goat Was Missing My Friend Magic Eye ..He said If I Dont See Him I Will Die

I asked him why
he blushed
twinkling eyes
he said deepak
ambebal to
animals is very
sweet and nice
outside jade gardens
he feeds stray dogs
cats even  mice
good food not leftovers
despite the steep price rise
magic eye he said turning
coy is a saint in disguise
on his bike like a bison
with wings he flies ,,
a good photographer
he shoots pleasing
pictures that hold us in
a vice ,,photoblog
award of the year
to me wont be a
surprise ,,,so went
on this friendly
neighborly goat of
bandra talao.. his
words of praise or
loaded dice ,,,
jesus h christ

And Mind You Garbage Dumps Near Muslim Slums Are Ignored By The Municipality

Sometimes We Search For Our Roots Below The Soil..

The Only Lady Chaiwali Of Bandra Reclamation Anandiben

I normally met her in the mornings while going for my walks , but  I passed her tea shop in the afternoon and first thing she offered me a cup of tea I politely refused and gave my diabetic condition as the only excuse .
She is one of the finest tea makers in Bandra and do taste her tea off Lal Mitti at Bandra Reclamation, it is wellmade and has a mothers touch and all the rickshawallas of Bandra drop in here for her tea .. She comes to work at 6 am.. and works till late evening ,,, will the Media interview a person like her .. no they only interview chaiwalas who made it big in the political arena .

Wah Re Hindustan.. Garib Bhi Karte Hain Balidan ,,