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The Chattri Or Human Juggernaut

The Chattri Or Human Juggernaut

The Chattri Or Human Juggernaut

The Chattri Or Human Juggernaut

About 156 rods enter his body from all ends stomach sides back and this is a tough one my dear friend from Sion Dharavi Sam Bhatia a Punjabi is an hardcore devotee of Mother Marriammen and partakes in this ritual..

The movements are slow and people carry a stool so he can sit , this is one of the other important rituals besides the rods pierced in the cheeks , rods are piereced through the chest from side to side.. hooks at the back, hooks in the stomach hooks on the thighs for one man to hang under another man on a pulley.

Than the limes hanging from needles women devotees prick their tongues with a trishul.

Shanmugham my Tamil friend from Worli hangs a huge bunch of tadgolas or a coconut bunch from hooks attached to the back.

Pulling cars vans raths rickshas with hooks on the backs is a very common feat among the devotees of Mother Marroamen.

Bhima Could Break The Guiness World Record For Spitting

Removing The Hooks Marriammen Temple Nehru Nagar Juhu

Removing The Hooks Marriammen Temple Nehru Nagar Juhu

Removing The Rods Marriammen Temple Nehru Nagar Juhu

Removing The Rods From The Cheeks Continues

Removing The Rods From The Cheeks Continues

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I continue with the second part of my Marriammen set of removal of rods, most of the places I have only shot the procession and moved away from this part of the removal of the rods ritual, because by the time say in the case of Macchimar fishing village the rod removal happens very late even the Sion Dharavi that I shot I was unable to shoot the rod removal pictures.

But because of my friendship with Bhima the guy removing the rods in the picture I try to hang in , as I did here but left soon after , 300 removal of rods is a tough task in very cheek to jowl surroundings.

Being a diabetic and also fasting along with the Tamils it is a tough shoot for both body and soul.

And I dont know who will shoot for me if I pierce my cheeks one of these days...uness I shoot pictures with a rod in my mouth.. wth very slim chances of movement I am sure..

Marziya On Hold

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dear aunt
thank you
for your call
i dont want
you to
send me a
teddy bear
or a barbie doll
i have them all
its your love
i want most
of all
hope you hang
this picture
on your
bedroom wall
take care
be happy
have a ball
your dearest
sweet and small

Marziya and the Dove

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was friendly
with a beautiful
angelic dove
god had sent
to her as a gift
from above
but marziyas dove
has flown away
leaving a looming
sadness in her
lonely alcove

to her aunt..

A Shia Bloggers Pain

no drug induced trance
totally sane
a shia bloggers pain
Ya Hussain
tempered steel
tempered scalp
distempered brain
1400 year old cry
against terrorism
the land of sorrow
land of eternal pain
holding our allegiance
to truth when our beloved Imam
was ruthlessly slain
memories interwoven
in a mothers womb
waters of Euphrates
our flowing pain
muslims love killing muslims
in every reign
an Islamic thought
eunuch silence
as our blood
into the gutters
down the drain
tears on the soul of humanity
ashura on the gaza strip
imperial hegemony
all too plain

I went back to town to shoot the second half of the Mumbai Ashura segment the Ashura juloos from JJ Hospital corner to Rehmatabad Shia cemetery.

I had shot the Amin Imambada procession earlier in the morning , hard core matam of Habib , Baqar and their friends.
I had come home but due to the You Telecom my Server being slow, lethargic apathetic could only post a few pictures.

I returned to town, to participate in the Ashura juloos..

Habib Nassar is in the picture, the main who revitalized my quest for Shiasm.

I have over 8 GB pictures that I shot to post.. here at Flickr..

My Canon G9 is gone for good..

And all my pictures are shot by a total amateur, this was the first time he was shooting on a SLR, Baqar could not shoot because of his cut open stitched back..
Habib shot a few pictures on my camera.
I know my mentor Dr Glenn Losack MD would have shot this brilliantly..

This is for his Hanukkah gift.

Baqar Nassar Cuts open his Back

Jalal Mamu Hardcore Matamdar of Mumbai

He and Ali Shah, Habib Nassar and Baqar Nassar are the hard core matamdars of Mumbai..

I shot the Amin Imambada Ashura both Habib and Baqar are ar at Habib Hospital Dongri , their back have been opened up again..

I came back to post some pictures and now shall return for the Ahshura juloos from JJ to Rhematabad Shis cemetery.
In the morning I lodged an FIR for my stolen Canon G9 at JJ Police Station..

I am Dangerously A Blade Away On The Foor Next To Jalal Mamu

I Go On My Back To Take This Shot of Jalal Mamu

Jalal Mamu of Byculla is the greatest Shia Sword Matamdar of Mumbai and his contemporary is Ali Shah of JJ Hospital.

I have never shot Ali Shah till date , I miss him as I am cut my head when he is cutting himself during the Ashura Juloos.

Jalal Mamu on 9 Moharam before the Moharam procession at Honda Byculla has a small event at a Byculla Station gullly , that s visited by most Shias and you see hardcore Matam.. sword kama zanjir..

Jalal Mamu cuts himself mercilessly with the Sword and than ends his cutting with flagellation blades , his wounds are deep and gory and the following day on Ashura at Amin Imambada he will cut himself again in the morning.

Jalal Mamu is a cult figure but a very humble soul, hardly talks but is respected by every Shia.
I shot this for the first time , and it was on this day that my Canon G9 was stolen near Moghul Masjid.. it is close to a year now , Mumbai Police have not got it back for me..

From here I reached Savoie Honda and was proud to see Girish Mistrys kids in black clothes shooting this sad event of Shia pain, his girl students wore black and head scarves..

All my pictures of Moharam 2009 are at Flickr..

I joined Flickr in June 2007 I have till date shot 100,798 photo blogs / 645,467 views.

Some of my pictures are for private viewing.. my family weddings and family pictures.

Khuda Ke Liya Bas Kar Jalal

Now You Know Why Little Children Emulate Jalal Mamu And Ali Shah

Jalal Mamu Wont Stop This Is Hardcore Passion of Ya Hussain

Jalal Mamu I kiss your hands you are the humility of my faith

And I am crying..

An Enigma Called Jalal Mamu

Wafa Aur Ek Bacchi Ki Pyas Ka Hai Alam Abbas Ka

Zuljana ذو الجناح‎) at Byculla

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Dhuljanah (Arabic: ذو الجناح‎) was the horse of Husayn ibn Ali. The original name of Zuljanah was Murtajiz and the reason for it being named that way was because of its sound of neighing being sweet, furious and high making it different from other horses. It was purchased by the Prophet Muhammad from an Arab called Haris. It features prominently in the traditional narrating of the story of the Battle of Karbala and it is thought to have been a White Stallion.

According to the legend, when Husayn ibn Ali was a mere child and learning to crawl, he used to go to the stable of Zuljanah and look at it. Once the Prophet of Islam said that his grand son was curiously looking at the horse as if some mysterious conversation was taking place, so the Prophet asked the child if he wished to ride the horse and on being answered the Prophet Muhammad ordered the horse to be mounted and when Husayn ibn Ali approached the horse it amazingly lowered itself to the ground allowing the child to mount him.
[edit] The Role of Zuljanah in the Battle of Karbala

In the battle of Karbala, Husayn ibn Ali used the horse and went to the battlefield. According to a collection of Hadith, Zuljanah on its own killed 60 enemies of Husayn ibn Ali in the Battle of Karbala.

It is also believed that Zuljanah wept in sorrow of Husayn ibn Ali's martyrdom, weeping a single tear.

After the martyrdom of Husayn ibn Ali, Zuljanah went to the camps of Zaynab bint Ali and then went to the Euphrates river never to be found again.
[edit] Present day remembrance of Zuljanah

The practice of taking out the replica of Zuljanah is still prevalent in processions during Muharram. Muslims in countries like Pakistan, Iran, India, Bahrain and Iraq decorate a replica of Zuljanah and take it along with them in an Azadari procession. This replica reminds them of the real Zuljanah and people often feed the replica with their own hands.

Zuljanah is a revered horse by most Muslims as it is believed that the Prophet Mohammad used to ride it as well.

Baqar Nasser And His Brother Habib Nasser Made Me A Shia In More Ways Than One

Before I met them I had just come out of long term of alcoholism.. I dont drink anymore.. but my alcoholism is chapter I wont forget not will my wife my children and my friends.. and I took up photography to make up for the loss of alcohol in my body.. I needed a Nasha and this was it ..

I came with my camera to shoot Moharam for the first time met Baqar Habib and saw all that I had missed for many years and began documenting Ghame Hussain the history of our ancestral pain.. and because of my multi colored background my respect for other religions specially Hinduism Christinaity I am easily misunderstood and than my passion for shooting the transgender hijra community has heckled the upper crust dosent really matter I am what I am I am living my life and not yours..

I though this bit of text was necessary I am updating this set at Flickr today..

Shia Mothers Day Is Everyday - Everyday is Ashura Everyland is Karbala

Shia Kids Learn Faith From The Pulpit of Motherhood

The Majlis Is Most Important Before The Juloos and The Rituals Begin

Hai aaj bhi zamanay maeyn charcha Hussain ka
Chalta hai kayenaat maeyn sikka Hussain ka

Bharat maeyn gar wo aatay, Bhagwan kahtay hum
har Hindu naam pooja maeyn japta Hussain ka

Iss maeyn naheen kalaam kay hum but parast haeyn
Aankhon say apni choomaeyn gay rauza Hussain ka

Hum paapion kay samnay Hur ki misaal hai
Chamkata hai naseeb ishara Hussain ka

Ahlay Wial to parrhtay haeyn kalma Hussain ka
Hum hindo'oan nay parrh liya kalma Hussain ka

Sar apna jo patakti hai piyason ki yaad maeyn
Laytee hai naam Gunga o Jumna Hussain ka

Jai Singh panaah mangay gee mujh say narak ki aag
Maeyn Hindu hoon, magar hoon maeyn shaida Hussain ka

by jai singh

Shab e Ashur at Byculla Station East Dont Miss This Event

This was the first time I shot it and I was invited by Jalal Mamu , this is a small juloos that heads from here and joins the main juloos at Honda circle .. It was on this day in the night I was robbed of my G9 canon camera given to me by Dr Glenn Losack MD ..

I never shot this event as I move out a few days before AShura to shoot it in other cites of my country I shot Hyderabad and Madras yes I do miss Moharam in Mumbai and if someone did give me a ticket for Karbala I would gladly give it to a poor person more deserving in his devotion to Akka Maulah Hussain than me I have taken a pledge and it wil be part of my belief as long as I live .. My Karbala Is Hindustan whewre I live and where I intend to breathe my last..

Even Bollywood Mourns For Hussain

The Sounds Of Ya Hussain Will Never Die

our tears
will never
run dry
we are shias
dont ask us why
through our blood
our matam
a 1400 year old
on the soul of
as reply
yes we cry

is par apko
kyon taklif hoti
hai bhai
hussain se manga
allah ne dua
puri karwaie
a part of karbala
in the hearts of shias
of amchi mumbai


A Hijra Seaching For Love On a Moonlit Night

The Hijra Carrying a Fire Pot On Her Head

The Smile of The Hijra Is More Genuine Than Of A Woman

The Stud And The Hijras

Hijras Believe In God More Than Man

Only Poets Shoot The Souls of Hijras A Poetry of Life

Luckily God Did Not Create Hijras Or There Would Have Been Chaos On Earth

Khuda Jab Husn Deta Hai Toh Shamat Ayee Jati Hai

The Hijras On A Moonlit Night

I Pimp My Blogs My Soul My Poetry Of Doom At Facebook

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I was standing near the JVPD signal shooting with my camera attached on the monopod when she approached me and inquired about the disappearance of my Hijdaeunuchblogs at Wordpress..

I told her it was there I had not deleted it but hidden it from public view..I was posting my Blogs at Flickr only.. and cross blogging a few to Blogspot where I have two blogs and a few links I was posting at Facebook..

Facebook I use for pimping my blogs effectively.. best blog generator in the world..

Lady You Are The Biggest Fake

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I had promised never to write a poem to her but this one just burst forth frothy from my womb of pain.. 'popat banaya ' means in hindi making an ass of another person..

you sweet
talk your way
into peoples
heart s
popat out
of them
you make
you get
them to fall
in love
with you
of course
you enjoy it
for enjoying sake
you give
false hopes
than go
into denial
your best
you forsake
fools and asses
of them
you make
you cause
them pain
burn them
on a stake
in a cloak
of deceit
you switch
of your phone
a thirst
you do not
you have
sleepless nights
broken hearts
as fruit cakes
you bake
you keep
the asshole
at the
other end
you come
in a persons life
slither away
like a snake
at daybreak
sod off
you say
as name
you give freely
your intake
for your
dewy kohl
laden eyes
your cleopatra nose
your gazelle neck
was my first last
mistake this
poets porcelain
pristine heart
you did break
a cheater too
has a right
to love once
in his lifetime
a law i did not make
you walked away
a parting kiss
or a golden
of what
you could
not offer
why did i

your boisterous
remains with me
as keepsake
that drop
of tear
that fell
om my palm
a beggars bowl
was it false
liquid less

Living on the Edge Namak Harami

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On 15th August our 60th Independence Day there was an article in the local newspaper Midday about a handful of Indians born in India living in India , working in India with American based companies, who instead of celebrating our Independence Day celebrate 4th July as they feel it is America that employs and feeds them..this as it was reported and their loyalty lies with the American employers...

I have penned the lines not only for this category of Indians but also those who lick foreigners ass and forget their true identity..this should only hurt those who desecrate their nationality and nationalism and live under an utopia of surrogate slavery of the Mind.
This is not at all about people of Indian birth settled American citizens , America is the country of their adoption and their priority should lie with the nation they live in...
My poem is in Hindi.. I think in English but the words bubbled out as the language of my these handful of pseudo Americanised Indians in India..

Jis desh ki azadi ke liye
purkhon ne
Apni jan ki bazi lagaee
Us azadi pa kalank lagate hain
Hindustan me rahte hain
Hindustan ka khate hain
Yeh 4th July ko Amriki Diwas manate hain
15 August ko bhool jate hain
Yeh Goron se marwate hain
Goron ki Bhad khate hain
Namak Haram ban jate hain
Aise Nikkame deshwasi
Desh ke Naam par Dhabba lagate hain
Vande Matram to door ki baat
Buzdil se battar ban jate hain
Yeh goron ke neeche bich jate hain
Apne desh se jyada yeh paraye
Desh ko chathe hain

Jai Maharashtra Jai Hind..Mee Mumbaikar

Removing The Rods From The Cheeks At Nehru Nagar Juhu 2011

I Have Shot Over 1500 Pictures In One Day of The Marriammen Feast Juhu 2011

I shot this event in two parts in the morning I shot over 500 pictures of the animal slaughter outside the Marriammen Temple Juhu barefeet , this was a tiring shoot as I was fasting with the Tamils only water and nothing else or tea.

I shot this from 6 am to 10.30 am, came home showered posted pictures hit the sack.

At about 4 pm in the hot blazing sun scorching heat I came back barefeet to Juhu beach , here I shot the piercings beach scenes the ISKON bhajan chant that was going on at the beach and tham walked with the devotees till the Marriammen Temple I shot some stuff with my monopod and than I met the hijras carrying hot pots on their heads most of them are readers of my blogs so kept wanting to be shot, I did than I reached the temple tired I was still fasting I shot the rod removal rituals walked back towards the beach end of the road met Sarla hijra , tried to get her a ricksha as she was in bad state her drinks had been spiked she kept clinging to me and we looked like a rare couple deserted on a lonely island, I was saved when a few of her friends saw her with me and took custody of her..

I caught a rick reached home showered began posting the pictures...there is another last lot to go...

And this is one feast that I have shot extensively in Mumbai,and though my life is not really come to terms with my fate I try not to miss it , and I too might have my cheeks pierced at the next feast I shoot to taste the spiritual thunder of a community that has accepted me as one of their own.. and one of my Tamil friends has a desire to scourge his back for Imam Hussain .. so I shall do it for his Goddess too what he wants to do for my Holy Imam.

Removing The Rods From The Cheeks At Nehru Nagar Juhu 2011

Bhima Removes The Rods at Nehru Nagar Juhu

Ganesh Removes The Rods at Nehru Nagar Juhu 2011

Removing the Rods From The Cheeks at Nehru Nagar Juhu 2011

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Once the devotees with rods in their mouths , hooks in the back pulling vans cars reach the main road of Juhu , they all move towards the Marriammen Temple at Juhu Nagar for the final ritual of removal of the rods the hooks and the limes hung on needles pierced in the flesh.

This area is very congested as it is an acess exit road from and too the Nehru Nagar slums sitting on prime rich land of Mumbai touching the old Juhu airport..I have never ventured inside I will one day.

Bhima and Ganesh help in removing the rods by swallowing milk which they spit in the mouth of the rod holding devotee at the other end another guy pulls out the rod.. this is a mind blowing and painful ritual I had shot a lot and so took leave at about 10.30 pm but the ritual of the removal of the rods hooks limes I believe continued past midnight..

Last year this ritual was not held as the temple was being renovated , this is my third year of shooting and documenting this event barefeet..

And thanks to Bhima I get a chance to shoot it exclusively as I think I am the only still photographer here..