Sunday, June 6, 2010

Learning to Dance The Indian Way

Shooting the Hijra Angst

This is me with the rod piercing hijra of Nasik, and I shot this entire procession barefeet,,

Wild Peacock in Pain

Wild Peacock in Pain

Pulling a Cab With Hooks in the Back

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He has a 18 feet rod in his mouth and sharp hooks attached to his naked back, that pull a cab on the streets of Sion Dharavi..I have another 300 pictures to post in this lot..And I shot all this on 25 May 2010.

My uploading is slow but yes I gave up You Telecom finally after being a subscriber for almost 7 years , I stuck to them through thick and thin , but their service showed no sign of improving at all. And I have no personal issue with You Telecom it was time to move on I now subscribe to MTNLTriband and their staff led by Mr Shyam Sunder Divisional Engineer MTNL St Martins Road office personally take care of any internet problem and solve it within no time.

And they are human and sensitive to a customers problem..

My elder son Asif too has given up You Telecom for MTNL and he is a soft ware programmer and is much happier with MTNL.

My son Saif Shaklr has stuck to You the meantime

Hardcore Street Photography of Pain